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Friday, November 21, 2008

Saan Daratg ang Umaga Episode 9 Week 2

Thursday on SDAU 

Because of the burn the yaya suffered on her face, Ruben finally lost his temper.  He started to be scared and apprehensive of what more the child could possibly do to put them all at risk. He started to doubt if it were still an adjustment stage that the child is going through or perhaps a deadly, unchangeable character he has earned from the previous years. Though starting to think it was a wrong step to choose the child, Lorie is decided to keep Joel in their home believng that soon he will learn to accept and cherish them as his own family.

But it didnt stop there, the child gets more abrassive with Ruben and everyone. On the day of Ruben's presentation once more, he was aghast to fiind out that  sketches he was trying to display was marked with Joel's obvius horned-devils labeled which was to represent him as a father.

The disastrous presentation which ended up with clients withdrawing from the projcet, once more infuriated him increasingly enough to get home and lay his hand on the kid for the first time. Lorie who caught him in the middle of his anger punishing the child stopped him and both with contrasting views even fought harder this time. 

Agatha who learned about the unfotunate presentation celebrated on it and now more positive that after all, the kid has helped much in her evil wishes to destroy the family. 

Shayne confides to the teacher about the incedent but while both were at the campus swimming pool, spotted Raul, whom the teacher she as Shayne's prince charming.  On his swimming spree, she suddenly lightened up with another idea to make him pay back for what he did. Because the teacher knows she'z up to something terrible again, she gave the warning for her tostop. Nevertheless, Shayne is too excited for the idea.

Creeping up silently while he was on shower, Shayne found his clothes on the bench and ran away with it laughing even as Raul was  too late to catch her up. He found no other way but to cover himself helplessly with an electric guitar and still so naked enough chasing her up. 

This arose wild commotion on students who saw him with barely nothing on and to his horror, bumped into
one of the teachers who held him for disciplinary sanction.

Shayne who felt so much victorous, laughed by herself sneaking up on Raul who was reprimanded at the dean's office somehow somewhere when he was told to bring his parents to the school, Shayne overheard that he has lost his parents long ago and it moved her in a way.


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