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Friday, November 21, 2008

Saan Daratg ang Umaga Episode 9 Week 2

Thursday on SDAU 

Because of the burn the yaya suffered on her face, Ruben finally lost his temper.  He started to be scared and apprehensive of what more the child could possibly do to put them all at risk. He started to doubt if it were still an adjustment stage that the child is going through or perhaps a deadly, unchangeable character he has earned from the previous years. Though starting to think it was a wrong step to choose the child, Lorie is decided to keep Joel in their home believng that soon he will learn to accept and cherish them as his own family.

But it didnt stop there, the child gets more abrassive with Ruben and everyone. On the day of Ruben's presentation once more, he was aghast to fiind out that  sketches he was trying to display was marked with Joel's obvius horned-devils labeled which was to represent him as a father.

The disastrous presentation which ended up with clients withdrawing from the projcet, once more infuriated him increasingly enough to get home and lay his hand on the kid for the first time. Lorie who caught him in the middle of his anger punishing the child stopped him and both with contrasting views even fought harder this time. 

Agatha who learned about the unfotunate presentation celebrated on it and now more positive that after all, the kid has helped much in her evil wishes to destroy the family. 

Shayne confides to the teacher about the incedent but while both were at the campus swimming pool, spotted Raul, whom the teacher she as Shayne's prince charming.  On his swimming spree, she suddenly lightened up with another idea to make him pay back for what he did. Because the teacher knows she'z up to something terrible again, she gave the warning for her tostop. Nevertheless, Shayne is too excited for the idea.

Creeping up silently while he was on shower, Shayne found his clothes on the bench and ran away with it laughing even as Raul was  too late to catch her up. He found no other way but to cover himself helplessly with an electric guitar and still so naked enough chasing her up. 

This arose wild commotion on students who saw him with barely nothing on and to his horror, bumped into
one of the teachers who held him for disciplinary sanction.

Shayne who felt so much victorous, laughed by herself sneaking up on Raul who was reprimanded at the dean's office somehow somewhere when he was told to bring his parents to the school, Shayne overheard that he has lost his parents long ago and it moved her in a way.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saan Darating ang Umaga Episode 8 Week 2

Wednesday on SDAU Week 2

Shayne's presentation ended disastrously so she asked a friend if their cd's probably interchanged but since it had a porn content, her friend brushed off any possibility. Just then she realized one most believable culprit. Confronting Raul who was sneering at her and enjoying her misfortune during the debate. He told her that he was just getting even for what she did to him the last tme. Shayne was too enraged that she demanded her cd back only that he still wins in the end and all she couldn't do anyting but desperately try to hit him hard with the cd right on his back and yet miss the target. Such action only formed more evil victorious grin on his face which she hated much.

Still day by day, Ruben and Lorie has kept trying hard to love JOel despite his rejecting and naughty behavior. One dinner time after all the preparations for a nice meal for him, the child pushes the food away denying himself of wanting to eat or even taste it. He has even gone as far as changing salt to sugar on it's contaier so that itwas mistakenly mixed on their soup. Joel intentionally misbehaves believing that he will soon be turned over again to the orphanage just like other families before.

Shayne's family is all the more giving and have used their parenting care for Joel like thier own. They take time to love him even as he becomes the bad little boy and yes, work on trying to train him up to shape his manners.

Upon Joel's meeting his grandfather, Agatha and Dindo or the first time, he has picked right time to display his misbehaving self by pushing them away directly and harshly. Agatha pointed out clearly to thier father that the child doesn't have manners and that Lorie hasn't taught her well. This only made their father sense her jealous feelings and told he that the child is being perceptive enough to know the kind of person she is. He told her she should have thought of adopting a child before too so she won't have the need to be envious.

Diverting the conversation istead to the upcoming foundation anniversary of their company, their father told Agatha to prepare for it instead of paying too much attention on the child.

Lorie and Ruben found some time to confront Joel about his attitude towards his grandfather and tried to lovingly show him that he is loved even after all that happened. This only surprised Joel who thought they'd ssend him back to the orphanage but didn't stop his misbehavings.

Sooon after though he was back on his nasty ways and stuck a bubble gum on Agatha's dress which drove her crazy to death. Lorie trying to defend the child, onlyworsens Agatha's anger as she dismissed her offer of pay back for the dress and insulted her as incapable of paying for its worth.

At home JOel tried to piss off the yaya and has gone too far as leaving the gas range open and putting her life at risk.

next: For the first time Ruben seems to give up on the child's behavior.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saan Daratig Ang Umaga Episode 7 Week 2

Tuesday on SDAU week 2

After some process and patient waiting, Ruben'z family has brought JOel to his new home and was given a tour all over. Showing the child nothing but love, care and understanding despite his unpleasant behavior, they are positive that soon the child will learn to accept them and they'll be a perfect home.

However, the more that they've kept trying to win the child's love and acceptance, Joel makes his own naughty plans to prove to be the ugly, uncontrollable kid. He constantly tells himself that if they won't want to keep him, they'll send him back to the orphanage just like the other families.

Ruben still is his father's favorite and constantly earns positive encouragement and feedback for how he runs the business while Dindo remains the object of open criticism. While thinking that the new result about the investigation would clear his name, his father firmly told believes it's all a sign of his weakness and incompetence that his department would be decieved with poor materials.

Expectant of the coming younger brother, Shayne who shared the excitement with her teacher has become unprepared to introduce the child to her because after all it isn't that easy.

