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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A better BADK night!

It would be too hypocritical of me to say that I don't have a smile on my face because of this night. hehe and i am certain, so do other kdf's have that! hehe I am hoping that everyone was patient and didn't switch the botton just because last night was bad. Coz i should say, this night is the episode that Badk should always have! Well, at least Salve moments made this "babangon ako!" since she isn't anymore sunk by the supporting story. hhehe That was the type where we normally see the lead character as the real lead indeed!

Hmmm it was kinda fast-paced though. Salve became so trusting that quick although she still harbors, pain,nightmare,and has developed a good amount of phobia out of the tragedy that happened.

The episode is full of tweety-tweety hmm am not sure if Salve in her pretending-to-be-under-amnesia-stage is planning for somethng behind all these. hmmm well, let's see. Hehehe I do like that one scene though that should a funny,innocent but kinda bit cheery Salve although it confuses me again if this is her real self in this story as it seem not so normal after the trauma. But then again okay, let's give a thought that perhaps she has other plans for showing this side of her.

Hmm the teaser for tomorrow looks inviting and wowww..although yes, it's surprising too fast-paced. Salve, while learning to drive her bike happen to bump into her real mom's car. omg!
And...Mom evita got some serious health prob?

I hope it's going fast-paced for a better reason. :) Just maintain this flow now! :)

What BADK was like for us last Monday

As usual, i took a day to calm down before i start to make another post. My hostile feelings won't help generate a nice sleep that i just desperately need.

Hmm, anyway Monday night came like one of the most awaited night for kdf's expectant because of the promising badk weekender. It was a long wait huh. GMA7's newest fantasy series, Dyesebel remake came in on its pilot episode, taking Kamandag's timeslot then. Wahhh the pilot episode went for an hour i think placing badk 30 minutes later. We held on to our seats anyhow trying to patiently wait.

wahhhhhh seconds tick and tock

...and there it was
hehe the same cycle again and again. I don't want to make details of scenes i am not interested in and worst, (that i am sick of as hell) HOw many scenes Salve got? two brief ones one somewhere at the start, and two somewhere at the end. We waited all for those, short glimpses of the lead star. LOL

Isn't that strange and twisted how 8 of 10 episodes shows the supporting character more than the lead? Hehe Sure there are lots of soaps with big cast but sure enough too, the lead star in its main story gets sensibly the right share of exposure per episode. Right now it's just the other way around. Suffer this mess!

I thought they removed some parts (which were supposedly important and very present in the original story) because they want to concentrate quick on more relevant area's hehehe but then i don't see any sense in showing a 3 dragging dancing queen scenes. Shouldt a part of it have been deleted to give way for the main girl of the story?

Again, this kind of flow would make viewers loyalty in a yoyo mode. We can't tell just when most viewers get pissed off and more impatient and switch that button. Hmmm from 33, they were 2 down. If a good flow just keeps coming, a steady upscaling figure would go as well.

Well, at least the best thing that what happened did was, heheheh we got the thread full too fast during dawners session and we've let out of our ill-feelings with a better smile on our face anyhow. hehe


Mamayang gabi sa Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita, tuturuang magbasa ni
Derek (JC de Vera) si Salve (Yasmien Kurdi) nang malamang hindi ito
marunong magbasa.

Isinama rin niya itong mangabayo at dito muling magkikita sina Salve
at Evita (Dina Bonnevie).

Nauwi sa away ang galit ni Evita kay Jago (Tonton Gutierrez) nang
ipakilala siyang future wife nito.

Hiniya ng una ang huli sa harap ng maraming tao at ang ending noon,
pinaalis ni Evita sa bahay niya si Jago.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

badk improved ratings

Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita

TUMAAS na nga ang Baba-ngon Ako't Dudurugin Kita dahil sa pagkikita
nina Yasmien Kurdi and JC de Vera.

Sinasabi na nga namin na talagang hinihintay lang ng audience at ng
loyal fans ni-na Yasmien and JC na magkita ang characters nila sa
kanilang primetime soap BADK sa GMA Telebabad after Dye-sebel.
Umangat ang ratings ng balik-primetime soap direction ni Joel Lamangan
since Thursday nang nagkita na nga sina Salve and De-rek respectively
played by Yasmien and JC.

May fan base na nga talaga ang tambalan nila na pinasikat sa da-lawang
Sine No-vela noon sa Drama Rama Sa Hapon, ang Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso
at Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig.

BADK episode UPDATES again

THE fans of the Yasmien Kurdi-JC de Vera love team are glad because
the characters they play in "Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita", Salve and
Derek, have finally crossed paths. Alfred (Marvin Agustin) wrongly
accused Salve of being unfaithful to him and banishes her from their

Derek helps her and gives her a place to stay in their ranch. Salve
slowly begins to trust Derek but she won't reveal her past to him,
saying she can't remember it. Derek discovers that Salve is illiterate
so he teaches her how to read.

Gov. Fausto (Tony Mabesa) wants Alfred to run for mayor in the coming
election as Alfred topped the survey, not Via (Angelika de la Cruz)
nor Jango (Tonton Gutierrez). Via has her own political ambition but
agrees to it. Jango, for his part, introduces Evita (Dina Bonnevie) to
his supporters as his future wife but Evita humiliates him in public,
leading to a big fight where Jango hits Evita, who then drives him out
of her house.


Sa teledramang Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita, gusto ni Gov. Fausto
(Tony Mabesa) na tumakbong mayor si Alfred (Marvin Agustin).
Naniniwala ang gobernador na ang mga babae ay walang puwang sa pulitika.
Umayon dito si Via (Angelika de la Cruz), kahit lihim siyang
nag­ngingitngit sa desisyon ng kanyang lolo.
Samantala, pinatigil ni Derek (JC de Vera) si Salve (Yasmien Kurdi) sa
Unti-unting magtitiwala si Salve kay Derek, pero patuloy niyang
itatago rito ang kanyang nakaraan.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Saving Salve's Moments

I was supposed to write about this last Friday but not only because globelines failed to work, hmmm i decided to take some time to breaathe in some nice fresher air before i have to talk about it again. BADK viewer blues ...*sighsss bitterly*

What do I say again? Haven't I blabbered insanely enough on our igma forum? I don't want you sick of my atmosphere but it was really so sick kind of an atmosphere we inhaled and couldn't exhale complete last Friday.

*shrugs shoulders*
What do we do? I thought it was a light of hope and even brighter one that BADK regained in for week what was messed up for weeks. They climbed wonderfully enough to 30 up and then the nxt day....went down the slope again as i predicted judging from the episode.

Why can't they nail it 3o up when they were there?

1. It's the same old mistakes again and again- Never learning from mistakes, they can't seem to identify what type of episode makes better marks and what doesn't. Is it so hard to tell? The twice times they made it were the times Yazzie was much more sensibly visible on the scenes. The time young salve grew up into a young lady, and the time she was driven away like a dog.
I don't think it takes too much parcel of analysis at all. If so, they being more intelligent must know it but are just ignoring for the purpose of pushing what they think is an added flavor to the story?

2. DISRUPTING DIANA SCENES- not that i am against her. I find her sexy and charming and she'z really good. What i am trying to say is, what they think is an added flavor could really become a spoiling if given in an overdone tablespoonfulls. It is still good to separate supporting stories and characters and give balance to exposure. It's a hell of a night per episode to be straining on our seats waiting to catch 2 sneak previews of yazzie as if she were some kind of an extra. This didn't happen just this week but everyone who watches it faithfully can count.

3. WE ARE NOT WATCHING PRIMETIME just to see THE SUPPORTING SIDES MORE OFTEN THAN THE LEAD - Yes we honestly don't expect to see more of anyone else each night more than yazzie. I mean Who cares and who is really more interested about staying longer minutes for longer scenes containing those night after night? Why weren't we just told they were the lead stars and yazzie is the supporting so we know better then what to expect?

4. BADK DOES WELL, BUT NOT ON IT'S BEST - Thanks to cindy for pointing out somethng and yes i think she is right anyhow. Knowing that BADK is not a fantasy series, non-children-inviting, not as big budgeted, the marks they earned over the rating games ending up on 3rd spot of primetime list is good enough and we should appreciate BAdk staff. I have no objections then. Next, Yes, knowing that Even Joaquin Bordado of Robin Padilla, and Richard's Kamandag weren't able to match Marimar success, yes, it is entirely acceptable and good enough they still won over the other network's show.

Hmm but
does it stop there?
Contentment to be better?
when they are capable of giving the best they can for this. They were on that level so why not keep it steadily and a little up gradually when they already did? All they really need is to maintain the time of flow that audience is looking for. know what episodes ticked most and less and why.

hmmm for now i'll pause.
Later on a Monday episode, it's a new Stage for Salve's life.
They have rippped the parts which i believe were one of the most important once as well but
i would love to believe that their choice to make both Salve and DErek cross paths this soon is
the best option and that they got even better replacements for the partst they tore away from the story.

