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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yazzie On Sis with Jen and Nadz

Thanks to KDF boy for this one!

I really find this sis guesting cute hehehe and funny!

First ummm i love the choice of song and i love the way she does it!

:) "The Climb" from Miley Cyrus

Out on her craziness again :P 

Some critics find that irritating but i find it cute yazzie made sure she'z able to squeezee

in quick thank you msgs and hehe recruiting voters for sop dance battle with jc tiuseco haha

to the point of making a clear "wag nnyo iboto c mark!!!" hahaha

view sis guesting May 27,2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Princess and First Sole Survivor's Dancefloor!


Vote Vote vote! :) 

"...i-vote nyo kami! wag nyo i - vote c mark!!! "_ yasmien


Hehehe i find it funny, yazzie on her sis guesting was trying to block 

Mark's possible voters for the dance battle.  

Hehe lol'z she must find mark the biggest threat on this or she won't try 

to dissuade voters. Nahhh nothing serious of course.

Don't Miss SRO Cinemaserye "SUSPETSA"

SRO Cinemaserye presents Suspetsa premieres tonight

GMA Network's SRO Cinemaserye presents Suspetsa
is a suspense-thriller that aims to keep viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. 


The new season is led by award-winning director Mark Reyes featuring three of the original and talented products of the talent search, StarStruck Season 1. These are Yasmien Kurdi, Nadine Samonte and Jennylyn Mercado. Completing the powerhouse cast are Ryan Eigenmann, Victor Aliwalas, Paolo Contis, and Baron Geisler. 


Suspetsa, which is penned by seasoned scriptwriters headed by Jun Luna, is loaded with thrills and cliffhangers that promise to capture the viewers' imagination and interest up to the last episode. Every character is given equal premium, emphasizing further their acting skills. 


The story centers on the lives of three women: the self-assertive probinsyana Nina (Jennylyn), smart yet bighead Leonor (Yasmien), and the lovely but feeble Abigail (Nadine). 


The three childhood friends have kept their relationship intact and strong through the years. However, their bond is tested when Nina and Leonor saved Abigail from being raped by Chris (Ryan), the mayor's son. Nina and Leonor unintentionally pushed Chris from the bell tower during their fight. 


Panic-stricken, they decide to abandon his almost dead body rather than report the accident. The news of Chris's death startles the three girls because he was still alive when they left him. Still, they pretended that nothing happened. 


But five years later, someone begins pestering them. Anonymous messages are sent to the three, and they doubt whether someone else saw what they did to Chris or if Chris really died. 


Who is the mysterious assailant terrorizing Nina, Leonor, and Abigail? While their attacker is out for revenge, how will the three escape his terrifying schemes and menacing stalking? How long will the nightmare of the past haunt Nina, Leonor, and Abigail? 


Thursday nights will never be the same again with the thrilling premiere of SRO Cinemaserye presents Suspetsa this Thursday, May 28, right after One Liter of Tears on GMA-7.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's New?

Between my personal life and kdf life it hasn't been easy these days to switch to and fro.  I knew i needed to update here and the worst is that just last week too i've been trying to get in my blogger account and couldn't.  I was never able to successfully recover my passwor until just hehe a few secons ago! wahhhhhhhh

Anyway, so what's new since then?

1. YASMIEN IS ON DeaR FRIEND - just  around the middle of her summer classes, she'z been  dedicating taping days to be on "MADRASTA" with co-star, from stastruck 2 Iwa Motto. This month's offeringon Marvin and Jolen's Dear Friend will feature the story of a highschool girly feud carried on to later years when Yazzie who plays Shiela in the story, finds out that her father is about to marry the same girl whom she had an unforgetable bitter past.  Catch it Sundays after SOP.

2.  YASMIEN WILL BE ON SRO - together starstruck batchmates, Jennelyn Mercado and Nadine Samonte, she will appear in a new stronger character as Leonor on the new offering for SRO cinemaserye, "SUSPETSA". This new suspense thriller is said to keep you at your edge every Thursday nights, starting this 28th of May after gma7'S 1 Liter of Tears.

