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Monday, April 14, 2008


I must not be the only BADK viewer who struggles to watch it for Yazmien's sake. Well, with all due respect to one of the Philippines' best and most respected directors, Joel Lamangan, the overall plot for the soap compared to the movie is great and very promising. HOwever for 3 weeks now, it can't be denied that it hasn't started even to simmer. (Hoping later tonight it will) I confess i am a somewhat disappointed. I know that everyone on Badk, down and up (director,writters,staff and others) contrived on something different to develop a the story into a bigger picture and perhaps have well ahead figured any "calculated risks". Still i think that the first stage of this soap is very crucial if it should capture audience loyalty.

A few of common observations :

1. LESS OF SALVE MOMENTS- while the story is too busy featuring and feeding us with the different threads, it has wandered of the real focus which is supposedly Salve's life. Just how many scenes are there to capture Salve on a less than 30-minute episode ( if we count the commercials)?

2. INTERRUPTED SHORT SALVE SCENES - Realize how many of the few short scenes which was supposedly salve's drama slot repeatedly gut disrupted by scenes which could have been put off until another 2 minutes?

3. UNEXPECTED UNWANTED LOVETEAM AND STORY - well...i know the cast is really big and time must be shared but wowww...i can show several scenes where this caused a big immature cut on salve's moments. While the cam focused on prolonging scenes for this part i just wish it is the same amount or just more for Salve's life. Lol. MOst of the episodes are somewhat sneak previews of Salve.

4. Who's interested on spending longer minutes on primetime for the life and love of a supporting role more than the one on the lead? I am not honestly, that's why it can get pretty boring.

5. We know that it would take a little while more before Salve meets Derek but there are so many ways to give focus more on the main story than a feature article. *sighs*

I saw one great Filipino movie, with multi-awarded best actress Lorna T. She was in this movie, the same illiterate, abused,innocent and naive wife and i wish at this stage we would be allowed to share considerable amount of that pain in Salve's world.

What awaits would be a bittersweet reunion of mother and child in the end, the pure love of a hero just around that corner ready to sweep our damsel in distress off her feet and then soon that dark heartless revenge.


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