All I really want to say is ...
Save Salve moments please!


First, I apologize that i've been away for dayz. Terrible! Globelines just didn't work at all. I couldn't open anything on the browser except for gmail. My internet connection was only good for ym and mirc or live messenger. It's the same reason why i wasn't available for posting time on Yazzie's thread over igma forums. wahhhhh... *sighs*

At least it's over now.

Ooops and just when i thought it's over, just when i was in the middle of making a post, the computer screeen hushed and turned black and all around me too. Arrrrghhhhhhh...another power interruption!

I'm just happy it didn't take an hour.
At last i can say it's all working back to normal, the connection here and the power. hehe

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Lalong iigting ang istorya ng Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita sa
pagkikita nina Salve (Yasmien Kurdi) at Derek (JC de Vera).

Pinatira ng huli ang una sa kanilang rancho at makikitang nagtitiwala
na si Salve sa bagong kaibigan.

Gusto naman ni Gov. Fausto (Tony Mabesa) na tumakbong mayor si Alfred
(Marvin Agustin) at naniniwala siyang mas may chance itong manalo kesa
sa apo niyang si Via (Angelika dela Cruz) at kay Jango (Tonton Gutierrez).

Hindi ito magugustuhan ni Via at gagamitin ang asawa for her political

TASYA news

Yas' dream come true
Article posted April 24, 2008

Teen drama sensation Yasmien Kurdi is expanding her newfound fame as
she ventures into telefantasya with a dash of romantic comedy. Text by
Alula Love M. Dela Cruz. Photos by Mitch S. Mauricio

Your Sunday afternoons will surely be filled with enchanting tales of
love, laughter and lessons in life as GMA brings you Carlo J. Caparas'
Tasya Fantasya.

Playing the lead character Tasya, is none other than GMA Drama
Princess Yasmien Kurdi. The young actress admits that this project is
the kind of break she needs from playing too many dramatic roles.
"Breather ko to', kasi di'ba halos iyakan heavy Biglang meron akong
one taping na masaya naman at kengkoy. Yung ma ba-balance ko yung
sarili ko," says Yasmien.

starsAside from the change of pace in her career, another thing that
Yas finds very amusing with her new project is the plot itself. "Ang
saya nitong Tasya kasi lahat possible, lahat ng gusto mong character
magagampanan mo. So lahat ng fashion, kahit baduy, possible [kaya]
super saya."

The character Tasya was originally played by actress-host Kris Aquino,
whom Yasmien consulted as soon as she knew she got the part. "I texted
Tita Kris, sabi ko `Tita I'm doing Tasya Fantasya, sabi niya `really,
wow buti na lang ikaw mag re-remake gandahan niyo na lang yang Tasya,
goodluck as inyo," shares Yasmien

Yasmien admits that she feels honored to fill the shoes of her local
idol, "I like Tita Kris sobrang bait. May ugali [siya] na sobrang
nakakarelate ako. She taught me a lot of things and yung mga advices
niya super ok. I love her, sobrang cool siya."

Playing Kris' role isn't the only thing Yasmien is looking forward to
in this new show. She will be reunited with ex-loveteam partner
Rainier Castillo as well. "Grabe I miss him, I miss Rainier, I miss
the old days, kasi sobrang I've done this before, nakakmiss."

starsDespite her success in the drama genre, Yasmien reveals that she
misses doing the "pa-tweetums" stint. So when the role of Tasya was
offered to her she quickly jumped on board without any inhibitions.
"When you do mature roles, pag-dating sa tweetums parang nilalaro mo
na lang siya. Sa pag describe nung role sa storycon, fun naman so sabi
ko go!Sobrang nakaka-excite. "

Another thing that Yas misses is her telefantasya life. And with this
new venture, she seems to getting the best of both worlds. "More fun
pero mas mahirap, I mean yung kinalabasan on screen maganda siya. Ang
ganda ng colors ng Tasya akala mo napunta ka sa ibang world."

Yasmien truly has become a lovely swan in the acting pond. Her
determination and hunger for challenge brought her to where she is
right now; a true acting princess.

Watch Carlo J. Caparas' Tasya Fantasya Sundays only on SOP.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

TASYA updates again


LISTEN to what direk Mac Alejandre has to say when asked why they took
a risk on adapting "Tasya Fantasya" on TV.

"No risk at all. We considered the komiks factor before it was made
into a movie. Mataas ang aming confidence level dahil sa strong recall
ng "Tasya Fantasya" as a serialized novel."

A creation of Carlo J. Caparas, "Tasya Fantasya" centers on the
enchanting and colorful world of Tasya (Yasmien Kurdi), an ugly but
kind-hearted sales assistant in an optical shop who yearns for her
prince charming's affection but only to find out her fate is entangled
in a magical pair of eyeglasses that will lead her to a series of
colorful adventures. Also starring Rainier Castillo and Wendell Ramos
as the Prince Charming, catch it right after "SOP" on GMA7.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

badk episode updates again

Sa Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita, tutulungan ni Aling Tasing (Daria
Ramirez) si Salve (Yasmien Kurdi) upang isumbong kay Gov. Fausto (Tony
Mabesa) ang relasyon nina Alfred (Marvin Agustin) at Via (Angelika
dela Cruz).

Dahil sa pagtulong ng kapitbahay, kailangan siyang patahimikin nina
Via at Alfred at sisiguraduhin ng dalawa na malinis lahat ang hadlang
sa kanilang plano at sa mga taong may kaugnayan kay Salve.

Sa kagustuhan ni Derek (JC de Vera) na makaganti, paplanuhin nila ni
Lawrence (Patrick Garcia) ang pagpatay kay Pablo (Dion Ignacio).

Nakuha ni Lawrence ang tiwala ni Derek, dahil iniligtas nito ang
kanyang buhay, pero tama kaya si Derek na kupkupin ang dating tauhan
ni Pablo sa kanyang grupo?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

badk episode updates

Sa teledramang Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita, magbubunyi sina Alfred
(Marvin Agustin) at Via (Angelika dela Cruz) dahil nagtagumpay sila sa
kanilang plano.
Tapos na ba ang kanilang problema kay Salve (Yasmien Kurdi)?

Sa pagkamatay ni Joey (LJ Reyes), mag-aa-lab ang pagnanais ni Derek
(JC de Vera) na ipag-higanti ito.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

badk episode updates

MAIINIS na naman ang viewers na nakikisimpatiya kay Salve (Yasmien
Kurdi) sa Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita, dahil aapihin na naman ito ni
Alfred (Marvin Agustin).

Mahuhuli ni Alfred si Salve na nakahigang hubad sa kama, katabi si
Harry (Arthur Solinap). Dahil doon, palalayasin ni Alfred si Salve sa
kanilang bahay, itataboy kasama ang mga damit at sa harap pa ng mga
usiserong kapitbahay.

Hindi alam ni Salve na pakana lang nina Alfred at Via (Angelika dela
Cruz) ang lahat para mawala siya sa landas ng dalawa.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A light of Hope

I've been abnormally languished more so because of the fanatxt that came which got so misunderstood both ways. Thanks to kish for discussing about it with me last night though, it gave me better view. Today i find a little glow of light to know that last
Friday BADK was approaching it's right track once more. As we've predicted more scenes and moves like those would help it bounce back after weeks of deteriorating story compressed with unwanted sticking whatever'z which only gave more reason for viewers to push buttons to another number time to time.

A steady move up would take it to a beautiful peak i am sure.
Despite the news that several salve moments were taken out of the script to make it grow somewhere soon into a love story, I still do hope.

Our quest to bring more salve moments in shouldn't stop.

Love Is All That Matters Taping

wahhhh just got lucky enough! thanks to cindy who caught this first
and to the uploader!

just take a look!

TASYA updates again

STARTING today, all-out comedy na ang Tasya Fantasya.

After two episodes, med-yo magbabago ang tono at timpla ng comeback
show ng tambalang Yasmien Kurdi and Rainier Castillo and it will
start with episode three today right after SOP sa GMA-7.

No big reason actually why there is a change of style from fantasy
with comedy and drama to fantasy with more comedy than drama na.
Nagkataon lang na nagbago na ang creative staff.

