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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

second episode of Saan Darating Ang Umaga

Infuriated by Mylene's insitence to keep the baby, Dindo resorted to physical abuse in the middle of their verbal bout in a last attempt to have it aborted. While brought her to unconsciousness, he successfully sent her to hospital and kept the incident unknown. In a miraculous way, the child in her womb survived but this didn't end her tormoil. Dindo has successfully found a way to get rid of her. Men from authorities were sent to inform her that she was accused for spending the companie'z money and a case is filed awaiting for her soon as she gets well.


Ruben'z family on the other hand was on the verge of their excitement of awaiting for baby. Together with Shayne they dscussed possible baby boy names for the child and was later joined by their grandfather who was in the same range of happiness and expectation. Somehow,such was short-lived and unexpectedly became their deep sadness. While assuming the new baby in the family, the news came to their utter disbelief that Lorie despite her struggles during labor wasn't able to bring out the child alive. Disbelieving in her point of denial, Lorie grieves and insists that the baby is alive.

2 years after

Lorie and Ruben with Shane made a visit a for the baby who died years ago. Despite the length of time Lorie hasn't recovered emotionally but is blessed with the comfort of Shane and her husband who told her that i he was taken away there has to be a reason that only God knows of.
Somehow despite their love, Lorie engaged in her own continued mourning which sometimes turns into an argument for the couple. Patient as he is, Ruben showed her nothing but understanding and love.


A two year old boy grew up,raised inside the prison walls with her mother. With Mylene's destitute condition a friend urged her to rise up for her childs right to be a part of the renown Rodrigo's for a better life and future.

Gaining a more bolder spirit, Mylene found a way to reach Dindo once more and then saught to claim the rights of thier child. This is a call which shocked him, disbelieving that the baby somehow survived after all he did. Because Dindo further refused to accept the child as his own, Mylene threatened to divulge everything to his family and told him she'd do all she can to demand for the baby's rights.

To stop Mylene's plans and clear his pathway, news from guards on jail came to tell Mylene that she willbe moved to a new location. Yet it wasn't a new location that she was going to, she was sent to meet Dindo who told her that the police will coverup her disappearance from jail as some sort of breakout. He then offered her some amount of money to run away with the baby instead but this only made Mylene even angrier for his apathy for his own child. Threatning to have no choice but pull the trigger on her if she doesn't run away, Mylene helplessly tried to keep herself and baby alive.


NXT: Mylene's struggles will finally end as her life ends but the baby in her hands will be
under the hands of the nuns in the orphanage where she took final refuge...

Young shane has grown up into a lady and at a party some guy accidentaly splashed her wet with a glass of drinks which irritated her much.



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