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Monday, November 17, 2008

Saan Daratg ang Umaga Episode 6 Week 2

Monday/ Episode 6

The glass of juice Agatha prepared to stop the baby somehow fell on the floor but guess the devil was on her side. NOt from a sip of the poisoned drink, in a moment, Lorie accidentally slipped on the floor and was bleeding. Playing the part of a concerned family, Agatha brought her to the hospital and pretended to be so sorry while the family grieved but then she went to her home without the mask and happily celebated the family's loss. He urged Dindo to do something now to have the company's presidency just as she has found a way to succcessfully do her task.

Lorie, at the hospital found out that she can't have another baby again or it will be too much risk for her health. Sadness crept in and it was then that Ruben brought up an alternative and thought it's time they adopt a child they could love and take care of. This suggestion at first gave Shayne mixed feelings that she talked to her teacher about it. Later that night she decided to tell her parents that she is ready and would feel great to have a younger child in the family.

The news about Ruben and Lorie'z plan to adopt a child came to Agatha who got so skeptical and called their move desperate.

Still, Lorie and Ruben came into an orphanage and Shayne'z attention was caught to the child who was left out at play and bullied. The family right then and there decided to choose the child. The nun however warned them that Joel has been previously adopted too but was returned to them for some reasons like the child has been through a traumatic experienced that brought him into a shaky psychological behavior. Despite this, the famly persisted on having Joel and even passed the over-all requirements and tests and recieved adoption approval which gave the famly so much excitement.

next: Shayne's new little bro comes to the family finally


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