Last year pa kasi nasimulan ang Tasya Fantasya although this month
lang ito na-ere. At that time, different creative staff pa ang bumubuo
ng kuwento. When it was reinstated into production, iba na ang naging
plano on how it will be presented. Sabagay, mas forte naman
talaga nina Yasmien and Rainier ang comedy, so mas in sila sa bagong
style ng kanilang show.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What I Missed Today

I knew i'd be late and worried i couldn't catch anything where yazzie is today but i did all i can to at least get home and see Tasya. Hmmm trouble is when i doubled speed to get on time, i was met by un unpleasant unlucky hit for the day. wahhhh when will we ever run out of it? POWER INTERRUPTION!!! GRrrrrr

Anyway still any kind sould would have to refer me tasya epi today please?
Here are couple of events.


hMMmmm 150 of them wahhhh all huddled in 3 minutes and the most i just really care about to see is Yazzie! Count the seconds she appeared beginning to end. :)


Wahhhh i really love the way yazzie does her songs! Hers is the type of voice quality that wouldn't iritate my ears even if i have to listen the whole day!

Thanks to the beautiful people who uploaded! Thanks to Kish for the Sop Acoustic! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

badk news updates


YASMIEN Kurdi is often asked by viewers as to when the characters she
and JC De Vera play in GMA-7's hit drama series, "Babangon Ako't
Dudurugin Kita", will finally meet. "Inip na inip na raw kasi sila na
hindi pa nagkikita sina Salve, ako yun, at Derek, si JC," she says.
"Kasi, inuna muna `yung muli naming pagkikita ni Evita, si Ms. Dina
Bonne-vie, na nagkaroon naman ng lukso ng dugo when we finally cross
paths dahil ako ang kanyang long lost daughter. Pero malapit na
malapit na talaga kaming magkita ni JC. Pina-fast track na nga ang
story kaya abangan nila dahil they won't wait so long anymore at
magtatagpo na rin kami."

How about rumors that she and director Joel Lamangan have not
resolved their conflict that started when they did "Pasan Ko ang
Daigdig" and she refused to do a scene requiring her to pray to saints
as she's with the Iglesia ni Kristo?

"Naku, that happened a long time ago. Since then,
magkasundung- magkasundo na kami ni Direk Joel and I really love him as
he brings out the best in me noon pa lang una kaming magkasama sa
movies in `Aishite Imasu' and `So Happy Together'. The scene they're
referring to was `yun ngang pinagdarasal ako sa harap ng altar na may
hawak na rosaryo.

May Catholic practices and beliefs that we don't do in our religion.
Like I cannot sing Christmas carol kasi wala kaming Christmas, which
is also the reason why I don't give gifts during the Christmas season.
Kung nagbibigay man ako, it's more of thanksgiving for supporting me.

But because of the explanation of Direk Joel that I have to kneel down
and pray in front of an altar, pumayag ako.

And I'm really thankful na hindi minasama iyon ng mga taga-relihiyon
namin. They understood it's part of my work lang as an actress, in the
same way na okay rin sa kanila na I do kissing scenes, pero huwag yung
magsu-suot ng too revealing clothes and do sexy roles."

As Salve in "Babangon", Yasmien encounters more problems when Harry
(Arthur Solinap), the cousin of Via (Angelika de la Cruz), makes it
appear to her neighbors that they're having an affair and she's
unfaithful to Alfred (Marvin Agustin).

About Julie (Diana Zubiri), she gets pregnant and the evil Tyrone
(Paolo Contis), makes it appear that it's Melvin (Ian de Leon) who
raped her. Melvin is jailed and Tyrone offers to marry Julie. As for
Pablo (Dion Ignacio), he's bent on taking revenge on Derek (JC De
Vera) and kidnaps Joey (LJ Reyes). Pablo tries to rape her but she is
saved by Lawrence (Patrick Garcia).

badk news

THIS Friday sa Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita, magpapanggap si Harry
(Arthur Solinap) na boarder sa bahay ni Alfred (Marvin Agustin) at
aakitin si Salve (Yasmien Kurdi) para lumabas na nangaliwa ito at
palayasin ni Alfred.

Hindi titigil si Derek (JC de Vera) na hindi makuha si Joey (LJ Reyes)
sa kamay ng kidnappers. Nakahanap naman si Joey ng kakampi sa katauhan
ni Lawrence (Patrick Garcia), pero may iba pala itong agenda.

Sa teledramang Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita ng GMA 7, haharapin ni
Derek (JC de Vera) si Pablo (Dion Ignacio).
Makaligtas kaya sila ni Joey (LJ Reyes) sa paghihiganti nito?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Love Is All That Matters

Everyday all around us, people are falling in love, falling out of love, some are with the right people, some are with the wrong people, some are eagerly getting into relationships, some are trying to recover from the lost of one; this is what the movie LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS is about – a capsule summary of the realities of love.

LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS involves nine main characters, each weaving his or her way into another's heart in an industry ever so familiar to all of us – a call center. JEPOI GUMBA (JC De Vera), LANE CRUZ (Yasmien Kurdi), BRYDAMIRE (Erah Madrigal), TONEE TIENZA (Chris Bernal), and TOM BASE (Polo Ravales) are happy to be together once again in ETELECARE, the biggest call center in the Philippines. They are renewing their friendship formed when they became members of the same theater group in college. This is seemingly perfect but it also brings in other people in their circle that rocks their world.

For one, Lane left her journalism job just to try and be with her bestfriend, Jepoi. She is now the Executive Assistant of Caleb Madrigal (Brent Javier). She harbors a very unrequited love on Jepoi but her sacrifice becomes an even more painful move when Jepoi meets Kim. Kim is the smart, preppy, sweet, gorgeous girl who is impossible to hate and perfect for Jepoi.

There's also Bry who, like many of the call center agents, is using this job as an “in betweener” while she auditions for commercials, movies or any entertainment job that will launch her to stardom. She has a loyal taxi driver, AXEL (John Prats), who drives her to auditions and work. Working at night, auditioning during the day - her schedule and dream eventually takes a toll in her relationship with the only man she loves, Weej.

Tom is in a relationship with the girl of his dreams - CYRILL (Jean Garcia). Thing is, she is 15 years older and she used to be their theater guild advisor. Will their love for each survive the stigma of society and the difficulties that sheer generation gap brings?

And finally, there is Tonee. With her mother now openly lesbian and living with another lesbian, she has come to believe she is a tomboy. She finds comfort in this and the entrance of RYAN PEYRA (Aljur Abrenica) in her life just might make things uncomfortable.

Life and love happening after dark isn’t the kind we are all used to but love and life has a funny way of happening in the most unlikely of places and time.

Directed by Don Cuaresma for Regal Films and Regal Multimedia.

Redeeming Glory for BADK ?

Sad to say that our most awaited soap has travelled the slope of decadence in 3 weeks. Hmm I hate to say it but notice the intervals between commercial breaks and scenes? Even the figure results make me sigh. What can i say? They just did a successful move in losing audiece attraction and loyalty. After weeks of what they think was a good strategy perhaps, developing the supporting stories more than the main, and all of us stucked on eating up an unwanted feast of unexpected main meal. Lol. hmmm It's like we've been duped to believe it's yassie on a primetime role finally when the bitter fact is, it's all a flimsy wrap on that beautiful package we failed to see clearly. She is there like a pretty cool offerbut when you get to open it, this fancybox we thought it is isn't full of chocolates at all, there are peebles and more peebles than the sweet luscious taste burried somewhere.

The other night was worst as 2 sneak previews. hehe Tonight...well, at least tonight they surprisingly made a little noticeable change huh? I was thinking that if some gave up on their screens and switched, then he or she missed a little something. I can't blame them if theydid. After all who'z so patient with it when series of scenes irritates more than just bore us? *yawwnn*

My special thanks though to Badk theme for tonight's episode. It's the type of character appearances division that i should was better and i love the part where Salve got to suddenly reminisce of the sweet times her husband bought her some clothes, some shoes. Harry seems innocent-looking and nice and Salve is too vulnerably trusting. It was a tinge of pain that she tried to walk with her broken slipper straps and there was that sheep (who can say a wolf?) just seemingly gentleman enough to get her a new pair. One more thing, Yassie was without make up, in a very plain if not close to rags dress and her hair was jjust simply hanging under the sun she looked sooo frail. When harry asked what was wrong with her and she answered "naaalala ko lang noon, lagi akong binilhan ni alfred ng mga damit, sapatos at kung ano-anong gamit." "Bakit? ngayon ba hindi na?" Harry querried. She weakly replied "Hindi ko na naman kailangan eh..completo na naman ako." as if to really convince her denying self.

Woww moves like that. I wish they got more moves like this and a flow like this one. If they did right from the moment young Salve grew up, there was no reason at all for a viewer to push that button to another number.

