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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saan DArating ang Umaga 5th Episode / Weekender

It was a joyful double celebration for Shayne's family. Her mom's pregnancy was confirmed and the unexpected floor that collapsed on the newy-inaugurated building, shifted the luck on Ruben's side as he was chosen and announced the new president. Despite Dindo's indignance, questioning his father's decision, everyone else welcomed the news gladly while once more, he was blamed for his incompetence.

Dindo and Agatha suffered desperation and frustration. The high seat on the company is out of reach his reach, while the wife found out that the pregnancy was but a false alarm.

Raul crossed on Shayne's path somewhere in the campus once more to her further irritation, he teasingly asked if she got a new pair of shoes.

Shayne sought for an outlet fo her terrible mood and asked talked to her teacher but she ended up curious about her hateful attitude and thought it might just be the opposite feeling she has.

Raul on the other hand met new friends who offered him a place with them in the band and soon gathered opinion about Shayne. They suspected he's falling for the girl but tried to diss him saying he wouldn't ever qualify and not a guy ever attempted to. Popular, intelligent, beautiful but a real man-hater, these defines Shayne.

Soon, the investigation results about the collapsed floor on the new building came out and Ruben confronted Dindo for the use of substandard materials. This he openly denied and declaring he'll open the investigation himself as it is his own project. Deriding on his moves as a new President however, Ruben came to a thought ever if his brother feels unwell about their father's decision.

The talk was interrupted, their father came in and invited Ruben and family to a dinner. On the same night, it isn't hard to see that while two families gathered, the other one'z a lot more favored and to even worsen Agatha'z jealousy, inferiority, and bitterness, she found out that Lorie'z expecting a new baby.

Grieving the news, and wondering why and how she is too blessed to have all that she can't, she moved into an evil plan, consulting a doctor fo some medicine which onlycan help her for her plans to get even.

Shayne still hates Raul, even smallest thing such as videogames after dinner made her argue and lose temper unreasonably.
Another campus scenes~
Shayne can't just seem to stand Raul. While in the middle of their debate practce, the bands' musical screetchings sounded. Too irritated for words, she walked the room and walked between the guyz to reach out and unplug the instruments. This stirred up an arguement on respect who has the right to practice. To Shayne's dismay, the teacher stopped her and asked her to follow her an leave the guys alone. Somehow, she got this silly expression on her eyes feelin like a brighter idea of stopping them just came up.

Back at Shayne's home, Agatha made a surprise friendly visit an brought some cake which Lorie couln't tell was insincere. Too good tobe true... wahhh...
She worked on mixing the tablet that has it's effects before 8 weeks of pregnancy.


nxt: Lorie lost the baby and Ruben brought up the idea of adoption


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