Raul-Shayne fight has gotten more intense. Even as she prepares for the debate and just when she was in the middle of the presentation she got the humiliation of her life for having brought the wrong cd. The boisterous jestings from the students was unstoppable when the cd played wasn't anyting educational but was a trashy porn.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Saan Daratg ang Umaga Episode 6 Week 2

Monday/ Episode 6

The glass of juice Agatha prepared to stop the baby somehow fell on the floor but guess the devil was on her side. NOt from a sip of the poisoned drink, in a moment, Lorie accidentally slipped on the floor and was bleeding. Playing the part of a concerned family, Agatha brought her to the hospital and pretended to be so sorry while the family grieved but then she went to her home without the mask and happily celebated the family's loss. He urged Dindo to do something now to have the company's presidency just as she has found a way to succcessfully do her task.

Lorie, at the hospital found out that she can't have another baby again or it will be too much risk for her health. Sadness crept in and it was then that Ruben brought up an alternative and thought it's time they adopt a child they could love and take care of. This suggestion at first gave Shayne mixed feelings that she talked to her teacher about it. Later that night she decided to tell her parents that she is ready and would feel great to have a younger child in the family.

The news about Ruben and Lorie'z plan to adopt a child came to Agatha who got so skeptical and called their move desperate.

Still, Lorie and Ruben came into an orphanage and Shayne'z attention was caught to the child who was left out at play and bullied. The family right then and there decided to choose the child. The nun however warned them that Joel has been previously adopted too but was returned to them for some reasons like the child has been through a traumatic experienced that brought him into a shaky psychological behavior. Despite this, the famly persisted on having Joel and even passed the over-all requirements and tests and recieved adoption approval which gave the famly so much excitement.

next: Shayne's new little bro comes to the family finally

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saan DArating ang Umaga 5th Episode / Weekender

It was a joyful double celebration for Shayne's family. Her mom's pregnancy was confirmed and the unexpected floor that collapsed on the newy-inaugurated building, shifted the luck on Ruben's side as he was chosen and announced the new president. Despite Dindo's indignance, questioning his father's decision, everyone else welcomed the news gladly while once more, he was blamed for his incompetence.

Dindo and Agatha suffered desperation and frustration. The high seat on the company is out of reach his reach, while the wife found out that the pregnancy was but a false alarm.

Raul crossed on Shayne's path somewhere in the campus once more to her further irritation, he teasingly asked if she got a new pair of shoes.

Shayne sought for an outlet fo her terrible mood and asked talked to her teacher but she ended up curious about her hateful attitude and thought it might just be the opposite feeling she has.

Raul on the other hand met new friends who offered him a place with them in the band and soon gathered opinion about Shayne. They suspected he's falling for the girl but tried to diss him saying he wouldn't ever qualify and not a guy ever attempted to. Popular, intelligent, beautiful but a real man-hater, these defines Shayne.

Soon, the investigation results about the collapsed floor on the new building came out and Ruben confronted Dindo for the use of substandard materials. This he openly denied and declaring he'll open the investigation himself as it is his own project. Deriding on his moves as a new President however, Ruben came to a thought ever if his brother feels unwell about their father's decision.

The talk was interrupted, their father came in and invited Ruben and family to a dinner. On the same night, it isn't hard to see that while two families gathered, the other one'z a lot more favored and to even worsen Agatha'z jealousy, inferiority, and bitterness, she found out that Lorie'z expecting a new baby.

Grieving the news, and wondering why and how she is too blessed to have all that she can't, she moved into an evil plan, consulting a doctor fo some medicine which onlycan help her for her plans to get even.

Shayne still hates Raul, even smallest thing such as videogames after dinner made her argue and lose temper unreasonably.
Another campus scenes~
Shayne can't just seem to stand Raul. While in the middle of their debate practce, the bands' musical screetchings sounded. Too irritated for words, she walked the room and walked between the guyz to reach out and unplug the instruments. This stirred up an arguement on respect who has the right to practice. To Shayne's dismay, the teacher stopped her and asked her to follow her an leave the guys alone. Somehow, she got this silly expression on her eyes feelin like a brighter idea of stopping them just came up.

Back at Shayne's home, Agatha made a surprise friendly visit an brought some cake which Lorie couln't tell was insincere. Too good tobe true... wahhh...
She worked on mixing the tablet that has it's effects before 8 weeks of pregnancy.


nxt: Lorie lost the baby and Ruben brought up the idea of adoption

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saan Darating Ang Umaga 4rth Episodes

Thursday on SDAU
4rth episode


Shayne wonders why her grandfather needed to stay at the hospital if he were all that well
but the family reassures that it is to ensure his full health and recovery.

Her school life seems all pretty active. She seems to be the teacher's favorite that even as she prepares for the debate, she got the support and encouragement.

Raul on ended up on the same university where Shayne is with the help of her aunt, Agatha who assured her it is one of the best universties. However the closeness only seem to separate them both with their constant heated fights.

In the middle of Shayne's debating presentation, Raul toyed with his electric guitar and it's pluckings disturbed her too much that she flared up and faced him to nag at his ill-manners. Without a single word, Raul chose to stand up and left her to her own verbal shotgun. Even more flustered by his seemingly cool treatment, Shayne followed him vehemently urging him to stop. Raul played up as though she didn't exist until she took her right pair of shoe and poke himwith it right at his back. Jolted for a second, he looked back and quitely picked up the shoe, walking on ahead despite her protest as he dropped the shoe off the window. Pleased with what he did, she told her to go and pick her shoe out there. This made guys over her back sneering over their show.


Ruben and Dindo do look like brothers for real. They talked about their father's health and the upcomng presentation. Dindo congratuated him ahead while in evil plan ahead with his wife to do all they can to successfully take over the company to destroy his work and image soon in the middle of the event.