I am somewhat worried with how they'll bounce back. Still, let us hope and pray for BAdk to redeem its glory soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Love Is All That Matters pictorials

Monday, April 14, 2008


I must not be the only BADK viewer who struggles to watch it for Yazmien's sake. Well, with all due respect to one of the Philippines' best and most respected directors, Joel Lamangan, the overall plot for the soap compared to the movie is great and very promising. HOwever for 3 weeks now, it can't be denied that it hasn't started even to simmer. (Hoping later tonight it will) I confess i am a somewhat disappointed. I know that everyone on Badk, down and up (director,writters,staff and others) contrived on something different to develop a the story into a bigger picture and perhaps have well ahead figured any "calculated risks". Still i think that the first stage of this soap is very crucial if it should capture audience loyalty.

A few of common observations :

1. LESS OF SALVE MOMENTS- while the story is too busy featuring and feeding us with the different threads, it has wandered of the real focus which is supposedly Salve's life. Just how many scenes are there to capture Salve on a less than 30-minute episode ( if we count the commercials)?

2. INTERRUPTED SHORT SALVE SCENES - Realize how many of the few short scenes which was supposedly salve's drama slot repeatedly gut disrupted by scenes which could have been put off until another 2 minutes?

3. UNEXPECTED UNWANTED LOVETEAM AND STORY - well...i know the cast is really big and time must be shared but wowww...i can show several scenes where this caused a big immature cut on salve's moments. While the cam focused on prolonging scenes for this part i just wish it is the same amount or just more for Salve's life. Lol. MOst of the episodes are somewhat sneak previews of Salve.

4. Who's interested on spending longer minutes on primetime for the life and love of a supporting role more than the one on the lead? I am not honestly, that's why it can get pretty boring.

5. We know that it would take a little while more before Salve meets Derek but there are so many ways to give focus more on the main story than a feature article. *sighs*

I saw one great Filipino movie, with multi-awarded best actress Lorna T. She was in this movie, the same illiterate, abused,innocent and naive wife and i wish at this stage we would be allowed to share considerable amount of that pain in Salve's world.

What awaits would be a bittersweet reunion of mother and child in the end, the pure love of a hero just around that corner ready to sweep our damsel in distress off her feet and then soon that dark heartless revenge.

Tasya Updates

PANALO pala ang Tasya Fantasya sa pilot episode nito last Sunday
pagkatapos ng SOP.

Talagang ginulantang ang fans nina Yasmien Kurdi at Rainier
Castillo dahil ma-tagal na ring hindi nagkakasama ang dating mag-
love team.

Ibang Yasmien ang napapanood sa Tasya., patawa siya rito. `Di tulad
sa Ba-bangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita na nagda-drama naman ang da-laga.

Impressive ang pilot epi-sode ng soap. Aba naka-16 percent ito sa
ratings game, samantalang ang pinakama-lapit na kalaban ay naka-9
percent lamang.

Kaya palakpak- tenga ang production manager na si Rams David sa
resulta ng kanyang show. Lalong gina-nahan ang pamosong PM ng GMA-7
na mapaganda pa ang Tasya Fantasya na isang taon ding nabinbin ang
airing dahil super busy si Yasmien nang panahong iyon.

Si Rams din ang PM ng Walang Tulugan at ang ipa-palabas pa sa June
or July na soap ni Regine Velasquez, ang Kim Sam Soon.

MAGSISIMULA na ang adventure ni Tasya (Yasmien Kurdi) sa Tasya
Fanstasya today at kung 'di kami nagkakamali' y magiging teacher
siya 'pag suot na ang magic antipara.

Nag-i-enjoy ang young actress sa taping nito't breather daw niya sa
kadramahan ng Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita.

Dahil din sa show na ito, makakapareha niya si Wendell Ramos, na malabo
raw mangyari kung 'di fantasy ang tema ng show.

Thirteen weeks tatakbo ang fantasy-adventure show at marami pang
gagawing nakakatawa si Yasmien. Tiniyak din nitong sa pagtatapos ng TF,
malalaman kung kay Rainier Castillo ba o kay Wendell siya mapupunta.

Napapanood ito sa GMA-7 after SOP.

Tasya's Real Fantasy
Article posted April 9, 2008

Carlo J. Caparas' Tasya Fantasya is the ultimate Sunday show that is
bound to help us forget our worries and live in alternate reality,
even if it's just for a few minutes.

Last April 6, we witnessed the premiere of GMA's newest telefantasya
show; Carlo J. Caparas' Tasya Fantasya. Sundays will never be the
same again, as Tasya enters our home with her wacky adventures
filled with whimsical characters and fruitful stories of wisdom.

Imagine a world where you can be whoever you want to be. This is the
premise of Carlo J. Caparas' Tasya Fantasya. Tasya is played by the
adorable Yasmien Kurdi.

The story revolves around Tasya, who was abandoned by her father and
grew up living with her abusive Aunt named Ketay, played by Vangie
Labalan. Despite the harshness of reality, this simple and
benevolent girl uses her imagination to escape her tragic life.

Her daydreaming involves a handsome Prince Charming. Donald (Wendell
Ramos), the primary model of the optical shop she works for is the
object of Tasya's fantasies. She then relays all her stories of love
and romance to her best friend Mateng (Gladys Reyes). It is Mateng
who gave her the nickname Tasya Fantasya.

Donald may be Tasya's dream boy but the young man who truly loves
her is Raz (Rainier Castillo), Donald's personal assistant. Though
Raz is romantically attracted to Tasya, he buries his feeling for
her and nurtures their friendship instead.

Tasya's life becomes more interesting when she finds a magical set
of eyeglasses lying around the shop. Every time she wears the
mysterious eyeglass, she transforms into a beautiful young lady.
What's makes Tasya life more fun is when she finds out that Donald
and Raz are also part of her new adventures.

Like her, the two also transforms into different characters. But
like any dream, one must wake-up. And this happens as soon as she
removes the glasses: everything returns back to

Tasya may be a simple sales assistant in the mortal world, but
there's a secret behind her real identity. Tasya is also Princess
Anastacia, a bewitching woman destined to be Prince Federico's
queen. Soon it will all be revealed that Ms. Brigida (Alicia Mayer)
the optical shop owner is Queen Virtuosa, and her son Prince
Federico is actually Donald.

The plot becomes meatier, when Tasya finds out that she is bound to
marry Donald in the fantasy world. What will Tasya do? Marry the man
of her dreams and live in fantasy world or find her true love in
real life? A man who is probably waiting for her just around the
corner? -- Text by Alula Love M. Dela Cruz. Photos by Mitch S.

Be sure to watch Carlo J. Caparas' Tasya Fantasya, Sundays only on

BADK UPDATES and other Yazzie News

Exciting ang Monday episode ng Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita dahil for

the first time, magku-krus ang landas ng mag-inang Evita (Dina
Bonnevie) at Salve (Yasmien Kurdi) sa ospital, pero hindi nila
makikilala ang isa't isa, kahit nakaramdam ng lukso ng dugo si Evita.

Kasal nina Julie (Diana Zubiri) at Tyrone (Paolo Contis) at malalaman
kung matutuloy ang kasal ng dalawa.

Sa mga naghihintay nang pagkikita nina Salve at Derek (JC de
Vera), 'wag mainip at malapit nang magkita ang dalawa.

Ipinarating namin sa production staff ng Baba­ngon Ako't Dudurugin
Kita ang tanong ng fans nina Yasmien Kurdi at JC de Vera, kung kai­lan
mag­tatagpo ang landas ng dalawa sa drama se­ries? Gusto na ng fans ng
magka-loveteam na ma­daliin ang istorya nito para magkita na ang

Maghintay-hintay lang daw kayo at ilang linggo na lang, magkikita na
sina Salve (Yasmien) at Derek (JC) at magsisimula na ang love story


Sa telenobelang Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita ng GMA 7, malulusutan
nina Alfred (Marvin Agustin), Beverly (Jenny Miller) at Salve (Yasmien
Kurdi) ang ginawang pagnanakaw.

Mababalitaan kapagkuwan nina Alfred at Be­verly ang pagdating ni Via
San Gabriel (Angelika de la Cruz), ang apo ni Gov. Fausto.

Nakaisip na naman sila ng masamang plano.

Samantala, magagalit si Evita (Dina Bonnevie) kay Jango (Tonton
Gutierrez) nang malamang tinutulungan nito si De­rek (JC de Vera) na
pasukin ang sindikato.
Mangangatwiran si Derek sa harap ng ina

Sa telenobelang Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita ng GMA 7, magtatagpo
sina Evita (Dina Bonnevie) at Salve (Yasmien Kurdi).
Manaig kaya ang lukso ng dugo? Makilala kaya ni Evita na si Salve ang
nawawala niyang anak?
Consistent na mataas ang ratings ng Babangon Ako…, and this is one
teledrama that reflects real life situations.
Syanga pala, nalalapit na rin ang pagkukrus ng landas nina Salve at De­
rek (JC de Vera).


