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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Badk- MUST - WATCH next week

I love the episode this night and wowww i must admit i have this strong affirmation of JC de Vera's acting power here. It has always been there i guess but this Friday'z episode radiates it at his best!
*clap clap clap* :)

NO wonder there the rival networks' team up is indeed a no match for this jcmein! Hmmm This week'z evita's week and Derek'z! The story is so enclosed on that circle!

Wahhh while the Perantes' are weaker, and fallen apart, mother from son, son from mother, and lovers from love, and with Salve and Derek shattering, the enemies unexpected loom stronger and much more closer than ever. One by one, face off... but next week Via and Alfred's return to power and vengeance will come, and the face right on the bullseye is Salve! Just when they are least prepared, they'll strike at their fragile conditiiion.

Wahhhh s without strength, guardless and in pain, what and who will save Salve?


Birthday unknown artist

A special something for the one always close to our hearts now an as always!
birthday KDF GHARA!
foo birthday We love you ! KDF hugZ!

This Expalins IT!

Something from pep and it makes even more sense now.

"My Girl" fails to topple "Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita"

Although it debuted strongly, My Girl (left) starring Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson) is still no match with the power of Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita (right) topbilled by Yasmien Kurdi and JC de Vera.

for full article here:

Wahh despite the non-cutie and tweetum effect, and the absence of fantasy flavor, BADK remains solid on top three primetime list!

And so why sudden 2 hathors earlier produced a crappy criticism punch on Yazzie?
nahhhh...Go figure!
hmmm haha lol. Why use a very flimsy veil to conceal it?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Dear Mr.Roland Castro

I find this article so unfair and what i am posting now is part of the body of the mail i sent the
writer of this article.

Paano patutunayan ni Yasmien Kurdi na hindi totoo na wala
siyang ratings hatak? Nahihirapan daw umangat ang
Tasya Fantasya? <--Okay, first lets talk about tasya since you're starting it with Tasya. I should say even SOP does got irregular ratings so what's the prob? It isn't a fair thing to measure yazzie with a one-a-week show more than her other shows present and past. And why would a once-a-week show determine alone her audience prowess? When TF first came in it did very well with thinking that the story would be a love triangle but it turned out to be simply a sort of "kwento ni lola basyang" in Tasya'z world. It is more of a kiddie story, generating simple life lessons more than PUPPY LOVE lessons compared to the rival show.

Hindi raw pwedeng i-credit sa kanya ang BADK dahil
istorya ang ibinibenta. Bud dito, mabibigat ang mga
supporting niya at nilulunod siya sa mga confrontations
scenes nila tulad nina Dina Bonnevie at Angelika dela Cruz.

<--- "hindi raw" WHO ARE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR OFFICIAL, LEGAL AND CREDIBLE SURVEY INVOLVING "THEY OR THEM?" and what do you mean selling stories? GMA7 is not stupid to sell a great story with a poor lead actress. COZ BOTH NEED TO BE OF EQUAL VALUE.

Next--Mabigat supporting actresses? and actors? Yes i'm with you Dina B. is suuuuper everrrrrrr and Angelika of course isn't bad. But to say that yazzie drowned on the confrontation scenes no way sir! If BADK could have done very well without the prescence of YASMIEN KURDI shouldn't have BADK rated high enough before Salve grew up and was given more focus on the story? IF YOU REPLAY episodes or seriously followed episodes and corresponding ratings per episodes, ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD DENY THE FACT THAT the highest-rated episode consists of special salve moments. Badk got the first 30's when the young salve grew up into the MOST AWAITED YASMIEN KURDI, THE GROWN UP SALVE. 30's consistent ratings are the weeks starting from the moments when Salve was on real focus with Evita and Aldrin. 37 plus rating was the night audience couldn't miss SALVE'S vengeance! Compared to this, ratings below 30's were honestly episodes with 2 or 3 brief salve scenes which was even the source of sentiments to most viewers then.

HONESTLY, do you realy think BADK would be followed by much without YASMIEN KURDI IN IT? Then that's a big mistake because in the first place, TRUTH IS EVEN GMA7 knows that YASMIEN KURDI AS A LEAD ROLE ON PRIMETIME WOULD SELL BECAUSE OF THE HUGE number of fan base. Be reminded that it was the audience demand that brought BADK moving to primetime from a supposedly afternoon cinenobela. We, the visible tangible uncontrollable fan requests made it possible! So how can BADK sell without the audience who love and trust and are in awe of yasmien's acting talents? HOw can Yasmien be denied of that credit? thousands of us watching not just here even abroad WATCHING IT BECAUSE OF YASMIEN KURDI!
No matter how good a story, if the lead role goes to someone without a huge fan base, it won't work. No matter how good the story, without someone whom the network trusts and knows is HOT enough to handle the role it wont work. Of course there wouldn't be that number of audience who has always followed yasmien from cinenobela up to this time. NO wide audience who by demand brought yazzie to priemtime as they reaaaaly love to! Good thing,GMA7 knows YASMIEN IS BANKABLE!
now again if BADK could have sold well without yazzie? awww there wasn't anyone too hot as yasmien with yasmien lovers that much or someone else would have insisted and won the battle of public demand.

Mukhang tama ang feeling ni Kris Aquino na hindi dapt
ni- remake ang movie niya dahil isa yun diumano sa ayaw
niyang mapanoud ulit.

<-- Try to review what Kris A said hmmm and ey, right from BAkekang dayz with Yasmien as"charming even Kris A. admires Yazzie.