Ruben, with his team in preparation for the presentation took time for finishing touches of his model of Asiana Heights. A loving wife came in for a surprise visit and wished him well for his project. He reveals that whoever between him and his brother gets his father's choice to fill up the presidency seat, he will be supportive.

Without his knowledge, Dindo has found his way to break inside the room where his model building rested and crushed it to pieces right to his contentment that it ends Ruben's good favor from their father.

The presentation time came and Ruben was pleased to see his father back into good health. Everyone was ready and excited. At the start of the presentation when everyone looked almost
positive , Ruben unvieled his for Asiana project only to their horror and dismay that it'z all but rubbles. The well-planned and desgned projct became a joke if not total disappointment and shame and it did make his father too outraged calling it their carelessness and incompetence, blaming him for the lost of investors. Ruben couldn't do anything but sadly assure him to settle and iron out the trouble.


Agatha applauded her husbands art of scheme and they both celebrated Ruben's failure during the presentation. This is the point when she told him that there's a baby to expect soon. In an
unplanned moment of coincidence too, Lorie learned that she'z been having dizzy spells and got the thrill that she could be having a new baby.

Lorie worries of Ruben and Shayne figuring it's been late for them for dinner.

Shayne pops out of the door but made people at home surprised of her missing shoe. Still more irritated, she relayed the story and blamed whom she calls ill-mannered Raul, the so called-Agatha's-nephew for what happened.

Showing up in a few more minutes was Ruben. His shoulders were hung low witih disappointment or what happened. Confiding to a sweet wife about the misfortune he met during the presentation where his model projct was strucked downt to a rubble by some unknown hand, shayne found out there's a similarity of his unfortunate event on the same day like hers during her debating presentation. It made him laugh out to find out that after all his' isn't as grievous as he still got his pair of shoes to walk for back home.

Lorie cheered them up to enjoy their dinner and smile despite the day'z event. A wonderful wife and mother could turn the key of a bad day into a beautiful one like magic. Ruben can't help but
appreciate her even more.


Dindo's mall project was approved and the on the inauguration day, Ruben's is still all happy and yet clueless of what really happened. On the same day, their father congratulated Dindo and told the people he's retiring and is about to reveal same moment who will fill in his seat.


nxt: Agatha plans to stop Lorie's pregnancy

He and Ruben got too frustrated of the fact that they both seem to always lose what is meant
for them both, while Ruben's family gets all of it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wednesday on SDAU
3rd episode


Somehow, Mylene survived running away with her child from Dindo'z madness and his fired gunshots. Frightened without security, she hides from policemen in sight and started wandering. In her state of helplessness and urgent need for her child's safety, she cried and yet took the chance to leave her child at the refuge of a nun. Begging her to find his son a good family to be with while bidding goodbye and promising to do all she can to find him again, she moved a separate path.


Lorie is starting to pack baby stuff to give it away after years of being unused after all since they lost the baby. Trying to cheer her up, Ruben suggested it's time they have another baby and teased her till she started laughing again. However, her unstable emotional condition pops out time to time as she frets to have a new baby. Being a loving husband Ruben consoles her and asssures that soon she will have a new baby for God knows of what a loving wife and good mother she is.


Dindo awakes at night and have nightmares of his last encounter with Mylene and the son he refuses to accept as his own. He fears as he wonders if they both still survived somewhere.

5 years after


The grand 70th birthday of Mr. Leonardo Rodrigo came and Shayne has grown up into a beautiful, smart, intelligent, girl who'z interest lies in academic achievements and who'z less favorite thing is having fun with guyz or worst having a boyfriend. Shayne danced with her grandfather and has been even more favored and loved with her parents even more than proud.

The flaming jealousy,rivalry,and pretenses grows stronger still. Agatha is still as conscious of her good looks and good name when it comes to public eye and gorges up the appreciation of crowd for what she wears but couldn't get the affirmation of Ruben's father. She has never stopped bickering with Ruben for being slow and feeble when it comes to winning approval so that soon as the old an retires or even dies the inheritance will be in thier hands.

Shayne who left the dancefloor met Mr. clumsy irritating stranger. Some serving boy tripped over the guy'z stuff and accidentally splashed glass of drink on her dress which made her turn to blame the guy with an electric guitar. A little too naggy to accept apologies, the incident stirred her parents to come over just when Agatha came in and introduced the guy as her nephew, Raul.

At the height of the birthday celebration each sons (Ruben and Dindo) took turns to greet and wish their father well. Their father took the unexpected emotional speech declaring of his love for them both despite their obvious differences and despite the times he loses his temper over them.

At the close of his talk a sudden physical ailment of his heart halted the event as the family rushed him to the hospital.


Shayne restlessly left alone worrying over her grandfather's condition got the unwanted company of Raul who's stummings and pluckings seemd to annoy her even more. This further made them both argue over a petty thing and Raul even aims to increase her temper unpleasantly by making rough comments on how she looks onwhat she wears.


Anyhow, Mr. Leonardo Rodrigo still survived at the hospital but was adviced for further health care. Agatha rushed to his side only to be brushed off shamelessly as he told her of how aware he s of her intentions, of knowing how she would have rejoiced had he failed to survive so finally she can have a share of inheritance.

Ruben ignored what took place and happily greeted his father encouraging him to regain his strength soon. Lorie suggested that such was a warning sign for him to take a pause from all the hard work . At this point he told his sons that perhaps it is time he retires and that one of them should take his place.



Dindo contrives to discredit Ruben , in his desperation to gain his father's favor to take his seat. On the day of Ruben's presentation, his model projct will be unvieled but it is a wreck.

