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Thursday, February 28, 2008

heto yun link ng video ng duet nina Yas and Jolens during their show sa US...

Tell Him yun title ng song, galing nilang 2...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

heto pa ang picture ni yas sa US show nya last Feb. 23, 2008

hey lara im just here now, wow ok ito nice naman...

share ko mga pic ni Yas here...


Happy happy day again! Yey i talked to betchay over ym today and the good news is that our Princess is home! Got here around 6-7 am and went straight to her scheduled BADK taping on Cavite. :) wahhhhhh what a strength! That's the hard-working yazzie we've always known!

The U.S. gig gave her time to unwind as well and most of all meet people from out there who loves her much and have always wanted to see her live! :) Hmmm yazzie got all the special pampering moments that according to betchay..."ang dami nagpadala sa kanya hehehe wala daw syang expenses kasi puro mga tao dun nagpakain sa kanila ni tita mimi"

wahhhh her mom's always at the back!
Isn't that great to know?
I'm so happy she's got a very warm,sweet,loving supportive mom to back her up morally and spiritually as she grows up. :)

Hey, second news is ...

TASYA FANTASYA will go taping again as it will push through, replacing the after sop slot
at last!
it's really pretty delayed that it kinda lost its savor of excitement
but knowing that it's from yazzie sure it will rate high up!

There's so much blessing huh?
so we got her Tasya every Sunday afternoon
and we most of all have her as Salve of BADK!

by the way here's a link of yazzie on youtube
it's so quick as a "hi" but it's really sweet and cute!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome KDF!

For the utmost love and purest dedication, our duty and desires are one.

It's been full years of fun,joy,freedom and friendship eversince we found each other. I couldn't believe it would have gone this far the day i started a post on a forum over the old Nobody ever told us to gather at exactly the same time but then, how it became a big unstoppable habit that we somehow turned forums into somewhat live chatrooms! (thanks to numerous hathors ;) hehehe i know you remember those!) How we have proved that there is power in oneness! How i love being a kdf! I can barely recall when we found this name but i will always remember like all of us will that "kurdinian defense force" came to life the day we vowed to make a stand and be soldiers or knights for one beautiful princess we will always love, YASMIEN KURDI!

I guess we've all never been in love with any local talent ever this way before enough to unite and stand over the watch tower. Our hearts are so deeply entertwined that it is too strong to beat! We can acclaim that YAZZIE will never be DEFENSELESS ever again!

With every thought,every word, every act,every corner, anywhere we will be here for our princess and for each other! We've laughed and cried and celebrated frustrations and success together. Here's a toast to more happy years !

I love yazzie!

I love kdf!

I love you guyz!


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