Dahil sa baba sa ratings, yung sususnod na program ay
nahihirapang bumuwelo.

<--How lousy! Let's face it, BADK MOn-Fri wins the ratings game and yez credits and lots of credits because of Yasmien Kurdi. There are too many Yasmien KUrdi fans following this soap and too many Yasmien Kurdi lovers who asked for this right from the start.

There is no way you can destroy one beautiful multi-talented girl this way. There've been attempts SS1 days but still she is soaring high and even higher.

Amazing Yasmien Kurdi for the Salve role and how it does well vs different rival shows!

Princess Yazzie loves David Cook

For the first time, I'm bringing in something that's off our kdf blog. I wouldn't say totally off-topic though. The reason why i bring this in is because this has something to do with what and who our princess yazzie loves! hmmm and this time it looks like the princess loves AMERICAN IDOL 2008 DAVID COOK!

Here'z David Cook on Ellen Degeneres Show! Muahhh for yazzie and the rest of kdf's who like him too! hehe Okay dn't hate me if you heard me say I am in love with Jason Castro. Yez, David Cook deserves to win and i knew even before that he'z the one who'z gonna win. Anyway, my top 3 guyz are 2 davids and a dreadhead.



It's dedicated to yazzie! Muahhh!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

kdf BETCHAY'S day!

Tomorrow's her day! OUr ever energetic, loyal, dependable master kdf betchay!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I won't say much right now. You know why.

The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It's the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun.

Napoleon Hill


Expect to have
hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

Monday, May 26, 2008

Stretched BADK Nights

Wahh two contradicting articles on extended badk

EXTENDED ang Babangon Ako’t Dudu-rugin Kita.

Good news ito sa fans nina Yas-mien Kurdi and JC de Vera, and pang- correct na rin ito sa mga nasusulat na walang extension na magaganap sa top- rating primetime soap of GMA-7 na part of Telebabad right after Dyesebel.

Sabagay, last week lang nag-decision ang GMA-7 management to extend it for one more week just to accommodate the number of audience na humihiling ng extension.

One week lang ang ka-yang ibigay sa soap dahil if more daw kasi, baka mag- stretch na ang story.


Kinumpirma sa PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ni JC de Vera na extended for two weeks ang Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita nila ni Yasmien Kurdi. Malaki ang pasasalamat nito sa viewers na sumusubaybay sa action-drama, sa mga writer, sa kanilang co-stars at kay Direk Joel Lamangan.

Well there you go. Is that a good news or bad news. I am initially happy though but at part of me is worried that it would ruin what is now being tagged as "THE MOST INTELLIGENT GMA7 SOAP"

I still hope they can make something good out of it.

Blogger Problems

Guyz I am so sorry that we are going back to the old template. There's a problem with blogger and i can't make any changes to the layout/template. Huhuhu It's so frustrating actually for dayz trying to get help. A lot of people are having the same problem. Anyway, soon as blogger gets this fixed we will have a nicer template.

I've been busy too sorry if i haven't been so active on igma forums. I will make up for sure. That's a promise! :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

MTV Clip from BADK Episode 45

Friday, May 23, 2008


Guyz i'm currently updating the blog. Sorry if it may look topsy-turvy for now. Will
all be back to normal soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The more intense "babangon ako't dudurugin kita" night after night made it 37.1 placing it number 2 on primetime race. With 4 weeks remaining the louder viewers ask for an extended BADK season. I am not surprised with the article i read that there are so many badk followers who have sent mails for this request and are wondering why despite the very hot feedbak BADK earned, the soap will still soon close on it's scheduled end.

I guess I used to be one of those people too who want BADK to stretch out for another season as they do deserve to stay and continue playing a terrific match over the rival network's shows.

Then came this week and things have unexpectedly changed for me. Something made me think and realize and now I simply think that BADK lovers need to let go of BADK and let it go gracefully. Why? Because it retains its glory honor that way.

First let us remember that BADK was originally a sinenovela only moved to primetime by public demand. BADK is set for 13 weeks and if 13 weeks is just what is needed to leave a good mark then let it be 13 weeks.

Next, prolonging the flow of the story will not only ruin its identity but is bound to dismantle its meaning and completely replace us with a lousy, disintegrated value. That happens again and again, well it shouldn't happen this time.

Still next, short but sweet than long and tasteless. Every good memory is with quality and not quantity.

Lastly, I believe that BADK should end while we thirst for more so that more of what we thirst for will ccome in a bigger package soon. This should prepare yazzie/jcmien for another round of beautiful dramatic season. Sooner...and who knows this time longer than the last?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yazzie on Jen's SOP b-day

A surprise for Jen'z birthday on sop

A Sneak of Yazzie at Metrobar

A sneak of yazzie last Saturday guesting for Ronnie Liang's concert at Metrobar.
Thanks to kdf maru! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yazzie Playz Gobinggo

A sneak of Yazzie on Gobinggo taping.
Thanks to kdf cindy! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Choose A Guy For Yazzie

I don't know if i am sleepy or bored right now but I just happen to picture something. I remember years ago when a cuuuute Jake Cuenca announced on the news widescreen about his emotional affection towards Yazzie and how from there, fans were contending about yaz-rain, yaz-jake cuenca. Well, Jake is with ABS now and yazzie being so "unserious" with lovedovey thingy more than her work, umm can't you see how fast it has moved into the same story however? Yazzie got paired of with JC de Vera and zooom soon GMA7's experiment made an unexpected hot hit! JCMIEN's just so hot that the've got streaks of successive assignments together (and up to this point ) sharing Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita on primetime. Wahhhh Things should restand focus there but then, here we go, just when you think there are all JCMIEN's you are dead wrong! RAINYAZ fanatcis never died out and by demand they're both back on TasyaFantasya every Sunday afternoon on a comedy-fantasy-love story.