Hindi pa umaalagwa sa rating ang Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita. Hindi
pa lumalampas sa 30 % ang rating ng TV drama na star-studded at
maganda ang kuwento. Magkaroon pa uli kaya ng proyekto sa GMA 7 sina
Dina Bonnevie at Angelika dela Cruz na galing mula sa ABS-CBN?


Yasmien Kurdi reveals how she cured her sleeping disorder

Rommel Gonzales

Naisulat namin noon dito sa PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) na
may kidney stones ang ina ni Yasmien Kurdi. Pero napag-alaman namin
na pati pala si Yasmien ay nagkaroon rin ng problem sa kanyang
kalusugan, at ito ay may kinalaman naman sa kanyang pagtulog.

Halos gabi-gabi kasi dati ay hindi makatulog si Yasmien due to a
sleeping disorder. Umabot na nga siya sa punto na naiiyak na siya
dahil kahit anong pilit niya ay hindi siya makatulog.

Isa sa mga remedyong sinubukan niya ay ang pag-inom ng tableta na
nakakapag-induce ng pagtulog. Ang kaso, dahil sa sobrang effective
ng gamot, hindi kaagad nagising si Yasmien kaya na-late siya sa
isang showbiz commitment niya the following day. Dahil dun, inihinto
na niya agad ang pagte-take ng naturang sleeping pill.

Susuko na nga sana si Yasmien, hanggang sa may nag-suggest sa kanya
na subukan ang isang brand ng unan na epektibo sa mga ganitong klase
ng sleeping disorder.

"Pumunta ako sa Shangri-La, meron dun Sleepcare. Inalam
ko kung ano'ng problema sa akin or something. Yun pala, sa pillow,
sa batok," kuwento ni Yasmien.

Nang sinubukan daw niya ang naturang unan, nagbalik sa normal na
oras ang kanyang sleeping habit. Kaya ngayon, kahit saan pumunta si
Yasmien, dala niya ang naturang unan, sa mga tapings at shootings at
kahit na anong commitment na magdamagan.

Ito rin ang same kind of pillow na iniregalo ni Yasmien kay JC de
Vera, ang leading man niya sa Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita, noong
birthday ang binata last March.

YASMIEN'S FATHER. Tuluy-tuloy at walang patid ang communication ni
Yasmien with her Lebanese father. Last month nga, pinadalhan pa si
Yasmien ng isang mamahaling scarf ng kanyang ama na based sa Kuwait.

Supposedly ay magkikita at magba-bonding sa Dubai ang mag-ama the
last time na nagbakasyon doon si Yasmien, pero natiyempong nasa
Lebanon naman noon ang tatay niya.

"Balak niyang pumunta ng Dubai, pero hindi ko alam na nasa Lebanon
siya nun. Hindi niya ako makontak," sabi niya.

STARSTRUCK REUNION. Malamang na mapaiyak daw si Yasmien kapag
nagkaroon sila ng reunion ng Batch 1 ng StarStruck.

Miss na miss na raw niya ang mga ka-batch niya, kaya wish niya ay
magkita-kita silang muli. Sobrang saya nga raw niya nang mag-guest
sa isang episode ng Tasya Fantasya si Katrina Halili.

Kuwento ni Yasmien, nakikibalita naman siya sa ilang mga dati niyang
kasamahan sa naturang reality-based artista search na hindi na
aktibo sa showbiz.

Si Anton dela Paz daw ay isa na ngayong motocross rider. "Ang ganda
ng motorsiklo niya," sabi ni Yasmien.

Bukod sa mga nabanggit, ang madalas lang na nakikita ni Yasmien ay
sina Jennylyn Mercado, Sheena Halili, at Mark Herras.

Mangiyak-ngiyak nga raw si Yasmien the first time na nagkita ulit
sila ni Rainier na leading man niya sa Tasya Fantasya. Na-miss niya
kasi nang husto si Rainier at ang kanilang tambalan.

Ayon sa dalaga, espesyal ang relationship nila ni Rainier—
magkaibigan, magbarkada, mag-tropa. Kapag may mga oras na bad mood
si Yasmien at galit na galit, puwede niyang ibuhos kay Rainier ang
galit niya.


YASMIEN Kurdi says she feels uncomfortable when people tell her she
is just the runner up in the first StarStruck but she has now
overtaken the career of winner Jennylyn Mercado. She's now seen
nightly in "Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita" on primetime and on
Sunday afternoon in "Tasya Fantasya" (both remakes.)

"We all know she's in a delicate situation because of her pregnancy
kaya huwag na lang kami ikumpara sa isa't isa at intrigahin," she
says. "As of now, I'm really thankful as JC De Vera and I made the
successful transfer from afternoon to primetime with the success
of `Babangon Ako'. Lahat ng nakakapanood, sinasabi sa aking
nagagandahan sila, thanks to Direk Joel Lamangan and all its stars."

This week, JC as Derek leaves his family after discovering that his
mom Evita (Dina Bonnevie) is a jueteng queen. He becomes closer to
friend LJ Reyes, whose brother Brenan later dies after being shot by
Pablo, an enemy of Derek. Derek later asks the help of Jango (Tonton
Gutierrez) so he can be a part of Evita's syndicate. Jango's son,
Juno (Jay Aquitania), gets jealous because his dad is devoting more
time to Derek than to him.

Marvin Agustin as Alfred continues to be cruel and abusive to
Yasmien as Salve, beating her up for the smallest mistakes. He buys
a new car and won't even let Salve touch it. He introduces his
lover, Beverly (Jenny Miller), to Salve as his cousin and they
connive to rob a rich family. The character played by Angelika de la
Cruz, Via San Gabriel, arrives on the scene. She's the granddaughter
of the governor and the scheming Alfred hatches a new plan for her.

yazzie news

Yasmin Kurdi, napilitang lumuhod!

HINDI na natutuwa si Yasmien Kurdi sa walang katapusang intriga sa
kanila ni direk Joel Lamangan. Sabi ni Yasmien, dapat na raw tapusin
ang intriga sa kanila, na matagal na raw nangyari.

Sabi pa rin ni Yasmien, kapag ini-interview siya tungkol kay direk
Joel, parang pinalalabas na bago lang ang intriga sa kanila.

Nagsimula nga ang intriga sa kanila ni direk Joel noong una silang
nagsama sa teleserye. Nasigawan daw kasi ni direk Joel si Yasmien sa
set noon.

Inaakusahan pa si Yasmien, na kahit mabait siya kay direk Joel
nga­yon, nandun pa rin `yung kinikimkim niyang galit sa director.

Siyempre, gulat na gulat si Yasmien sa mga tsismis na `yon. Katunayan,
masaya raw sila ni direk Joel sa set ng Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita
ng GMA 7.

"Actually, nangyari `yung sinasabi nila na kesyo hindi kami nagkasundo
ni direk Joel, sa set pa `yon ng Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig. Ang tagal na
noon, ha!

"Kung `yung pagsasama namin ngayon ang iniintriga nila, walang ganu`n.
Wala talaga kaming problema ni direk Joel.

"Sa totoo lang, ang ganda ng pagtatrabaho namin ngayon ni direk Joel.

Love na love nga niya ako, eh.

"Hindi ko naman idini-deny na sa Bakekang pa lang, may problema na sa
mga restriction. Pero, it's not my fault kung may religion akong
ganito ang paniniwala.

"May sari-sarili tayong mga belief. May kanya-kanya tayong opinyon.
Ang sa akin lang, ayokong mapahiya sa religion ko at ayaw ko ring
mapahiya ang family ko," sabi ni Yasmien.

Sabi pa rin ni Yasmien, may mga bagay na ginagawa ang mga Katoliko, na
hindi puwedeng gawin sa kanilang relihiyon.

"Like, hindi po ako puwedeng kumanta ng Christmas songs. Wala kaming
Christmas kaya hindi rin ako makapagbigay ng gift tuwing Pasko.

"Kung magbibigay man ako, siguro `yung pasasalamat ko na lang sa mga
taong tumulong sa akin at para sa mga taong malalapit sa akin."

May mga kuwento na sa Pasan Ko… ay tumanggi rin si Yasmien kay direk
Joel na gawin ang isang eksena na kung saan kailangan niyang lumuhod
sa isang santo?

"Hindi po talaga ako puwedeng lumuhod sa kahit na sinong santo, at
nakatingala habang nagdadasal. Hindi rin ako puwedeng humawak ng rosaryo.

"That time, kailangan `yon sa eksena, kaya ginawa ko rin. Pero
katakot-takot na explanation ang ginawa ng production at ni direk para
pumayag lang ako.

"Ginawa ko naman ang eksenang lumuhod ako sa santo, pero nakapikit
lang ako," kuwento ni Yasmien.

Nagpapasalamat na lang si Yasmien dahil hindi `yon minasama ng mga tao
sa kaniyang relihiyon.