Shayne is more and more irritated of Raul's behavior that anything he does just seems to be some pestering stuff she can't take.


Glitter Graphics

YAZZIE'Z SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA on Gma7'z cinenobela presents last MOnday,NOv.10, 2008 topped the daytime ratings on its pilot episode with 22.3 percent.

Officially released are the following results:

Saan Darating ang Umaga? was followed by Eat Bulaga! (21.8 percent), Una Kang Naging Akin (21.5 percent), Wowowee (17.1 percent), and Daisy Siete (16.9 percent) to complete the Top 5.

[color=green][b]November 10, Monday
Non-Primetime: [/b][/color]

SiS (GMA-7) 9.8%; Boy & Kris (ABS-CBN) 7.3%
Rosalinda (GMA-7) 11.6%; Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) 14.7%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 21.8%; Wowowee (ABS-CBN) 17.1%
Daisy Siete (GMA-7) 16.9%; Una Kang Naging Akin (GMA-7) 21.5%; Pieta (ABS-CBN) 14%
Saan Darating ang Umaga? (GMA-7) 22.3%; El Cuerpo del Deseo (ABS-CBN) 13.9%; Las Tontas (ABS-CBN) 6.9%

November 10 (Monday)
Top 10 Daytime:

1. Saan Darating ang Umaga? (GMA-7) 22.3%
2. Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 21.8%
3. Una Kang Naging Akin (GMA-7) - 21.5%
4. Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 17.1%
5. Daisy Siete (GMA-7) - 16.9%
6. Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 14.7%
7. Pieta (ABS-CBN) - 14%
8. El Cuerpo del Deseo (ABS-CBN) - 13.9%
9. Rosalinda (GMA-7) - 11.6%
10. SiS (GMA-7) - 9.8%


You've made it princess despite the awfully unequal treatment of promotion time on SOP !This, too despite the fact that most of us couldn't even see the show on its odd time slot. Very well done! ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

second episode of Saan Darating Ang Umaga

Infuriated by Mylene's insitence to keep the baby, Dindo resorted to physical abuse in the middle of their verbal bout in a last attempt to have it aborted. While brought her to unconsciousness, he successfully sent her to hospital and kept the incident unknown. In a miraculous way, the child in her womb survived but this didn't end her tormoil. Dindo has successfully found a way to get rid of her. Men from authorities were sent to inform her that she was accused for spending the companie'z money and a case is filed awaiting for her soon as she gets well.


Ruben'z family on the other hand was on the verge of their excitement of awaiting for baby. Together with Shayne they dscussed possible baby boy names for the child and was later joined by their grandfather who was in the same range of happiness and expectation. Somehow,such was short-lived and unexpectedly became their deep sadness. While assuming the new baby in the family, the news came to their utter disbelief that Lorie despite her struggles during labor wasn't able to bring out the child alive. Disbelieving in her point of denial, Lorie grieves and insists that the baby is alive.

2 years after

Lorie and Ruben with Shane made a visit a for the baby who died years ago. Despite the length of time Lorie hasn't recovered emotionally but is blessed with the comfort of Shane and her husband who told her that i he was taken away there has to be a reason that only God knows of.
Somehow despite their love, Lorie engaged in her own continued mourning which sometimes turns into an argument for the couple. Patient as he is, Ruben showed her nothing but understanding and love.


A two year old boy grew up,raised inside the prison walls with her mother. With Mylene's destitute condition a friend urged her to rise up for her childs right to be a part of the renown Rodrigo's for a better life and future.

Gaining a more bolder spirit, Mylene found a way to reach Dindo once more and then saught to claim the rights of thier child. This is a call which shocked him, disbelieving that the baby somehow survived after all he did. Because Dindo further refused to accept the child as his own, Mylene threatened to divulge everything to his family and told him she'd do all she can to demand for the baby's rights.

To stop Mylene's plans and clear his pathway, news from guards on jail came to tell Mylene that she willbe moved to a new location. Yet it wasn't a new location that she was going to, she was sent to meet Dindo who told her that the police will coverup her disappearance from jail as some sort of breakout. He then offered her some amount of money to run away with the baby instead but this only made Mylene even angrier for his apathy for his own child. Threatning to have no choice but pull the trigger on her if she doesn't run away, Mylene helplessly tried to keep herself and baby alive.


NXT: Mylene's struggles will finally end as her life ends but the baby in her hands will be
under the hands of the nuns in the orphanage where she took final refuge...

Young shane has grown up into a lady and at a party some guy accidentaly splashed her wet with a glass of drinks which irritated her much.


Monday, November 10, 2008


today on sdau

The story started with the baby shower. Well-loved by her grandfather, Shane is a young bubbly and sweet daughter of a couple (JOel torre and Lanie Mercado) who'z expecting a new baby boy n the family. Shane'z father, beng such a loving husband and father becomes his own father'z favorite. This seems a picture of a truly harmonious and happy family.

Another couple comes into scene (Pinky and Gary)
Reluctant to join the party but obliged, both came to join the party however, from here some conflict arises.
Having no daughter or child after years of marriage , both were open to deep taunting comparison. Gary'z father stated to draw the outright insulting differeces between him and his brother.


The feelings of jealousy and anger because of their frustration to win their father'z side, Gary and his wife (Pinky) engaged in unpleasant fights. While she blames him for his constant womanizing behavior, he pinpoints on her domineering,nagging behavior as an excuse for his inability to stay home with her. Even angrier, she started to scream at him and remind him of his incompetency to even play the best son so he can be hs father'z favorite have their inheritance in his name.