Am i going to complicate things if I remind or maybe ummm add another fire should i mention MARYAZ teamup? hehe Just simply recalling the tandem that was untimely broken up during BAkekang dayz since Marky had to leave Charming and move to his own show. wahhhhhhhh but still we all wondered what would have happened if Charming and Michael in that story flourished from that simple mark on the tree when they were kids and the rest of the days after? Up to this moment i know yazzie and marky fans who still dream of chaming-michael /maryaz. If it's all meant to be soon, who knows?

Right now, i am playing with some faces beside yazzie. Someone yazzie an be with if it won't any JC tomorrow.


Wahhhh the guy who ultimately won the rival network's talent seach after some controversies is back but this time on kapuso grounds. He is back to show his face after a long quiet and unseen period. Well, i just think about it,WHEN SCQ GUY MEETS STARSTRUCK GIRL. Will this type of lovestory work for her and yazzie if given a chance?


Wahhh i do honestly think he lacks a bit of height but wow this guy is so gorgeous withan acting power and singing talent as innate as yazzie'z. Hmm come to think of it! Both Dennis and Yazzie got their own soaps and songs. Won't it be nice to have them together in a dramatic musical series? hehe wait umm woww i can see dennis a kewl drummer guy headbangin and yazzie rockin out loud with their song, then imagine both in an intense heart-tearing scene somewhere up hill under the rain. hehe


I've always been a richard fan eversince he was just a kid on Kuya Germ's lap hahahha (lol don't go guessing how old i am hehehhe) Richard is just the full package of looks, talent,charms! He's the kind of guy who gives names to her leading ladies! Angel Locsin,Chyna Ortaleza,Isabel Oli, to name a few, are names and faces highly influenced by Richard's spell! Hehehe he'z like someone who baptizes neophytes into SOMEONE.
Although yazzie has proven her wayas SOMEONE i still wonder what it would be like if the network joins the primetime prince and the princess in one soap? Would it be "HOW THE PRINCE FELL IN LOVE WITH THE PRINCESS" ?

Now here he is! hehehe, simple, humble, sweet, with anever- growing appeal! The ultimate of starstruck batch2! Wahhhh the Michael who left Charming. I still honestly want the love story by the tree reborn. Hehe Any title suggestions?

"bakekang book2 "my immortal"

Wahhh c'monnnnn think think think...
I'll give you time to think.
Lol, coz right now i have to find my exit hehe.
guyz i still have a long list and my time is running out.
Sure Part 2 for this will come later today.


OUR new Banner Yey

The weather has been cold and gloomy and i got stucked up with either unannounced power interruptions or unpredictable broadband. lol *sighsssss* That kept me from away from th internet world guyz wahhhhh!

Oh but yesterday with the internet completely off, and the power on, i was able to sit down and take time to tinker on some things i haven't for some time now. The result is...? Tadaaaaa!!! hehehe our NEW BANNER ! hehe

Ihope you like it with yazzie in different facial expressions, moods and mode! hehe I find yazzie's pics soo cute and beautiful that i decided to choose and put them together in a way that we can see yazzie in all sides.

I love how she an be so serious, so sad, so down, so teary-eyed, so kinda naughty, haha so cute, smart,crazy , silly wahhhh just about everything that's so yazzie!

I just love her for the way she is! :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

BADK this Thursday

You shouldn't have missed Thusday episode. If you did, find time to view it quick via kish' uploads on youtube. Wahhhhhhh yes, I should say yazzie got the acting stunts that has really proven worthy enough for her primetime drama princess title! Mark my word, years from now she will be known as one of the Philippine's finest icons of drama!

I can't believe the story is as fast-paced as this. It leaves you catchng up for breath at the end of the episode and then starting to build up again on the nxt! NO dragging, useless scenes , this one hits right on the vital spot! I just love it!

Although it still leaves me questioning about Salve's full confidence and her fixed aim to get back to her enemies knowing she hasn't earned so much education and got less of other essential trainings, i just hope this story will justify this part soon enough. Anyhow, on the original story, salve wasn't like a girl with so much power, influence and all, (but not as illiterate as salve though) it was rhod/derek who helped her all the way. In short, it was a borrowed power

Wouldn't it be nice to see her get to her opponenets with a power of her own? I don't mean she doesn't need the power that supports her, she does but wow, it woul be nice to see the new woman able enough with a good amount of armour by herself.

SAlve's determination here is somehow very admirable! She is trying to be brave,to be well-focused, to be matured, to be strong, to be everything she wasn't ever before.

Certain scenes i love:

Hayzzzzz I love the blazing yazzie with so much fuel on fire ! I love how she never had a trace of being conscious of how she might look over the camera should she give full, real anger! Hehe I love this anger without a traceof trying to maintain a good pose or whatever coz this is the REAL ANGER!

WAaahhhh i know i'd be just as angry and almost out of breath if i'd see, i'd see an ex, publicly playing tweetums with her preggy illegal wife. (lol not to mention harry the rapist hehehe)

I love it when she wanted to ask Derek's help to seek vengeance. I loved how she desperately wanted to trample them down as fast as she can.