"Hindi nila ako pinatawag after the scene. Sa pagkakaalam ko, wala
akong nilalabag na batas sa religion namin. Hindi pa naman nila ako

Pero, nangangako si Yasmien, na basta hindi raw magiging problema sa
kanyang relihiyon, gagawin niya para sa kanyang trabaho.

"Sabi nga nila, okey lang ang kissing scene, basta huwag lang
sobra-sobra. Hindi rin ako puwedeng magsuot ng sobrang sexy na damit.

"Malabo namang mangyari `yon dahil ako mismo, hindi ako kumportableng
gumawa ng mga sexy roles," sabi niya.

"Kami naman ni direk Joel, normal na `yung su­migaw siya sa akin.
Pero, pabiro naman siya kung sumigaw. Sabi lang niya sa akin, `yung
susunod na pelikula ko, siya raw uli ang magdidirek.

"Binibiro pa nga niya ako na sa susunod, madre na raw ang role na
gagawin ko," nakangiting sabi na lang ni Yasmien.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

TASYA Articles

Yasmien Kurdi gets caught up in the magical world of ‘Tasya Fantasya’

Sunday, April 6, 2008
Enter the world of magic and fantasy as GMA Network introduces this April its newest fascinating Sunday afternoon story about love, friendship and adventure in Carlo J. Caparas’ “Tasya Fantasya.”

Patterned after one of Caparas’ unique masterpieces, “Tasya Fantasya” is topbilled by today’s most popular Kapuso stars namely Yasmien Kurdi, Rainier Castillo and Wendell Ramos. Also in the cast are Vangie Labanan, Alicia Meyer, Gladys Reyes and Mura. “Tasya Fantasya” will mesmerize the viewers beginning today, April 6. Tasya Fantasya centers on the enchanting and colourful world of Tasya (Yasmien Kurdi), an ugly but kind-hearted sales assistant in an optical shop who wilfully yearns for her Prince Charming’s affection but only to find out her fate is entangled in a magical pair of eyeglasses that will lead her to a series of colourful adventures.

The storyline envelops on Tasya who at a young age was orphaned by her father and was later adopted by Aunt Ketay (Vangie Labalan), an abusive relative who is only after Tasya’s her earnings but never for her welfare.

But Tasya, being the simple and benevolent person that she is, just ignores her awful aunt. She escapes her unpleasant world by spending romantic moments with her prince charming—Donald (Wendell Ramos), the optical shop’s handsome model—in all her dreams and fantasies. Thus, her bestfriend Mateng (Gladys Reyes), a vendor who patiently listens to Tasya’s make believe stories, deliberately calls her Tasya Fantasya.

Unknown to Tasya, despite her unpleasant appearance, her loyal friend Raz (Rainier Castillo) secretly adores her. But Raz settles as Tasya’s friend and confidante, sacrificing the strong feelings he has for her.

Tasya’s life becomes more exhilarating when she surprisingly discovers the magical power behind an old-fashioned eyeglass displayed at the shop that ultimately changes her life.

Everytime she wears the magical eyeglasses, Tasya transforms into a gorgeous young lady but finds herself amidst a new situation as a different person. But the adventure becomes more exciting when she discovers the presence of Donald and Raz, whose characters change as well, in all her new and mystical experiences. But when Tasya removes her mystical eyeglasses things return to normal in an instant.

Determined to unravel more of this mystifying eyeglass, Tasya continues to wear it and has her own share of different adventures where she stands as a heroine to every world she lands.

Ironically, this role coincides with the identity she characterizes in the mystical world where the mysterious optical shop owner Ms. Brigida (Alicia Meyer) and Donald also belong to. Tasya is a plain, hard-working sales assistant in the mortal world. But in the enchanted world, Tasya is Princess Anastacia, a dazzling, beautiful woman destined to wed Prince Federico. Ms. Brigida turns out to be Queen Virtuosa and Prince Federico is her son Donald.

What will be Tasya’s reaction when she finds out that she is bound to marry Donald in the supernatural world? Will she turn it down and go back to the real world of mortals? Will she take her chances and accept Donald’s offer of being his wife? Or will she reject his proposal and go back to being Tasya and recognize Raz’s love for her? How will Tasya’s idealism change from these realizations?

With well-respected director Mac Alejandre at the helm, get ready to be mesmerized by the colourful adventures of the queen of fantasies and daydreamers in Carlo J. Caparas’ “Tasya Fantasya.” Catch its pilot episode beginning today right after S.O.P. on GMA-Network.


By Jun Lalin


Mistulang magi­ging isang malaking fashion show ang SOP Rules ngayong Linggo dahil rarampa ang mga nagguguwapuhang lalaki at mga naggagandahang babae suot ang summer fashion collection. Ka­samang ma­kikipag­saya sa SOP Rules ang cast ng Tasya Pantasya sa pangunguna ni Yasmien Kurdi.

Yes, kahit kasama mamaya sa SOP Rules si Yasmien ay manonood pa rin kami ng show dahil pinatawad ko na siya, although nandoroon pa rin ang sama ng loob ko sa ginawa niyang pambibitin sa aming 21st showbiz anniversary show noong isang Sabado sa Zirkoh Timog.

NGAYONG Linggo, rarampa ang mga guwapo at nagseseksihang mga lalaki at babae sa SOP para sa hottest summer collection.

Makiki-party din ang cast ng Tasya Fantasya at darating din ang paborito n’yong mga banda.

Rainier Castillo would rather make people roll down the aisle than take out their hanky and sob till they drop. Not that it’s a walk in the park. Everybody knows that it’s much harder to make people laugh at your jokes than cry over your sorrows.

Comedy requires timing; drama can do without this crucial but important part of a performer’s life.

It’s just that the StarStruck (batch 1) survivor is jolly by nature. Rainier grew up in a typical Pinoy home where his extended family of titos and titas would crack jokes at the dinner table. The memory of those happy family meals is enough to light up Rainier’s lonely nights, now that his titos and titas have moved out of the compound they used to share.

This also explains why Rainier is non-plussed at the emergence of the Yasmien (Kurdi)-JC (de Vera) loveteam on GMA 7’s Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita. Rainier is not at all flustered that the network is pairing Yasmien with another guy every weeknight on primetime TV.

“Yasmien’s teamup with JC is for drama; mine is for comedy,” says Rainier.

Make that comedy-fantasy. Years after they first hit it big as a duo on StarStruck, GMA is bringing Yasmien and Rainier back together again in Tasya Fantasya, which starts today after SOP.

The new afternoon series, based on Carlo J. Caparas’ story of friendship, adventure and love, casts Yasmien in the title role. Rainier, on the other hand, is Raz, her secret admirer and confidante.
Yasmien is the same girl he has known since their StarStruck days, observes Rainier. And he is basically the same guy who took a shot at the talent search in the hope of helping his family financially.

“I’m still the breadwinner,” he relates. “That’s why I don’t mind taking supporting roles as long as I have work.”

Thanks to his work, Rainier was able to buy a lot in Antipolo and a car he can call his own.

And since the responsibility of providing for the family falls squarely on his shoulders, Rainier doesn’t mind taking the slow but steady route to stardom.

“I’d rather do things step by step,” he explains. “I’m in no hurry.”

And if this means waiting longer to reach the peak because he wants to avoid scandals and intrigues, so be it. Rainier would rather keep his private life private than talk about it and hog showbiz column headlines the next day.

Yes, it could be a shortcut to the big time, but no thanks. Rainier will keep his mouth shut about the real reason for his breakup with Sheena Halili and other juicy items about his private life.

How true is it that he just disappeared from Sheena’s life without any warning? Rainier refuses to confirm or deny the accusation.

“All I can say is I know the truth,” he replies with a straight face.

It speaks a lot about this guy known for his killer smile. Rainier would rather talk in riddles than hurt someone else’s feelings.

The guy has dreams — big ones. This, you can’t take away from him. Aside from putting his family on easy street someday, Rainier wants to feel how it is to be a king, even for a day.

“That’s my fantasy, you see. Kings get what they want,” he says.

Still another fantasy is snagging a date with Ehra Madrigal, and, where stateside beauties are concerned, the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

As for a fantasy figure, Rainier would choose Spider-Man, he with the belief that with great power comes great responsibility.

Again, it speaks much of this guy who would rather let his actions do the talking for him. Rainier may be no hunk like Spider-Man. He may not land a full-page splash on men who display their abs and rippling muscles.

But in his heart of hearts, this simple guy knows that these things are not the only traits that make a real superhero. Rainier knows that at the end of the day, what matters most is not how many fans swarm around you or ask for your autograph.

What’s important is that he has been facing the responsibility of taking care of his family for years now with that killer smile still lighting up his face.

That’s Rainier’s strength, and source of power.