To escape an overheated argument Gary finds secret comfort by having an affair with an officemate. Ths however will only worsen his condition as he desperately tries to find a way to win his father over.


Even on the business arena, while his brother (Joel Torre) gains all of his father's positive remarks, he got nothing but open criticism and disapproval. Wantng to keep his last piece of pride he pushed off his brothers offer of help for a certain project.

At almost close of ths scene, her secret affair brought more trouble for him. The lady confessed of having his baby and this placed him in wild panic fearing of the risks it can bring to his name and his career. He then took the girl to some specialist just to get rid of their baby, an option which never helped as the lady decided to keep her child despite his reluctance.


On the other hand,Joel toree in the midst of the usual sweet moment with his family foud out on the same day that his wife is about to give a child. Panicky but happily rushing to the hospital, they awaited for baby



The Rebirth of Shayne on Saan Darating ang Umaga

The princess just made another quck visit around 6:30 am this morning on igma thread to remind us of SDAU! :) That was just few minutes i guess before she rushed for school. Isn't that cute and sweet? hehe
After all the patient and impatient moments of waiting, the princess of GMA7 drama is really back! Wahhh i can't believe that 4 months of trying to catch up wth school has earned her so much after all. :) Guyz despite the lousy an dunfair promotion yesterday let us suppot Saan Darating ang Umaga this afternoon on it's pilot episode right after Una ka Naging Akin o GMA's cinenobela presents!

Happy viewing KDF's! Shane'z Rebirth has finally come!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Countdown to Saan Darating Ang Umaga

The first time i saw the initial teaser i was head over heels sooo happy just as the rest of the overjoyed kdf'z who were there to see those unexpected when it was running. EVersince, the constant and more like everyday question was..."have you seen the teaser?" hehe I wasn't lucky enough to see the new teaser when it first came but wow these dayz it'z just been played over and over at any time.

Guyzzzz 3 more restless nights for kdf'z and SDAU is on! Finally it's all worth the wait we've all spared. :) kdf hugzzzzz

scrib,kdf brthday girl


While others have come and gone,isn' it nice to stop a moment and realize
how we've stayed even firmer than ever?

Have many more blessed years to enjoy! We love you! ;)


Saan Darating Ang Umaga Theme Song Craze

When it's from Yazzie it must be gooood!
wahhhh this courtesy of kdf betchay who took time to get a sample of SDAU themesong as
performed by yazzie this time. Even when the recording from a phone has it's own problem
as obviously you can see, we still appreciate and get the thrll of playing and replaying this soundtrack before SDAU could start on tv. :)


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Celebrating Yasmien's 200th IGMA Thread

mMmmmmeeeooowWwwwWww KDF'S

Doesn't it feel great to have come this far?,6134.0.html

YASMIEN KURDI:"Celeb8tng 200miles Of Life's Love,Victories& other Blessings"Thread CC,6155.0.


YASMIEN KURDI'Travelin'Through 100 More Miles of Love,Beauty&Oder Blessings"Thread#201

Let's travel on together! KDF FOR LIFE! ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yazzie Passes with Flying Colors!


KDF'Z ARE PROUD OF YOU PRINCESS! WE are happy to know that you have passed your
exams with flying colors and now ready to take charge of your school life hand in hand with your career.

Not aways the easiest as it sounds but sure God bless you with more strength Yazzie!


Saturday, October 25, 2008


Can't believe we are approaching 200th miles of challenges,power,fun,togetherness,blessings,and love as kdf's for yazzie!
It seems just a moment when the new igma started and we moved from gmaptv and the old igma to a whole new start. WAhhhhhh remember how hard itwas for us to accept all the resets? After all, hehe Thankz God therea re no more thread resets and we're going to mark some kindf of second centeniary thread hehee.

Be blessed everyone! Enjoy kdf posting time as alwayz! muahhhhhhh YAZZIE RULEz! KDF ROCKZ!

watch this... and be entertained by our pretty Yaz
(sorry, it's quite short, hehe)

Busy Yazzie

We are busy and alive again coz our dear Yaz is back to prove showbiz is incomplete without her, hehe!!!
We have to keep a daily record of d tv programs we shouldn't miss!!!!
Oct. 26 - SOP ( hopefully every Sunday, with longer production nos.)
Oct. 28 - SIS
? - All Star K ( with DJ)
.... definitely she will do a lot of guestings and promotions for her upcoming Dramarama, SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA which will start
airing on Nov.10
We are so glad coz we prayed for this... to see our dear Yaz again, sharing with us her God-given talent and charming face we love to see everyday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yaz for Us

Just got lucky... to be with a charming princess
her name is Yasmien whom we fondly call our bebeh Yaz!!!
She really makes our day complete and zesty
a day without a thought or sight of her is empty and dark
Just before we say goodnight... a simple wish and prayer
we whisper... "we love u dearly, do not forget us...
always here for u in laughter and tears, KDF just for Yaz!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Visit from Yasmien

My lucky day! haha Yazzie just joined our forum fun when i was
supposed to leave 2 hours before she came. Wahhhh Yeahhh it was surprisingly fun
and i wished all kdf's were there. Hehehe these days yazzie does more than just lurking keep that in mind and enjoy! Happy posting kdf's!

hehe links to the fun,5923.75.html,5923.90.html,5923.105.html,5923.120.html

Thanks Yazzie for the fun this day! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On YASMIEN's Sorrow and Other Issues

Here'z a link i value and thanks to the uploader. :)

Apart from the fact that yazzie stays really pretty on her sobbing moments, when this came out, it moved my heart too much.Even when we've heard of the reason why the kdf visit to the story con was moved, still it is different to see yazzie this way.