I love what she said, when she begged to be trained to handle the gun herself.
"...gusto kung turuan mo akong pumutay ng isang hayop"

did i say it right verbatim? hehe
wahhhh okay so the ex-husband is not a human ummm...he'z an animal, a beast! wahhhhhhh

I love how she ran away from the house through the woods. Wow the scene was so great!
She looked so great! even more so when she leaned against he back on one of those shady trees along the pathway. How she feels pain from he heart to her eyelids.

ummm tomorrow is a must-watch!
she willrun away
derek willdecide to back her up all the way
and harry the rapist will face the seat of judgment!

:) can't wait!

Yasmien Rises

Yasmien, dudurugin ang mga nang-aapi sa kanya!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Matapos ang sukdulang pang-aapi hang­­gang sa muntik nang mapatay,
handa na si Yasmien Kurdi na gantihan ang mga umapi sa kanya sa
nangunguna at tumitinding drama sa telebisyon, ang Babangon Ako't
Dudurugin Kita.

Painit ng painit ang mga eksena dahil matapos makita ng mga manonood
ang isang mapagmahal at mapagtiis na asawa, palaban na ngayon at handa
nang bumangon si Salve, ang papel na ginagampanan ng drama princess na
si Yasmien Kurdi. Handa na si Salve na gumanti sa mga sumalbahe sa
kanya maibalik lang ang karangalang nawala sa kanya.

Gaganti na si Salve laban sa bagong mayor ng bayan na si Alfred de
Leon (Marvin Agustin), ang tuso at manggagantsong asawa niya. Isasama
rin niya sa kanyang pagganti ang bagong kinakasama nito na si Via
(Angelika dela Cruz) na apo naman ng gobernador sa kanilang bayan. Si
Alfred, na ang tanging habol lang pala kay Salve ay ang mana nitong
P10 milyon, ang lalaking nang-api, nanloko, nambugbog, nagtaksil at
nagpapatay kay Salve at sa batang nasa sinapupunan nito.

Ngayong kinukupkop at tinutulungan si Salve ng mayamang binata na si
Derek Perantes (JC de Vera) bukod pa sa pinag-aral siya ng ina ng
binata na si Evita (Dina Bonnevie), mabubuo na nga ba ang matinding
plano ng paghihiganti ni Salve para sa kanya at sa nalaglag niyang
anak? Sino ang uunahin niyang durugin, si Alfred o si Via?

Samantala, matagpuan pa kaya ni Evita ang nawawalang anak na si Emma?
Ituring kaya ni Salve bilang kanyang ina si Evita? At sa pagkakalapit
nila Derek at Salve, umibig pa kaya ang dalaga matapos ang mga
naranasan niya kay Alfred?

Abangan ang nalalapit na pagsisimula ng pagganti ni Salve sa Babangon
Ako't Dudurugin Kita mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes sa GMA Telebabad
pagkatapos ng Dyesebel sa Kapuso network.

Badk episode update

The Elections Are Not for Everyone
Article posted May 7, 2008

Alfred stepped up as the new mayor of San Marcelino while Salve began
to rise from the ashes of her old life. How long would it take for
their paths to cross again?

Emotions forced Evita to send her most trusted man away from her side,
as emotions also brought her closer to the daughter she had lost many
years ago—though neither of them knew this. Evita's heart dictated her
to give her son the responsibility of handling their operations; it
was a heart that remembered the pain that had taken her away from her
beloved sister years ago.

Derek found an unconscious woman, Salve, among the fields near the
Perantes rest house. And inexplicably, his heart told him that he must
protect the girl at all cost. And with Evita also taking a break from
the hustle bustle of the city, she began to get close to the familiar
woman saved by her favorite son.

Meanwhile, Salve began to open up to the last man she was going to
allow to save her—Derek. But there are some secrets that she must not
reveal to him, more to protect herself than to protect Alfred, the man
who destroyed her life.

But there's little that can harm Alfred from living the high life.
After all, he was elected mayor by the city's population—however small
the margin of his win was. And his dreams were coming true. He just
didn't know that the woman he was using to reach the top was also
using him to reach her dreams. And Via knew how to use people, growing
up with a grandfather who believed women have no place in politics.

A car accident reminded Julie of everything she had
forgotten—including a sordid memory of her beloved sister ordering the
hit on the boy she loved. And though Melvin wanted her to let her past
go, Julie had sworn to avenge the death of Roman, the only man she
ever loved. And so her journey to bring down Evita and Tyrone began.

Will Julie succeed with her acts of vengeance? How will Salve rise
against the formidable tandem of Alfred and Via? Gilda Olvidado's
Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita continues to spin its web of lies and
deceit—don't miss any of the episodes that air Mondays to Fridays,
after Mars Ravelo's Dyesebel on GMA Telebabad.

Yasmien on Religion Issues

Yasmien, inintriga pati relihiyon

BIHIRANG sumagot si Yasmien Kurdi sa mga tawag ko. Mabuti na lang at sinagot niya ako kahapon para li­nawin ang isyung nakara­ting sa akin na balak siyang itiwalag sa kanyang simba­han na Iglesia ni Kristo.

Isang kamiyembro niya ang nagkuwentong pinag-uusapan na raw ang pagtiwalag kay Yasmien dahil sa ilang offense ng young actress sa Iglesia.
Sabi-sabi, minsan ay minsan dinalaw siya ng isang ministro nila sa kanyang tahanan.

Habang nagsasalita itong ministro, parang walang narinig daw si Yasmien at sulat nang sulat daw ito sa isang papel.

Hindi raw alam ni Yasmien, nasilip ng ministro ang sinusulat niya.
Ang nakalagay raw ay, “Ano ba itong pinagsasabi ng ministrong ito?”
Meron pa raw siyang sinusulat na hindi nagustuhan ng nakabasa.

