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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's New?

Between my personal life and kdf life it hasn't been easy these days to switch to and fro.  I knew i needed to update here and the worst is that just last week too i've been trying to get in my blogger account and couldn't.  I was never able to successfully recover my passwor until just hehe a few secons ago! wahhhhhhhh

Anyway, so what's new since then?

1. YASMIEN IS ON DeaR FRIEND - just  around the middle of her summer classes, she'z been  dedicating taping days to be on "MADRASTA" with co-star, from stastruck 2 Iwa Motto. This month's offeringon Marvin and Jolen's Dear Friend will feature the story of a highschool girly feud carried on to later years when Yazzie who plays Shiela in the story, finds out that her father is about to marry the same girl whom she had an unforgetable bitter past.  Catch it Sundays after SOP.

2.  YASMIEN WILL BE ON SRO - together starstruck batchmates, Jennelyn Mercado and Nadine Samonte, she will appear in a new stronger character as Leonor on the new offering for SRO cinemaserye, "SUSPETSA". This new suspense thriller is said to keep you at your edge every Thursday nights, starting this 28th of May after gma7'S 1 Liter of Tears.

3.  YASMIEN REUNITES FRIENSHIP TIES WITH NADINE -years after ss1 Yazmien and Nadine both from the same star search were said or known to have this gap which started since their overheated young starstruck days competition.  Everyone's curious what's SRO like with the two on it.  The answer is ....

Childish competition is over and the two have learned a thing or three about it and have instead learned like never before that after all, it isn't impossible to be friends.  

Happenings on igma thread? Hehe seems like nadinesters and jennelynians are visiting yazzie's thread and there's no on going tremolous war or whatsoever. It seems like Fine Weather after the Rain. hehe  People are anticipating that the three will star over next remake for DoReMi, the movie. 

4.  YASMIEN VS. BARON GIESLER - wAHHhh yazzie will appear with Baron which happens to be her love interest in SRO but their working relationship is in fire!  Baron is reportedly yet again on another sexual harassment issue this time with Yasmien. 

Yasmien Kurdi files charges of acts of lasciviousness against Baron Geisler __ARTICLE HERE

5.  YASMIEN IS ON BELO LESS IS BEAUTIFUL TV COMMERCIAL - catch beautiful yazzie on it with other endorsers, Mark Herras,Richard Guttierez,Lorna Tolentino and Judy Ann Santos. :)


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