BONGGA ang SOP summer special ngayong Linggo dahil may fashion show ng mga swimwear na magaganap sa mismong show. Darating din ang buong cast ng Tasya Fantasya na pinangungunahan nina Yasmien Kurdi, Rainier Castillo at Wendell Ramos.

Magbibigay-pugay sa fans dahil magsisimula na ang bagong programa pag-katapos ng SOP.
April 06, 2008 04:17 PM Sunday Article read 130 time(s)

Yasmien Kurdi, Rainier mapapalaban sa boxing
By: Dinno Erece

ANG lakas kaagad ng itinapat sa pilot ng Tasya Fantasya kaya tiyak na mapapalaban agad ang pagbabalik- tambalan nina Yasmien Kurdi and Rainier Castillo today with their Tasya Fantasya na ipapalabas after SOP.

May big event sa boxing ang kabilang station and this kind of show is always extended to the max palagi, thus preempting several of the other station’s shows in the process.

Mabuti na lang at good show to offer ang Tasya Fantasya and is in the time slot na matagal nang click ang mga fantasy.

This is the same timeslot noon ng Magic Kamison and Love to Love na may fantasy episodes din.

MAGPA-PILOT this Sunday ang Tasya Fantasya at ibig sabihin, dalawang beses mapapanood sa GMA-7 si Yasmien Kurdi, dahil nasa SOP din siya.

Six days a week din siyang mapapanood, dahil Monday to Friday ang Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita. Saturday na lang siya libre, pero minsan, guest din siya sa Startalk.

With two regular shows, ayaw pa ring tanggapin ni Yasmien na siya ang “Drama Princess” ng network at nagkataon lang daw na bagay sa kanya ang role ni Tasya at ni Salve sa BADK.

Sinusuklian daw niya ng sipag ang pagtitiwala ng kanyang home studio.

Tatakbo ng 13 weeks ang Tasya Fantasya at every week, iba’t ibang sitwasyon ang pupuntahan ni Tasya gamit ang magic salamin. Iba-iba rin ang guest na makakasama ng cast.
Guest si Isabel Oli sa pilot episode, pero secret ang kanyang role. Gaganap na nanay-nanayan ni Tasya sa mortal world si Alicia Mayer na buntis sa totoong buhay, kaya makakapagpraktis siyang maging mommy kay Yasmien. After manganak daw sila pakakasal ng fiancé niyang ayaw pangalanan (kahit nasa news lagi), dahil ayaw niyang magsuot ng wedding gown na malaki ang tiyan at hindi dahil nagpapa-annul ito ng kasal. “He’s very much single at wala siyang annulment na inaayos. Wala akong alam na may pinakasalan siya,” wika ni Alicia. ____

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SUPER trabaho si Yasmien Kurdi

Biro mo naman may dala-wang soap opera siya, ang ga-bi-gabing
Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita at ang Tasya Fantasya tuwing
Sunday. Tapos, tumanggap pa si-ya ng guesting na kailangan ang
whole day taping, sa epi-sode ng Kung Ako Ikaw na lu-mabas bilang
salt maker na kinunan sa Novaleta, Cavite. Wika ni
Yasmien: "Kai-langan kong kumayod para sa aking pamilya. Lalo na sa
aking inang may sakit. May kidney stone siya, at kinakailangan niya
ng maintenance medicine. Ang aking ina ang nagtago ng pera ko. Bini-
bigyan n'ya lang ako ng al-lowance."

Ang ama naman ni Yasmien na nasa Middle East ay once a year lang sila
kung magkita.


Yasmien Kurdi prays for her mother's complete recovery

Rommel Gonzales

Wednesday, April 2, 2008
10:44 AM


Isa sa mga ipinagdarasal ng young actress na si Yasmien Kurdi ngayon
ay ang tuluyang paggaling ng sakit ng kanyang ina.

Sa pakikipag-usap ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) kay
Yasmien, napag-alaman namin na may natitira pang dalawang stones sa
kidney ng kanyang ina na hindi pa natse-check- up. Pero ayon kay
Yasmien, madali lang ang paraan para alisin ang natitirang kidney
stones ng mommy niya.

"Unlike yung isang stone dati, yun yung talagang mamamatay na siya
talaga nun. As in namatay siya, three seconds na flatline!" kuwento
ni Yasmien tungkol sa pinagdaanan nilang krisis last year.

Ngayon daw ay okay na ang kundisyon ng ina niya dahil hindi na nga
delikado ang dalawang stones sa kidney nito, hindi tulad noon na
nalason ang dugo ng mommy niya ng sarili nitong urine.

"Hindi ganung ka-delikado ngayon. Okay na yung ngayon, wala na yung
danger na `yon. Yun ang importante, yung wala na siya sa sobrang
panganib," masayang lahad ng dalaga.

Pero dagdag ni Yasmien, sa lalong madaling panahon ay sasailalim ang
kanyang ina sa isang medical procedure to make sure na wala nang
peligro sa kalusugan nito.

Kaya ngayon, hindi na isinasama ni Yasmien sa kanyang showbiz
commitments, `tulad ng shootings at tapings, ang kanyang ina. Ito
raw ay para makapagpahinga ang mommy niya at makatulog nang maaga sa

Dgadag niya, "Kasi may mga friends din siya. May buhay din siya.
Hindi naman puwedeng puro ako yung tututukan niya. Alam mo yun? May
buhay din naman yung nanay ko. Hindi naman kailangang anak na lang
niya lagi yung aasikasuhin niya."

Magiging dalawa na ang regular shows ni Yasmien sa GMA-7. Ang drama
series na Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita sa primetime block at ang
fantaserye na Tasya Fantasya na magsisimula na sa Sunday, April 6.


May sakit daw si Yasmien Kurdi noong Sabado kaya kahit nangako,

hindi pa rin nakarating sa Shine concert na produced and directed ni
Jun Lalin. Hopefully, magkaayos din ang showbiz writer at ang bida
ng Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita at Tasya Fantasya, na April 6 na
ang pilot telecast.


PALABAN na rin si Yasmien Kurdi.

`Kuya' ang tawag ni Yasmien sa kanyang co-star and partner sa GMA
Telebabad na Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita na si Marvin Agustin but
that doesn't stop her from doing her work as an actress.

Tonight, ikakasal ang mga characters nila sa nasabing soap directed
by Joel Lamangan, sina Salve at Alfred.

Sa wedding scene with an accompanying picture pa, Yasmien allowed
Marvin to kiss her in the lips da-hil mag-asawa na nga sila.

Matatagalan pa bago magkita ang mga characters nina Yasmien and JC
de Vera na nakadikit pa ang kuwento sa kaniyang inang si Dina
Bonnevie. Hindi pa nga rin pumapasok si Angelika dela
Cruz na magiging dahilan ng pag-hihiwalayan nina Yasmien and Marvin,

Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita airs right after Kamandag sa GMA

Yasmien-Rainier, magkaibigan pa rin

Joe Barrameda

Aminado si Rainier Castillo na mas may hatak ngayon ang tambalang JC
de Vera-Yasmien Kurdi kumpara sa tambalan nila ni Yasmien.

Kung titignan daw ay sa heavy drama umaariba ang tambalan nina Yas
at JC, samantalang sa comedy o light drama ang tambalan nila ni

Hindi pa naman daw nagbabago ang kung ano mang relasyon meron sila
ni Yasmien bilang magkaibigan. Natutuwa si Rainier na nag-resume at
ipalalabas na ang Tasya Fantasya sa Abril 6 (Linggo).

Matagal na natengga ito matapos ang ilang araw na pagte-taping nito
Sa kuwento ni Direk Mac Alejandre, mas pinaganda nila ito na
ikatutuwa ng mgamanonood.

Iba ang tema ng Tasya Fantasya sa telebisyon kumpara sa pelikula
noon na Kris Aquino ang bida.

Natanong din si Rainier sa himutok ng dating girlfriend na si Sheena
Halili na hanggang ngayon ay wala pa raw silang closure.

Sabi ni Sheena, bigla na lang nawala ang relasyon nila sa dahilang
hindi niya alam hanggang sa ngayon.

Sabi naman ni Rainier, alam ni Sheena iyon at impossible na basta na
lang sila maghihiwalay nang walang dahilan. Ipinagdiinan ni Rainier
na may mga dahilan pero ayaw niyang magsalita tungkol dito.

Bilang isang lalaki, ayaw ni Rainier na sa kanya pa manggaling kung
ano man ang namagitang hindi maganda sa kanila ni Sheena.

May kuwento pa si Rainier na sa isang taping ng Takeshi's Castle ay
nagkasabay sila ni Sheena at magkalaban sila sa games.

Hindi man sila nagpansinan ay parang may mga parinig daw si Sheena.
May pangyayari raw na hindi sinasadya ay nasiko o natamaan ni Ryza
Cenon si Sheena.