Na-offend daw itong ministro kaya ipinarating daw ‘yun sa nakatataas at binabalak na raw na itiwalag ang bida sa teledramang Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita.

Mariing itinatanggi ito ni Yasmien.
Totoong dinalaw daw siya, pero never daw niya ginawa ang pagsulat ng hindi maganda laban sa ministrong dumalaw.

Kung ano man ang iba pa niyang offense na nagawa, hindi raw ito sapat na dahilan para itiwalag siya.

“Panlimang henerasyon na po ako sa Iglesia kaya hindi po ako basta-bastang matitisod sa isang mababaw na dahilan lang,” pahayag ni Yasmien.
“Kagagaling ko lang nga pong magsamba. Kung hindi man po ako madalas makapagsamba sa lokal namin dahil sa nagti-taping ako, nakakapagsamba naman po ako sa hindi ko lokal.”

Nagtataka raw siya, bakit may mga ganung intriga sa kanya gayung wala raw katotohanan ang ibinibintang sa kanya.

“Tito, baka naman po matakot lahat ng mga tao mag-Iglesia kung ganu’n kaliit na grounds. matitiwalag na ang isang kapatid… hindi ganu’n kababaw ang Iglesia.
“At hindi po iyun mortal sin for tiwalagan… hahaha,” pahabol pa niyang text sa akin.

Natatawa na lang daw si Yasmien dahil hanggang sa pagiging Iglesia niya ay iintrigahin pa raw ba siya?

watchout for Salve in BADK

By: Dinno Erecee

PROMISE, isa sa pinaka kontrobersiyal na episode ang mapapanood tonight sa Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita.

We don’t know how it will be staged, pero knowing the capacity of director Joel Lamangan, it could be executed tactfully.

Ang mga sirenang naghi-hello ang mga boobs o mga malignong nagpapakita ng puwet, masasapawan sa weekender tonight ng Babangon sa GMA Telebabad dahil tonight, magkakaputulan ng ari. Baka nga pati ang pagbangon ni Salve played by Yasmien Kurdi para durugin ang kalaban niya, masapawan din eh ha ha ha!


Thursday, May 8, 2008


You have shared another year of fun,friendship,togetheness with us.
We are so proud that you are one with KDF!
We are blessed to have you! Have another beautiful years ahead!
kdf hugsssss muaaaah!

Badk this Wednesday

Wahhh it surprised me that Salve was almost like perfect on her new image to think she was undertrained and lacked enough education for now. I am not sure what this is for and if something sooner will justify this part or if this is really something that slipped by mistake.

I don't know how a girl like Salve could ever be comfortable that quick in a crowd like that one. NO matter if she went through stiff training for weeks and months perhaps there should have been a trace of uneasiness to have been more realistic.

I noticed that the makeup was too heavy for yazzie (although she stayed beautiful) it was really super dark for her age and it really was like burning up matching the dark filipiniana of blue and yellow. wahhhhh

Anyway, the episode was great! Now that Derek's real identity is on just when he was on real target, lol like a pull of a trigger away! The truth about his real self saved his life.

Salve crossed the same path with alfred and Via and ....wahhhhh Harry the rapist! Wahhh the same party of elite!

OMg! i love her acting stunts! She doesnt care about her looks, all she cares for is the life of her character which instantly became the real her on that spot! NO doubt, Yasmien is bound to make a record being one of the finest actresses of the Philippine industry!


Matapos ang sukdulang pang-aapi, pambubugbog, panlalait at panloloko hang­gang sa muntik nang mapatay, handa na si Salve (Yasmien Kurdi) na gumanti sa teledramang Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita ng GMA 7.
Gaganti na si Salve laban sa bagong mayor ng bayan na si Alfred de Leon (Marvin Agustin), ang tuso niyang asawa. Isasama ni Salve sa kanyang pagganti ang bagong asawa nito na si Via (Angelika de la Cruz).
Sino ang uunahin niyang durugin, si Alfred o si Via?
Tutulungan kaya siya ni Derek (JC de Vera)?

Badk episode News!

Dina Bonnevie has just realized the impact of being in a hit TV series like "Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita." "Everywhere I go now, people call me Evita, the role I play in the show," she says. "I’ve acquired a new identity."

The rating of "Babangon" has increased a lot since Evita and her daughter, Salve (Yasmien Kurdi), met each other again, also the characters of Salve and Derek (JC De Vera.) Evita learns more about Salve from Derek and she totally sympathizes with all the hardships that she has gone through. She told Salve she will rise again.

Evita appoints Derek to be the new leader of their operations. Salve sees her abusive husband Alfred (Marvin Agustin) winning in the election and anger surges from deep within her making her utter the show’s title: "Babangon ako’t dudurugin kita."

Meantime, Melvin (Ian de Leon) escapes from prison, which angers Tyrone (Paolo Contis). Melvin meets Julie (Diana Zubiri), who wants to take revenge on Tyrone and Evita. Julie connives with the governor to bring down the jueteng operations of Evita.

Jun Lalin's Tampo mode over yazzie is over

Yasmien nabawasan ang kagalit

NGAYON ay masasabi nang okay sina Yasmien Kurdi and Jun Lalin.

Minsan lang naisulat ni Jun at hindi na nag-follow up pa nguni't
matindi ang naging galit ng kasamahan namin sa panulat sa first
Starstruck First Princess dahil hindi ito nakasipot noong pa-show ni
Jun sa Zirkoh to think isa siya sa top billed.

