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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yazzie on Sis

Saturday, August 23, 2008

yazzie singing "someone"

Friday, August 22, 2008

yazzie loving you song

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sexy in two piece Yazzie: Got Prob with that?!

The first thing about this that i want to say now is, "wowww, contrary to how others comment on he figures these are unphotoshoped pics which really does reveal the opposite. Hmm Yazzie has he own verrrry sexy side. :) I think thats what normal eyes can see.

NOw to the overwhelmingly annoying commotion on the other side, these are pics which Yazzie had on her locked facebook albums which by some illegal means scatterred elsewhere by a nameless whoever which yazzie is too kind to even care about finding out or just outrightly identify by fingerpointing. These pics once shared among kdf's about over a year ago are now on heaps of tabloids around the corner.

Because of the public knowledge that Yazzie is a "no to men's mag" girl despite previous offers, people and mostly detractors are now feasting with jestings with the sudden appearances of the pics.

I wonder if they are doing that because they think it's so condemanable and now is their chance to say this girl is no different at from among others who strip on fhm, or if they do because they are jealous and ashen-faced for finding out what beauty yazzie is under her clothes too which they often describe as overweight. Hmmm i think both.

It's the feeling of "misery loves company" mixed with pure rotten envy.

But, think of it.

Someone had fun in the sand vacation with friends and work mates and had a nice sea plunge. After a while, they decided to take pics and pose like pro's on beach modelling. It turned out kinda soooo picture perfect and therefore kept the pics for their own pleasure. Then something happened, some naughty someone unlocked and freely shared it to the public.

So... what would we say?

For me, hmmm my message goes to that person if you're yazzie'z friend and hmmm maybe and i hope you really didn't intend for it to end this way. Those are private properties and i wish as friends you still respected yazzie's privacy.

If you aren't a friend but perhaps some hathor who in some ways got a way of stealing the pics from a kdf, then ...wowwww thanks! YOu showed the public the real, natural, charming sex appeal of Yazzie! So far that is what you have achieved.

Lastly, I don't see anything wrong with a girl in two piece in the beach, just looking twice beautiful on her pics coz she knows how to pose like a model.

Why would she wear some jeans while swimming anyway? And who says it's evil to pose like you're MS. BEACHBODY? lol'z we all have our own moments of craziness and sexiness so why don't we just appreciate and respect that.

Cut the crap lewd people!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

YASMIEN deserves better treatment than this

Hmm anyway, it looks like another typical love cutie story. What i want to see most is yazzie on her first time on a two-piece ;) Awwww is that what they call fat? LOL you get lost losers!

So after all there's a movie soon. I don't get it why monster mom was shown first and i believe a jolina movie before this one. Come to think of it, it's not the usual move for the very succesfull series of strikes the team-up got. First they broke it apart out of the blue and now gives the first movie together a poor play date. Hmm what's wrong GMA7?

This obviously isn't the usual move at all unless you intentionally want it to fail which i still pray would somehow prove a way up no matter what.

Yazzie deserves a better treatment that she is getting!
Anyway i love the full trailer! :)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Good Morning KDF and Yazzie!

I sincerely apologize for my absence for a 4 weeks i think. I was tied down with other obligations which required my immediate and full concentration. Well, Home is Home is Sweet Home that's why I am back and most possibly i'll resume my normal posting hours on igma forum with you guyz. I am excited to make up for everything I've been missing so much.

Guy'z i'll see you soon! Thanks to betchay for her generous support. I love all the updates you have been dropn by regadless my inability to respond promptly. Thanks to everyone who's taking care of the thread! :) Muahhhh!

I extremely miss you and yazzie! wahhhh the last time i was able to check on my tv was her guesting on sis. Ummm oh, i saw her accidentally and briefly yesterday on a sis guesting with other ss1 batch. That was too short for me but it filled me with renewed energy.


I will be reunited with you all very soon guyz! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008




Thanks kdf uploaders!

Anyway, wow it's nice to see JC is as sweet as this once more. I didnt seem to see this on the last few weeks BADK. hmmm

Loving You Cast on Nuts

Yazzie'z so pretty ummmm
well... someone looks indifferent lol

anyway ...
love this!

talkin about "goodbye" by the way
how come until now there's no vid for this song?

I really love personal q and a.
Five years from now yazzie wants to have finished college.
hmmm ideal age for marriage is 25-29 hehe

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