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Saturday, January 9, 2010

What 2010 Holds For Yasmien

First, Thanks to people who have constantly dropped by here anyhow for the past months that I've been silent. I apologize for the personal stuff I needed to take care therefore being unable to
give any single word despite your pressing questions and follow-ups about Yazzie.

Quick fact that most of you do know, she is fully giving her time for her studies and we support her as we have from the start of it. She has done wisely enough to have started to build a more reliable career path.

KDF is facing a trying stormy phase but every word and every line of concern, longing you express for Yazzie as you question about her is an inspiration for us that while we wait tirelessly we sure aren't alone.

The last time we were with her after SDAU celebration over IGMA live chat where with much excitement we shared the vicitory of her unbelievable top-rating show which made it to the the primetime top shows which was rarity. We talked about what would possibly be next bigger leap and who would have thought this would come to pass?

We share the same sentiments, ache, and plea as for a longer span now, we're YAZZIE-STARVED. I cannot answer when or where and most of all i can't answer "WHY"? It is like asking why bad things happen to good people.

Why is it taking too long for her next projects? When will we see her again? Where will we see her ? Why are they freezing her? Why would this network punish her for nothing?

We are all wanting a piece of explanation at least.
Yazzie for all the shows she went through has left a remarkable performance record as an artist with her series of consistently top-rating shows NOT JUST ONCE BUT AGAIN AND AGAIN DESPITE poor time slot, (nap time, school and work hours) less popular loveteams, most of the time even less budgeted...

There's no comparison to what Yazzie achieved as an artist, for with all of her heart she gave out her best no matter what the situation was. She brought out the best out of trying projects and made it shine and excel. Her hard work and passion for it gave veiwers reasons to be there consistently where she is regardless time and partner. She didn't need any big-named leading men, to lean on their strength to cope with the show and lift it high. No Dingdong Dantes, No Richard Guttierez, but she poured out of what real talents can to gain the love and support of consistent set of viewers.

I am sure you couldn't find a single reason why Yazzie's career should be put on hold. It would have been easier to understand had she brought the last project down and left bad name or missed to keep moral codes at worst. All we know is she has done it all with flying colors but something or someone is like clipping her beautiful wings.

So sad to say that today, not even your Aplus,untainted working performance is any longer a passport or visa for a steady, reliable showbiz career.

But let me say this, YAZZIE is stronger than this and no matter how, this eagle , mystical as she is regrows her own wings FOR IT IS CREATED TO SOAR and keep soaring.

Beyond this INJUSTICE we will stand.

As it is said of old...
this too shall pass.

We love you Yazzie Even More!

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