Basta quiet lang si Jun but every time we ask him kung okay na sila ni
Yasmien, hindi na lang siya sumasagot.

Pero sa nakaraang advanced birthday party ni Jun last Sunday, sumipot
si Yasmien and everything is forgiven.

Mahirap din naman kasing magtagal ang galit ni Jun kay Yasmien dahil
after all, ang girl ang partner ng kanilang alagang si JC de Vera sa
patuloy nang tumataas at consistent 30's rating nang Babangon Ako At
Dudurugin Kita sa GMA Telebabad after Dyesebel. Kaya nga
sunud-su-nod ang good karma for Yasmien who really meant to apologize
to Jun and so patuloy na namamayagpag ang soap nila ni JC.

Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita by the way is directed by Joel Lamangan.

YAzmien's decision to leave AC

Yasmien Kurdi, aalis na rin sa GMA Artist Center?

Balitang ayaw na ni Yasmien Kurdi na mag-renew ng managerial contract
sa GMA Artist Center.

Pero ayon sa dalaga, hindi siya aalis sa GMA 7.
Mas gusto ni Yasmien na si Lolit Solis na lang ang mag-isang
mag-ma­nage sa kanya.

Ayon kay Yasmien, may valid reasons siya kaya ayaw na niyang mag-renew
pa sa GMA Artist Center.

Noong isang araw raw ay kinausap na ni Yasmien ang isang executive ng
Siyete tungkol sa desisyon niyang `yon.

Samantala, patuloy sa pamamayagpag sa ratings ang teledramang
Baba­ngon Ako't Dudurugin Kita na pinagtatambalan nila ni JC de Vera.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

TASYA updates again

Na-miss ng fans ni Yasmien Kurdi ang Tasya Fantasya noong Linggo dahil
hindi ito naipalabas.

Ala-una na nang hapon nang mag-umpisa ang SOP dahil ipinalabas ng GMA
7 noong umaga ang pelikula ni Vic Sotto at ang pilot episode ng Dyesebel.

Eh napahaba ang airtime ng SOP dahil sa birthday celebration ni Judy
Ann Santos na binigyan ng maraming sorpresa, kabilang na ang surprise
appearance ni Sharon Cuneta.

Dalawang linggo nang napapanood si Juday sa SOP kaya marami na ang
nagtatanong kung lilipat na ba siya sa Kapuso?

Uulitin ko ang siney ni Juday, isang taon pa ang kontrata niya sa
ABS-CBN. Ang ibig sabihin, hindi totoo ang tsismis.

Pero makahulugan ang sinabi ni Juday na nag-umpisa ang kanyang TV
career sa GMA 7. Siney niya ang pamagat ng TV series na kanyang
pinagbidahan pero hindi ko na ito matandaan.

BADK this Tuesday

Umm... I waited for "Babangon Ako..." episode since it is supposedly the new Salve. (or do they mean the first stage of a new salve?) I hope so. It all seemed rather too fast. Wahhhhh and the first few scenes i was cut off by a bad power interruption again. *sighsssssss*

Anyway how's the episode this night?

Better still though Salve's scenes are much of a tease. hehe

MY BADK after-view effect:

1. Yazzie was beautiful and the filipiniana was beautiful but the modern fashion trend in me wouldn't have allowed it, if i were to decide what would have been more flashing.
Hmm although i think it served some purpose like it was Evita's birthday. Location, experience, and public affair-wise hmm it stood as an icon that everyone wore for the celebration.

2. Table Manners Trainin - Hehehe it was cute wahhhh only too hurried. One of the most interesting stages to watch out for in a girl who'z striving to kick off her unculturedness is how she takes each step painfully and then gradually improvin towards perfection. If you noticed, hehe she was expected to learn her all-in-one social grace for like 24 hours or less?! wahhhhh! how are we supposed to believe she came out that confident the night of the party? ...hmmmm YAZZIE'S SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL but this side o story didn't successfully give a louder impact. There's too much rush for her transformation makin it less real. I doubt if you can dress up and teach
someone like Salve all she needs to learn in 24 hours and see her doing it perfectly, and even more confidently like it was pushing viewers to feel and believe so. hmmm I remember one movie where Christopher De leon practiced this line again and again..."Ttthe fff-fflllllowerss o o- of thhh - e thhhhe f-fff-illi ppines are fff-frrreshssshhh aaan-d bb-bbeeauuutifff-ul!
He was then trained to be educated and sociable from being a complete probinsyano. hehe I remember his struggles and the funny and sad things that happened to him while on it.

Why make us see how fast and possible it is to be fast and perfect? This is not a fantaserye at all where we can do magic to change people to become their new selves with a magic wand or whatever.

3. OVERNIGHT Success- UMMmm the truth is, there are no shortcuts for it but thats how
it was or how it appeared on the screen. Salve was elegantly walking with super confidence and a so well-improved speech hehehe hmmm I wish they took time to show what would happen in real life. How it takes an awful lot of painstaking courage to change because change is never easy. NOT AT ALL. Out of a hundred Salve's trained that way in a day, I doubt if they'd luckily get one who will come out exactly as how
Salve came out that night.

It was really so impossible.

Hmm i am hoping they show signs of discomfort of Salves part tomorrow. I hope it was not the complete transformation yet. MOst of all i hope they remember that Salve hasnt earned a degree, for her level and for her one day training , it's not possible to be so sociable without any trace of crowd phobia. hehehe

Maybe theyll show that tomorrow.