Tiny part of this was shown over Chicka minute but this interview on Ricky Lo Exclusives
got the full version.

Yazzie'z answers on some issues with past loveteam, and her break to pursue academic review classes are all concisely tackled ad i love it that way.

It is too much of an abuse to keep digging matters and not move on when in the first place, it was gma7 who broke it apart so they build different paths. Why not work silently apart without using other people for publicity'z sake? I really feel that the other camp escpecially the guy should stom items against yazzie. In any other relationship be it real or reel, it is not a gentleman behaviour
to talk about your ex's directly or indirectly, in way that would put them in question.

Monday, October 13, 2008


sympathy Pictures, Images and Photos

Contrary to how we looked forward and imagined this day to be, there'z sadness. I was so unpleasantly stunned by the news of the passing of Director Khrys Adalia. I never knew until this day that he struggled with colon cancer.

Yazzie grieves this moment not just for losing a mentor but for losing someone who'z after all these times been close to her as a mother.

We feel for yazzie and understand this moment of space she deserves.

Anyway, with or without kdf's visit to the story conference, we are certainly ready to be glued for it soon.

YASMIEN: Sad pm =( wala na NAY KRYS director na nag acting coach k CHARMING =( at pag may doubt me sa acting tnatawagan ko parati magpaturo...luv u NAY KRYS

YASMIEN: Sori guys s sadness..para ko nawalan kadugo k nayKHRYS nakila2 todo acting ko s CHARMING anak ni Bakekang sobra respeto, utang na loob ko kay Nay!

YASMIEN: Its a week of mourning =( Looked 2 da sunset nd dawn, talked abt Audrey Hepburn, breakfast at Tiffany etc yan fave n bonding time namin Nay KHRYS

YASMIEN: Dearest nayKHRYS. U wil be my inspiration n motivation..I dedicate 2U SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA =( da truth I'm nervous kc ala nako acting guru...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

YASMIEN VISITS her IGMA thread again!,5854.105.html

My regret was i missed to stay 1 and a half longer hee coz she showed up just when i've left my shift. But eyyy i'm so happy with the visit. Everyone within that shift
got the thrill for yazzie'z quick drop by.


sdau story con by monday 13
pilot epi taping by 18th

she'z got
bleach 2 coming up
and bleach 2 movie

and eyyyy know what yazzie'z latest obsession? hehe that's becoming Bella Swan for Some Edward Cullen. I am happy that yazie shared her passion for this story.
Plz grab a copy of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and read other series New Moon,Eclipse,Breaking Dawn. Guess what i found mine the same day yazzie
shared her book finds. A film is about to come so watch out but i think, as always, it's a hundred times better to read it before watching the movie.

Yazzie thnx for all the updates,another visit and sharing your book finds! :) muahhhh

Friday, October 10, 2008

YASMIEN'S exam canceled

Please continue to pray for Yazzie anyhow even as her entrance exam is moved to
October 26. Love you KDF!

Thanks to guyz. We are one with Yazzie's endeavors!

MUahhhhhh Greaaaaat Morning.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yasmien's balance of School and Career

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Plese pray for yazzie as she takes her entrance exam today! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Yasmien Checks Out Ateneo

Who’s the luckiest KDF? Hehe it must be betchay and lina! Whoaaaaahhh ! How would anyone think of a visit from Yazzie herself in their work place? Oh well it just happened.

Yasmien together with he mom took them both by an awe-strucking surprise last Monday when both unexpectedly appeared within the Ateneo Campus, and to be more precise –

The Ateneo Library ! J

Anyway here”z bits and pieces of the story Hmmm Yasmien is really more determined than ever to shape up her future beyond life as singer/actress! She is working on her layout towards earning a college degree leaning towards Intenational or European Studies.

Hmm as expected she walked in and was identified as the “Yasmien” Heard too that you favorite Ateneo winning basketball team players this year's championship swarmed to take pics and autographs from Yazzie! Hehehe and we asked where was Chris Tiu.

OMg they missed each other by a matter of hours.

Is she decided to be an Atenean? Yes

Would she be here this school year? Sadly nope.

The university requires first year of block sectioning which would have meant she needs to leave showbiz entirely a year.

Yazzie got an option to take first step in UP and transfer when she is prepared and ready with an aggreable time table.

With all her dreams in life beyond this career, how it moves us that she takes time to make us a part of her plans and choices. She drives her lane but knows KDF is right at the backseat too! We are more than moved that she makes sacrifices to carry on to keep her dreams and keep the KDF. I have more than admired her passion for her aspirations in life and her courage to keep her balance.

Grabbed some pics from kdf betchay’s album. As usual, Yazzie’z simplicity is amazingly twice charming! J

Sunday, October 5, 2008

YASMIEN'S home Sweet home

Friday, October 3, 2008

YASMIEN Visits Her IGMA thread

You have filled everyone with so much burst of excitement
and overjoy for seeing you and feeling your presence. Thanks a lot Yazzie for visiting your home over igma!,5742.30.html,5742.45.html

links to yassie's post

Monday, September 29, 2008

Is it Sin to Know Some Modern Social Grace?

Some people think yazzie'z a hot stuff to talk about. I think they are not calling ceasefire from the sexy two-piece on the beach issue, to the mens mag, up to yazzie's party moments!

The whole thing is so dreadfully annoying but surrisingly funny too. See i realize again and again that being a celeb is a crazy life. There are idiots who question your morals for wearing your beach outfit while on vacation with your real-life friends and giving your pose a touch of some kind of professional modelling, challenge your faith and believes for wearing just a cute nice dress on a mens' mag, and now...

wahhhh accuse and charge you of alcoholism just for dancing,singing,rocking out, and having fun with food and drink and music with the band on a birthday party and othr freinds and new friends, ?