Ang lumabas daw sa bibig ni Sheena ay parang P1M ang pinaglalabanan
nila na nagkakasakitan na sila.

Tinawagan namin si Ryza para kunin ang panig niya tungkol dito pero
hindi namin siya makontak.


Yasmien nagpaalam kay Kris para maging Tasya
Hindi naman nahihirapan si Yasmien Kurdi kahit mayroon siyang
magkaka­sabay na dalawang series sa TV, ang tumatakbong Babangon
Ako't Dudurugin Kita at ang magsisimulang Tasya Fantasya sa Abril 6,
parehong sa GMA 7.

"Nakaka-inspire pa nga dahil kahit nagkakasunud- sunod at
nagkakasabay ang mga shows ko, hindi nagkakapare- pareho ang mga
roles ko, hindi nakakasawa."

Like Dudurugin... and Tasya, drama yung isa, comedy naman itong
bago. At nagsisilbing breaker sa walang katapusang pag-iyak. But I
am not com­plaining, parang medicine din ito, lahat ng sakit ko sa
puso nailalabas ko sa iyak," paliwanag ni Yasmien.

Tasya Fantasy is a komiks series ni Carlo Caparas na ginawang
pelikula nun starring Kris Aquino. Bagaman at hindi ito gaanong
nagtagumpay sa takilya, hindi ito naging hadlang para hindi ito
gawing serye ng GMA dahil naniniwala ito na magbibigay aliw ito sa
mga manonood.

Bago gawin ni Yasmien ang serye ay tinawagan pa muna niya si Kris to
inform her na siya ang gaganap sa role. Balak din sana niyang
manghiram dito ng video ng movie para mapag-aralan niya pero walang
naitago si Kris.

Si Yasmien ang nag-iisang choice ng Siete para gumanap sa role.
Reunion nila ito ni Rainier but she has another love interest, si
Wendell Ramos.

Yasmien, dalawa ang lalake!


PROBLEMADO si Yasmien Kurdi dahil sa mga nag-aaway niyang fans.

Kuwento ni Yasmien, nagkaroon daw ng matinding away ang mga fans
niya dahil sa mga leading men niyang sina JC de Vera at Rainier

Ayon kay Yasmien, sa internet blogs nga raw nagkakaroon ng away ang
kanyang mga fans at minsan daw ay hindi na raw nakakatuwa ang pag-
aaway nila.

"Ako `yung affected kasi nga `yung mga fans ko nag-aaway dahil kina
JC at Rainier. May iba na gusto si JC, `yung iba naman gusto si
Rainier. Hayun nagbabangayan sila sa mga blog sites. Nakakalokah nga
kasi wala naman akong puwedeng kampihan. Kailangan balance ako sa
kanila, `di ba?" sabi ni Yasmien, ang bida sa Tasya Pantasya ng GMA

Gusto nga raw makipag-meeting ni Yasmien sa kanyang mga fans, lalo
na sa mga maka-JC at sa mga maka-Rainier. Gusto raw niyang
magkasundo ang dalawang grupo.

"Sinabi ko naman sa kanila na kahit kanino ako i-partner, hindi
dapat sila nag-aaway. Tulad sa mga fans namin ni Rainier, tanggapin
na nila na okey kami ni JC bilang partners.

"At sa mga fans namin ni JC, maging okey naman sa kanila na muli
kaming magtatambal ni Rainier. Mas maganda kung lahat masaya, `di ba?

Ayoko nang may mga nag-aaway kasi."

Biniro tuloy si Yasmien na saksakan ng haba ng hair nito dahil dala-
dalawa ang lalake niya ngayon. May pang-primetime siya via Babangon
Ako't Dudurugin Kita at may pang-Linggo ng hapon via Tasya Pantasya.

"Naman! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Long hair ako ngayon! Naaapa­kan na nga ng
kung sinu-sino! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" malakas na tawa ni Yasmien.

"Itong Tasya Pantasya naman kasi, last year pa namin ito nasimulan.

Nakapag-taping na kami ng ilang eksena at akala namin `di na

Kaya hindi ito biglaan, eh. Talagang nakaplano na ito sa amin ni

"Nagkataon lang siguro na click din kami ni JC. Kasi nga nagkaroon
kami ng following noong Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso at sa Pa­san Ko Ang
Daigdig. Kumbaga si JC pang-serious drama. Si Rainier, pang ganito
na light-comedy. "

Nasabi nga ni Rainier na hanggang ngayon ay matindi pa rin ang
paghanga nito sa kanya. Claim nga ni Rainier ay wala raw itong
nililigawan ngayon at handa na siyang maging seryoso kay Yasmien.
Ano reaction niya?

"Gano'n? Si Rainier magiging serious sa akin? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" sabay
tawa niya.

"Sorry kung natawa ako kasi parang hindi yata si Rainier iyong
magiging serious. I mean, sa panliligaw kasi para lang kaming
magbarkada niyan, eh.

"Si Rainier kasi, kapag kailangan ko ng makakakuwentuhan na hindi
mabo-bore sa akin, siya iyon. Kapag kailangan ko nang kabi­ruan, si
Rainier din iyon.

"Para lang kaming mga bata na naglalaro kaya parang hindi na si
Rainier `yung magiging serious. Siguro mature na nga kami kaya
gano'n na siya magsalita ngayon.

"Well, tingnan natin kung totoo nga iyong sinasabi niya. Sana walang
magalit, `di ba? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! O wala akong mine-mention na
pangalan, huh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" natatawang pagtatapos ni Yasmien

YASMIEN Kurdi welcomes her reunion with first love team mate, Rainier
Castillo, in "Tasya Fantasya" with open arms. She has had good working
relationship with Rainier in the past and they've remained good
friends, even as Yasmien is now linked to JC De Vera. "Trabaho lang po
ito," she says.

Meanwhile, Yasmien is happy that she is given the necessary breaks for
her to attain her goal. While she does not admit that it is JC who
gives her the inspiration, she says she is happy to be his screen
partner. Her mother, she says, is her number one source of strength
and inspiration now. Yas wants to give her mom, who had been
separated from her dad since she was young, the best life. This is the
reason why she is striving so hard, and hoping for more heavy roles
like in "Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita."

IBINABALIK ng GMA-7 ang tambalan nina Yasmien Kurdi at Rainier

Castillo sa fantaseryeng Tasya Fantasya, na mapapanood sa April 6
after SOP at sa ilalim ng direksyon ni Mac Alejandre.

Kahit matagal nang hindi nagkakasama, kampante ang dalawa, lalo na
ang young actor, na muling susuportahan ang loveteam nila ng young

May hirit si Rainier na mas enjoy ang tao sa kanila ni Yasmien,
dahil 'di lang drama ang ginagawa nila, may comedy din. Hindi rin
siya naniniwalang on sina Yas at JC de Vera, kaya wala siyang dapat

Bakit nga ba hindi natuloy ang panliligaw niya sa kapareha?

"Hindi ko rin alam. Siguro, hindi namin nadamang mahal namin ang
isa't isa at mas mahal namin ang aming trabaho."

Nakiusap naman si Yasmien sa fans ng loveteam nila ni Rainier at
supporters nila ni JC na 'wag mag-aaway at pareho silang may

Ang Tasya Fantasya ay para sa may gusto sa kanila ni Rainier at ang
Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita ay para sa gusto sila ni JC.

Speaking of Tasya Fantasya, dalawang buntis din ang kasama sa cast,
sina Gladys Reyes at Alicia Mayer.

Ayon kay Alicia, kahit hindi pa gaanong halata ang tiyan niya, may
nakahanda na siyang pangalan sa magiging panganay.

Kung babae raw, ang second name ay "Angelique," at kung lalaki
naman, "Kaleb."


Rainier iniiwasan ni Yasmien sa taping
By: Noel Asiñas

AYON sa tsika sa amin ng isang staff ng Tasya Fantasya very
careful si Yasmine Kurdi sa pakikitungo ngayon sa ka-love team na
si Rannier Castillo. Magkatambal muli ang dalawa sa Tasya na
mapapanood tuwing hapon sa GMA after SOP.

Ibinabalik ng GMA 7 ang tambalan ng dalawa na namukadkad noong
panahon ng StarStruck. Maraming soap din ang kanilang pinagsamahang
da-lawa. Ang huli ay sa Bakekang.

Sa set, hindi naman sila naiilang sa isa't isa pero ingat na ingat
si Yasmien na kausapin si Rainier. Umiiwas kaya siya dahil ayaw
niyang ma-hurt si JC de Vera?

Anyway, sa April 6 na magsisimula ang Tasya Fantasya. Kasama rin
dito sina Wendell Ramos, Gladys Reyes, Alicia Mayer, Mura at
Vangie Labalan.

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