Umm and tomorrow wahhhhh Alfred and Via will be on the same event. wahhhhh I hope They don't pus to show a perfectly strong, fighter Salve. To make it a heavier amount of bang, she must study somewhere and earn a higher status. It is not enough she had elementary hehee , not enough she had one day training for personality make-over. hehe

Let's see tomorrow.

Yazzie the Bouncing Boxer

Thanks to the uploader who must be a silent kdf. hehe i really love this. Thanks for takin time for this one. TasyaFantasya rules the boxing ring

Cutie Dancing Yazzie

If you didn't notice on the vid picks i have hehe i just really want to post this one clearly coz it's super cute! Yazzie's soooo cute and funny! eheehehe princess you Rock!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

badk update from Director Joel Lamangan

Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita

GUSTONG iparating kay Direk Joel Lamangan ng viewers ng Babangon Ako't
Dudurugin Kita ang pasasalamat sa pagbibigay sa kanila ng kakaibang
palabas gabi-gabi.

Masyadong involved sa istorya ng action-drama ang mga nag-i-email sa
amin, galit sila kina Alfred (Marvin Agustin) at Via (Angelika dela
Cruz) sa ginawa nila kay Salve (Yasmien Kurdi).

At the same time, hinihintay nila ang pagka-develop ng romansa kina
Salve at Derek (JC de Vera) at ang pagbagsak ni Evita (Dina Bonnevie).

Nanghihingi nga ng spoiler sa amin ang viewers, pero mas magandang
manood kung may sorpresa.

BADK this Monday

My most favorite part of the weekender's episode was replayed a bit before last night's episode and it was so beautiful. Wahhh Yazzie's own version of "...babangon akot' dudurugin kita" verse is just as unique as herself. I've seen Yazzie changing in many ways before the cam and I should say she has done so much in giving each characters she portrays a different touch. Right on Badk she is Salve, and not Jenna or Lupe or Charming or whoever she was before, although the common point is, she is a girl who struggles for real love and happiness. At such a tender age, its so good to see how such innate talents shine through with an ever-increasing finesse!

Here are a few scenes which i really love this night.

1. Salve in her English Training- " are you? My name is Salve." hehehe I really ind it sooooooo cute! She played a very convincing part of a girl who tries to learn what's elementary at a collegiate age or so. Hehe but it wasn't disgusting. She was so cute ...ummm a mix of touching and yet funny and cutie move. Adding to that, hehe prince charmng Derek came in haha lol and they ended up like tweetum thing hehe. It strikes me how she can do that without the usual stupid corniness.

2. Salve in her Social Grace Training- Hehe those first steps on attaining social grace! hmmm hehe i really enjoyed the mom and daughter training (who as of now aren't aware of each other) I love the way she was taught the basics of projecting self-confidence. walking straight throug with a book overhead, and in high heels. hehe

I really hope they don't hasten this stage too much to be more realistic.

3. awww tomorrow's Evita's birthday - hehe the to watchout for tomorrow when Salve for the first time wears something else. Something different. umm, hehe although i wish they didn't have filipiniana motif to give her a more dashingly elegant look than a somewhat old-fashioned classy. hehe Not that i am so patriotic, hehehe i just don't like filipinianas. wahhhhhhh ! Well, despite that, I believe it has a reason on that stage though. Besides, they should take time to develop a full-bloomed renewed Salve image. :) Let's enjoy her journey towards her new self! :)

All in all, It's a great epi! Thanks for more Salve moments finally Badk has maintained a good figure! yeyyyyyyy!

Shouldn't Have Missed Yazzie

smiley bounce and flip

Wahhhhh I'm back! I still feel like i'm in a slowmo mode right now. Been so busy the last few days I didn't get to catch Yazzie on her Sunday afternoon shows. :( Thanks for you guyz for keeping the thread alive on igma. Meeeoooowwww! ;) Anyway, I heard Tasya was off to give way for Dyesebel replay. I don't want to comment further. hehe except for this, GMA7 targets like Phil Taylor "the power" hmm and it's Angel Locsin's php face on the bullseye again and again. Well... sometimes the other pasture isn't greener as it seemed.

Was it a whole week replay?I still wish Tasya was aired. Just that, too much of somethng becomes a spoiled meal that's bad for the taste.

It feels better that videoke challlenge over All-star-k with yazzie was on. Thanks to kish and betchay. :) Wahhh i really don't want to miss things like that but i did happen to. :( Hmm Yazzie didnt hit the jackpot but hehe wowww as i saw it over youtube, she did so well from the beginning only it failed so slight bit on the end but she was sooooo pretty cute. ;)

So I guess let's hope she gets another try again soon.
Muahhh hugz everyone!

Monday, May 5, 2008

TASYA episode updates

HINDI pala natuloy sa pagi-guest si Jennylyn Mercado sa Tasya Fantasya
last Sunday.

Kung hindi pa nanood ang aming head-writer of the Sunday fantasy show
of Yasmien Kurdi and Rainier Castillo na si Joseph Balboa, hindi pa
namin nalaman na hindi pala natuloy si Jennylyn sa pagi-guest sana for
last week's episode.

This episode was specially written for Jennylyn and it could have been
a good reunion of Jennylyn, Yasmien and Rainier na original Starstruck

Si LJ Reyes ang pumalit kay Jennylyn so we will presume na lang na ito
`yung panahon na kailangang isugod si Jennylyn due to stress.

Anyways, the good news is balik panalo na naman ang Tasya last Sunday
over its competition. Basta mamaya ang episode ng Tasya after SOP,
about a lady boxer at wa na kami mention ng guest star baka magkamali
na naman kami. He-he-he!

