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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Badk this Wednesday

Wahhh it surprised me that Salve was almost like perfect on her new image to think she was undertrained and lacked enough education for now. I am not sure what this is for and if something sooner will justify this part or if this is really something that slipped by mistake.

I don't know how a girl like Salve could ever be comfortable that quick in a crowd like that one. NO matter if she went through stiff training for weeks and months perhaps there should have been a trace of uneasiness to have been more realistic.

I noticed that the makeup was too heavy for yazzie (although she stayed beautiful) it was really super dark for her age and it really was like burning up matching the dark filipiniana of blue and yellow. wahhhhh

Anyway, the episode was great! Now that Derek's real identity is on just when he was on real target, lol like a pull of a trigger away! The truth about his real self saved his life.

Salve crossed the same path with alfred and Via and ....wahhhhh Harry the rapist! Wahhh the same party of elite!

OMg! i love her acting stunts! She doesnt care about her looks, all she cares for is the life of her character which instantly became the real her on that spot! NO doubt, Yasmien is bound to make a record being one of the finest actresses of the Philippine industry!


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