So another set of pics s out and it stirs up shallow people who are too stupid not to know what a social graces!

So what so what was she supposed to do?
sulk and be paranoid or go home?
or stay, make friends and enjoy?

And what ar these pics supposed to prove? that shez alcohol depndent? or that she is having fun and making friends with rival network starts.?
Next time they really should know the difference between an alcohol dependent and someone invited to party who indulges in birthday fun with a measure of social grace. Hmm if you find it so hard, i'll send you that particular Lindsay Lohan pic.

Hayzzzz, highly self-acclaimed inculpable saints!

The truth is, the pics tell me yazzie's takes time for some fun and she'z cute with her wacky rocker side, winning more friends from another tv network. Tipsy? Why wouldn't anyone get even tipsier you know how to deal with other people and enjoy it with lots of dancing and singing too?

Hayzzzz,here's to highly self-acclaimed inculpable saints!

Even Christ turned jars of water into wine for guests to enjoy the feasst
at the wedding in Cana.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Luna Mystica Or Saan Darating ang Umaga?

Before Heart Evangelista was announced as Mark Anthony Fernadez' lady on the new primetime offering Luna Mystica there've been leaks it's for Yazzie. In fact Yazzie got some clues on her fanatxts though not fully confirming.

Anyway days after it was revealed that Heart will be Mark A. F's lady that seals the ownership of the projct.

Some of us would feel it's not that fair the way GMA 7 treats their own pure, fresh, proven,wanted, and loyal talents giving way to ABS-CBn's rejected falling stars as i'm pleased to call them forgive me. hehe

Yazzie's fanatxt was kind and sweet as usual. We're not supposed to make any reactions coz those seeking for greener pasture need to live as well. Okay i'll take it that way although yeah i don't think it is wisest ever decision for this network, in fact it makes them very pathetic and insensetive to their homegrown stars. This is the usual flaw that i think they should consider on healing soon.

So yazzie got Saan DArating ang Umaga to reprise Maricel's award-winning movie and role. She won't be on primeitme doing some fantasy series with magical lights,magnifecent heroine prowess an other.

Between both, if you were to choose for yazzie, what would you rather that yazzie had?
to wear colorful costumes and be a magical pinoy heroine like majika perhaps equipped with similar powers of Encantadia? hehhehe
or be just Shane, a real person in a real world, in one heavily dramatic stunts on "Saan Darating Ang Umaga?"

AS for me and most others, there's no better and luckier role than this, regardless of time.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

YAZZIE on Saan Darating Ang Umaga Soon

While Yazzie has been out sprightly living her student life these months wahhhh we've tremendously missed her! Occasional guestings and interviews all these times just seem to tease our patience. Finally we're so happy that Yazzie is about ready to come back on a new cinenobela. This time Yazzie will reprise Maricel Soriano and late Nida Blanca's "Saan Darating Ang Umaga".

This will be Gma7's new offering on cinenobela, replacing "Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan".

Hmm now i'll try and anticipate how you feel when this news broke out. It's both happpyand a little disgusted in someways. It's like,"how stupid and entirely incredulous can gma7 get for giving yazzie a comeback less than what she deserves after having proving herself so much from her previous shows?"

wahhh...well let's admit in that if we think about it time-slot-wise, YAZZIE REALLY DESERVES A PRIMETIME REWARD FOR A PRIMETIME SUCCESS. However that's not what's happening and yes it is plain to see that only one person from out of the successful teamup which YAZZIE HAS SO MUCH INFLUENCED HUGE APPLAUSE who now earns the fruit of hard labor. Worst, hehehe it seems that they've picked a girl who'z previous show rated lowest cinenobela just because she's a birthday girl. Anyway, that we have to understand how blood is thicker than water no matter how odd that is.

When i think of that i turn..."ewwww...."

But i think of the other side too and here's what i think. This project is one of the most worthy ones that i think yazzie shouldn't have really turned it down just because of time slot issue. This is where i find that yazzie is very intelligent enough to know what projcts are timeless treasures which would best sharpen her in her craft. IN this case, cinenobela or telebabad, primetime or daytime...time slot becomes irrelevant.

Let us embrace this gift and know that yes there are blessings in disguise! This is one of those for its quality and the type of experience it will give yazzie working on it under Director Maryo J. Reyes. Here's a plus thing too.

The next guy yazzie will be with is what yazzie described as "tall,white and handsom" Dion Ignacio! Hehehe that makes me really smile knowing the great tandemt hey can make knowing this is the guy who eversince got a crush ontheir sweet starstruck days.

For dion, woww this is one great break finallly which i too dream he would have.
This will reveal the very promising Dion ! :)

I can't wait for it! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

yazzie in sop

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yazzie is Nominated on Star Awards

glitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphics

glitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphics

For her portrayal of Lupe in the remake of "pasan ko ang daigdig"
and Salve on another reprise of Sharon Cuneta role on "babangon ako't dudurugin kita"
yazzie never failed to impress a prestigious award-giving body.

The explosive impact is undeniable!

Pray for Yazzie on that big event!

We're proud of you princess!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yazzie on SweetLife

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Finally YAZZIE on Mens' Mag

What do i say?
Hehehehe i interested to listen to this piece of newsflash
because iwanted to find out something. And yes i knew it! hahaha
Yahhh it's the men's mag and finally she says yes and to some pretty,noosy, ugly commenting types who wanna retort back "i thought you wouldn't eve pose..."
take a look!