Tasya Fantasya is directed by Mac Alejandre.


Yasmien, sabik na sa halik ni JC de Vera!

Atat na nga ba si Yasmien Kurdi sa magiging kissing scene nila ni JC
de Vera sa Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita? Nang tanungin kasi namin si
Yasmien sa development ng istorya ng teleserye nila ni JC, nabanggit
nito agad na wala pa raw silang kissing scene ni JC.

"Ang tagal nga, eh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" natatawang sabi ni Yasmien.
"Akala ko nga kukunan na `yung kiss pero hindi pa pala! Kainis! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha!

"Pero to be serious naman, matagal pa naman siyang kukunan. Kasi nga
ang gusto nila ma-establish ang pagiging matapang ko sa story.
Nag-tape na nga kami ng mga naging training ko. Pinaghawak na ako ng
baril at nakapagpaputok na ako. Nakakatakot pala pero enjoy naman pala
humawak ng baril! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

"Pero nakakapagod ang mga pinagawa sa akin. Okey lang kasi lahat kami
gusto naming maganda ang lalabas sa show kaya kahit latang-lata kami
sa taping, walang umaa­ngal," dugtong na sabi ni Yasmien.

Paano naman niya paghahandaan ang halikan nila ni JC? Kailangan pa ba
niyang mag-prepare, eh mukhang kabisado na ni JC ang mga labi niya?
"Oo naman kailangan kong mag-abala! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

"Kahit na ilang beses na kaming nag-kissing scene ni JC in the past,
kailangan handa pa rin ako.

"Kailangan mabango ang hininga ko. Kaya magtu-toothbrush ako at
magma-mouth wash. Nakakahiya naman kung hindi ka mabango. Eh si JC ang
bango-bango parati kaya dapat mas mabango pa ako kesa sa kanya!" say
na lang ni Yasmien.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Mataas na ang rating ng Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita kaya
nagre-rejoice ang mga artista at production staff ng TV drama ng Kapuso.

Wala pa akong narinig na nagsabi na pangit ang kuwento ng Babangon...
Kahit nga si Lorna Tolentino eh gandang-ganda sa mga eksena ng
Babangon at type na type niya ang bida-kontrabida role ni Dina Bonnevie.

Sayang nga lang dahil hindi ko nasusundan ang kuwento ng Babangon
dahil maaga akong natutulog. Congrats sa cast at staff ng Babangon,
lalo na sa mga alaga ko na starring sa show, sina Yasmien Kurdi, Paolo
Contis at ang mag-asawang Tonton Gutierrez at Glydel Mercado.

hmmm thanks for concentrating on Salve's life, now the ratings are great!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Magsisimula nang maghiganti si Salve (Yasmien Kurdi) kay Alfred
(Marvin Agustin) sa Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita, pagkatapos niyang
mapanood ang pagkapanalo nito.

BADK episode UPDATES again

Sa Babangon Ako't Dudurtugin Kita, makikita ni Evita (Dina Bonnevie)
si Salve (Yasmien Kurdi) at si Derek (JC de Vera) ang magkukuwento sa
kanya kung sino at ano ang nangyari rito.

]Agad mapapalagay ang loob ni Evita sa panauhin ng anak at
ipinangakong tutulungan si Salve na makabangon.

Samantala, ikinagalit ni Tyrone (Paolo Contis) ang pagtakas ni Melvin
(Ian de Leon) sa kulungan. Nasilat na nga ang pag-asa niyang pamunuan
ang operasyon ng sindikato na ibinigay ni Evita kay Derek, problema pa
niya si Melvin.

TASYA episode updates

Tasya and the Summer Betrayal
Article posted April 28, 2008

Mateng had a problem with an old debt she couldn't settle, but when
she asked Tasya for help, her best friend refused! It was an act that
made Miss Brigida think that Tasya needed to learn a new lesson—a
lesson on betrayal.

Pookalakala transported Tasya to a world where she already had Donald
in her arms, but Tasya wasn't happy because in this world, Tasya had
done wrong to her best friend. Tasya's problem, though, was she didn't
know what she had done to cause her best friend pain.

Through the clues from the other staff members of the resort where
Tasya worked, Tasya learned just what exactly she had done to kill her
relationship with Buttercup. She had given the girl's deed on the
resort to Donald's mom, so she could have Donald's heart.

But in this world, knowing was just half the battle. Tasya must learn
how to make it up to Buttercup!

Determined, Tasya discovered that Donald's mother had plans to kick
Buttercup out of the resort. Running out of time, Tasya went on a
mission to recover the deed to the resort. And just as Donald's mother
was about to have Buttercup framed for a crime she didn't commit,
Tasya arrived just in time to save her friend.

With her lesson learned, Tasya returned to her real world with
newfound wisdom on how she would help her best friend, Mateng.

This Sunday, Tasya enters the world of boxing—literally! Why has Tasya
turned into a boxer? Find out this Sunday on Tasya Fantasya, after SOP.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita Rises

I've got to say Congratulations, to BADK people and most of all yazzie! It was 35.4 last Tuesday episode! wow and all it took ? More of Salve moments! Kdf's celebrate the fact that we've proven once she becomes the real lead character and not like any popping out of nowhere extra, BADK would be able to take a leap! Yes and they did and now it's like a steady flow. We pray from this week onwards, they will keep this type of episodes that viewers are waiting for!

I am happy that last night's Wednesday episode was another great job! We just love it1 BADK people, keep the momentum!

We love you yazzie!

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