3.  YASMIEN REUNITES FRIENSHIP TIES WITH NADINE -years after ss1 Yazmien and Nadine both from the same star search were said or known to have this gap which started since their overheated young starstruck days competition.  Everyone's curious what's SRO like with the two on it.  The answer is ....

Childish competition is over and the two have learned a thing or three about it and have instead learned like never before that after all, it isn't impossible to be friends.  

Happenings on igma thread? Hehe seems like nadinesters and jennelynians are visiting yazzie's thread and there's no on going tremolous war or whatsoever. It seems like Fine Weather after the Rain. hehe  People are anticipating that the three will star over next remake for DoReMi, the movie. 

4.  YASMIEN VS. BARON GIESLER - wAHHhh yazzie will appear with Baron which happens to be her love interest in SRO but their working relationship is in fire!  Baron is reportedly yet again on another sexual harassment issue this time with Yasmien. 

Yasmien Kurdi files charges of acts of lasciviousness against Baron Geisler __ARTICLE HERE

5.  YASMIEN IS ON BELO LESS IS BEAUTIFUL TV COMMERCIAL - catch beautiful yazzie on it with other endorsers, Mark Herras,Richard Guttierez,Lorna Tolentino and Judy Ann Santos. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


Thanks to KDF boy for uploading the this one where yazzie is a part of. Umm 

Watch yazzie'z flawlessly beautiful and fresh morning beauty! hehe coz these are seconds you'd want to play and replay!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear Friend "Madrasta"

Cute and sweet! :p  wahhh nothing just to

show how intese Yazzie and Iwa still are

after taking a scene hehehe

I love this one! She sure looks like ummm that lost dirty beautiful doll

some rich kid lost along the way. 

In case you  need to watch  DF episodes  ... :)

DF episode 1

DF Episode 2..

Anyway Congratulations ! Despite ummm what i think was lousy promotion ehhe somehow DF on it's pilot episode did amazing job  with a healthy result.

Dear Friend: Madrasta 14.1 vs. Your Song 9.2-  (GMA-7) - 13.4% .....which EVEN SOP WASN'T ABLE TO ACHIEVE. Hmmm

And I don't intend any offense ... Marco is such a hunk but yeah i feel he's too old for yazzie too but anyhow thanks it didn't matter.

For the past 2 Sundays they've consistently won the ratings game! :)

Keep watching guyz! muahhh

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catch Yazzie on Dear Friend

Dear Friend: Madrasta premieres on May 17

Dear Friend delivers the third offering of its summer specials featuring a touching drama in "Madrasta." This Sunday afternoon drama is slated to premiere on May 17. 

The four-part episode of "Madrasta" is topbilled by GMA-7's Drama Princesses, Yasmien Kurdi and Iwa Moto. Both are products of the first batch of the GMA-7 talent search StarStruck. Completing the cast are Gary Estrada, Marco Alcaraz, Kevin Santos and Dang Cruz. 

With director Jay Altarejos at the helm, "Madrasta" tells the story of two women whose lives are intertwined by shades of intrigue, personal ambitions and resentment. 

Iwa plays the role of Gellie who is often misjudged as a flirtatious, easy to get type of girl by her schoolmates. Unknown to them, Gellie is trying to cope with her harrowing experience as a battered girlfriend. 

During these trying times, she finds comfort in the arms of Arnold (Gary Estrada), the owner of the school where she studies. On one occasion, Shiela (Yasmien) chances upon Gellie talking to Arnold and immediately gives the wrong impression that Gellie toys with older men. She brands Gellie as a gold-digger.  

Gellie and Arnold start seeing each other and despite their age differences, they fall in love instantly. However, things get complicated on the day of their engagement. Gellie discovers that Shiela is Arnold's daughter, her former classmate who spread the false rumors about her. 

Will this revelation ignite the feud between the two women? How will Shiela deal and accept the truth that Gellie is the new mistress of her father? Will Gellie find peace in her heart? 

Don't miss Part 1 of 4 "Madrasta" episode of Dear Friend this Sunday, May 17, right after S.O.P. on GMA-7.

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