Take a look and know the difference between knowing how to show your sexy sensual sie as a woman without having to strip nasty like a porn star. ;P

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yazzie on Sis

Saturday, August 23, 2008

yazzie singing "someone"

Friday, August 22, 2008

yazzie loving you song

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sexy in two piece Yazzie: Got Prob with that?!

The first thing about this that i want to say now is, "wowww, contrary to how others comment on he figures these are unphotoshoped pics which really does reveal the opposite. Hmm Yazzie has he own verrrry sexy side. :) I think thats what normal eyes can see.

NOw to the overwhelmingly annoying commotion on the other side, these are pics which Yazzie had on her locked facebook albums which by some illegal means scatterred elsewhere by a nameless whoever which yazzie is too kind to even care about finding out or just outrightly identify by fingerpointing. These pics once shared among kdf's about over a year ago are now on heaps of tabloids around the corner.

Because of the public knowledge that Yazzie is a "no to men's mag" girl despite previous offers, people and mostly detractors are now feasting with jestings with the sudden appearances of the pics.

I wonder if they are doing that because they think it's so condemanable and now is their chance to say this girl is no different at from among others who strip on fhm, or if they do because they are jealous and ashen-faced for finding out what beauty yazzie is under her clothes too which they often describe as overweight. Hmmm i think both.

It's the feeling of "misery loves company" mixed with pure rotten envy.

But, think of it.

Someone had fun in the sand vacation with friends and work mates and had a nice sea plunge. After a while, they decided to take pics and pose like pro's on beach modelling. It turned out kinda soooo picture perfect and therefore kept the pics for their own pleasure. Then something happened, some naughty someone unlocked and freely shared it to the public.

So... what would we say?

For me, hmmm my message goes to that person if you're yazzie'z friend and hmmm maybe and i hope you really didn't intend for it to end this way. Those are private properties and i wish as friends you still respected yazzie's privacy.

If you aren't a friend but perhaps some hathor who in some ways got a way of stealing the pics from a kdf, then ...wowwww thanks! YOu showed the public the real, natural, charming sex appeal of Yazzie! So far that is what you have achieved.

Lastly, I don't see anything wrong with a girl in two piece in the beach, just looking twice beautiful on her pics coz she knows how to pose like a model.

Why would she wear some jeans while swimming anyway? And who says it's evil to pose like you're MS. BEACHBODY? lol'z we all have our own moments of craziness and sexiness so why don't we just appreciate and respect that.

Cut the crap lewd people!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

YASMIEN deserves better treatment than this

Hmm anyway, it looks like another typical love cutie story. What i want to see most is yazzie on her first time on a two-piece ;) Awwww is that what they call fat? LOL you get lost losers!

So after all there's a movie soon. I don't get it why monster mom was shown first and i believe a jolina movie before this one. Come to think of it, it's not the usual move for the very succesfull series of strikes the team-up got. First they broke it apart out of the blue and now gives the first movie together a poor play date. Hmm what's wrong GMA7?

This obviously isn't the usual move at all unless you intentionally want it to fail which i still pray would somehow prove a way up no matter what.

Yazzie deserves a better treatment that she is getting!
Anyway i love the full trailer! :)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Good Morning KDF and Yazzie!

I sincerely apologize for my absence for a 4 weeks i think. I was tied down with other obligations which required my immediate and full concentration. Well, Home is Home is Sweet Home that's why I am back and most possibly i'll resume my normal posting hours on igma forum with you guyz. I am excited to make up for everything I've been missing so much.

Guy'z i'll see you soon! Thanks to betchay for her generous support. I love all the updates you have been dropn by regadless my inability to respond promptly. Thanks to everyone who's taking care of the thread! :) Muahhhh!

I extremely miss you and yazzie! wahhhh the last time i was able to check on my tv was her guesting on sis. Ummm oh, i saw her accidentally and briefly yesterday on a sis guesting with other ss1 batch. That was too short for me but it filled me with renewed energy.


I will be reunited with you all very soon guyz! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008




Thanks kdf uploaders!

Anyway, wow it's nice to see JC is as sweet as this once more. I didnt seem to see this on the last few weeks BADK. hmmm

Loving You Cast on Nuts

Yazzie'z so pretty ummmm
well... someone looks indifferent lol

anyway ...
love this!

talkin about "goodbye" by the way
how come until now there's no vid for this song?

I really love personal q and a.
Five years from now yazzie wants to have finished college.
hmmm ideal age for marriage is 25-29 hehe

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Loving You Sneak Peak.....

Loving You

As the saying goes, love can be found in the most unlikely places and this time a Call center moonlights into a house of love-- taking witness to the sometimes funny, sad and loveable stories of its "Cupid struck" workers: two outrageous Bestfriends who are lovers in denial, The fresh from the US boss who secretly falls for the charms of his headstrong assistant, An aspiring model who unexpectedly found love with a cab driver, a wannabe rockstar who is clueless about his co-worker's growing affection and an unlikely couple headed to a May- December or Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore affair!

Guaranteed Funny and hilarious, LOVING YOU is a fresh take on love and relationships as it explores the different ways on how love can enter and affect every persons' lives. It just simply shows how the powerful magic of love can transform any place into a house of warmth and love. The film is topbilled by JC De Vera, John Prats, Yasmien Kurdi, Polo Ravales, Iya Villania, Jean Garcia, Aljur Abrenica and among others, which is directed by Don M. Cuaresma.

credits to: regalcinema

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yazzie From Scuba Diving To Wakeboarding!

Just how yazzie is enjoying the breather she asked for!

Click to play
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