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Sunday, April 20, 2008

What I Missed Today

I knew i'd be late and worried i couldn't catch anything where yazzie is today but i did all i can to at least get home and see Tasya. Hmmm trouble is when i doubled speed to get on time, i was met by un unpleasant unlucky hit for the day. wahhhh when will we ever run out of it? POWER INTERRUPTION!!! GRrrrrr

Anyway still any kind sould would have to refer me tasya epi today please?
Here are couple of events.


hMMmmm 150 of them wahhhh all huddled in 3 minutes and the most i just really care about to see is Yazzie! Count the seconds she appeared beginning to end. :)


Wahhhh i really love the way yazzie does her songs! Hers is the type of voice quality that wouldn't iritate my ears even if i have to listen the whole day!

Thanks to the beautiful people who uploaded! Thanks to Kish for the Sop Acoustic! :)


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