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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yazzie Passes with Flying Colors!


KDF'Z ARE PROUD OF YOU PRINCESS! WE are happy to know that you have passed your
exams with flying colors and now ready to take charge of your school life hand in hand with your career.

Not aways the easiest as it sounds but sure God bless you with more strength Yazzie!


Saturday, October 25, 2008


Can't believe we are approaching 200th miles of challenges,power,fun,togetherness,blessings,and love as kdf's for yazzie!
It seems just a moment when the new igma started and we moved from gmaptv and the old igma to a whole new start. WAhhhhhh remember how hard itwas for us to accept all the resets? After all, hehe Thankz God therea re no more thread resets and we're going to mark some kindf of second centeniary thread hehee.

Be blessed everyone! Enjoy kdf posting time as alwayz! muahhhhhhh YAZZIE RULEz! KDF ROCKZ!

watch this... and be entertained by our pretty Yaz
(sorry, it's quite short, hehe)

Busy Yazzie

We are busy and alive again coz our dear Yaz is back to prove showbiz is incomplete without her, hehe!!!
We have to keep a daily record of d tv programs we shouldn't miss!!!!
Oct. 26 - SOP ( hopefully every Sunday, with longer production nos.)
Oct. 28 - SIS
? - All Star K ( with DJ)
.... definitely she will do a lot of guestings and promotions for her upcoming Dramarama, SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA which will start
airing on Nov.10
We are so glad coz we prayed for this... to see our dear Yaz again, sharing with us her God-given talent and charming face we love to see everyday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yaz for Us

Just got lucky... to be with a charming princess
her name is Yasmien whom we fondly call our bebeh Yaz!!!
She really makes our day complete and zesty
a day without a thought or sight of her is empty and dark
Just before we say goodnight... a simple wish and prayer
we whisper... "we love u dearly, do not forget us...
always here for u in laughter and tears, KDF just for Yaz!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Visit from Yasmien

My lucky day! haha Yazzie just joined our forum fun when i was
supposed to leave 2 hours before she came. Wahhhh Yeahhh it was surprisingly fun
and i wished all kdf's were there. Hehehe these days yazzie does more than just lurking keep that in mind and enjoy! Happy posting kdf's!

hehe links to the fun,5923.75.html,5923.90.html,5923.105.html,5923.120.html

Thanks Yazzie for the fun this day! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On YASMIEN's Sorrow and Other Issues

Here'z a link i value and thanks to the uploader. :)

Apart from the fact that yazzie stays really pretty on her sobbing moments, when this came out, it moved my heart too much.Even when we've heard of the reason why the kdf visit to the story con was moved, still it is different to see yazzie this way.

Tiny part of this was shown over Chicka minute but this interview on Ricky Lo Exclusives
got the full version.

Yazzie'z answers on some issues with past loveteam, and her break to pursue academic review classes are all concisely tackled ad i love it that way.

It is too much of an abuse to keep digging matters and not move on when in the first place, it was gma7 who broke it apart so they build different paths. Why not work silently apart without using other people for publicity'z sake? I really feel that the other camp escpecially the guy should stom items against yazzie. In any other relationship be it real or reel, it is not a gentleman behaviour
to talk about your ex's directly or indirectly, in way that would put them in question.

Monday, October 13, 2008


sympathy Pictures, Images and Photos

Contrary to how we looked forward and imagined this day to be, there'z sadness. I was so unpleasantly stunned by the news of the passing of Director Khrys Adalia. I never knew until this day that he struggled with colon cancer.

Yazzie grieves this moment not just for losing a mentor but for losing someone who'z after all these times been close to her as a mother.

We feel for yazzie and understand this moment of space she deserves.

Anyway, with or without kdf's visit to the story conference, we are certainly ready to be glued for it soon.

YASMIEN: Sad pm =( wala na NAY KRYS director na nag acting coach k CHARMING =( at pag may doubt me sa acting tnatawagan ko parati magpaturo...luv u NAY KRYS

YASMIEN: Sori guys s sadness..para ko nawalan kadugo k nayKHRYS nakila2 todo acting ko s CHARMING anak ni Bakekang sobra respeto, utang na loob ko kay Nay!

YASMIEN: Its a week of mourning =( Looked 2 da sunset nd dawn, talked abt Audrey Hepburn, breakfast at Tiffany etc yan fave n bonding time namin Nay KHRYS

YASMIEN: Dearest nayKHRYS. U wil be my inspiration n motivation..I dedicate 2U SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA =( da truth I'm nervous kc ala nako acting guru...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

YASMIEN VISITS her IGMA thread again!,5854.105.html

My regret was i missed to stay 1 and a half longer hee coz she showed up just when i've left my shift. But eyyy i'm so happy with the visit. Everyone within that shift
got the thrill for yazzie'z quick drop by.


sdau story con by monday 13
pilot epi taping by 18th

she'z got
bleach 2 coming up
and bleach 2 movie

and eyyyy know what yazzie'z latest obsession? hehe that's becoming Bella Swan for Some Edward Cullen. I am happy that yazie shared her passion for this story.
Plz grab a copy of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and read other series New Moon,Eclipse,Breaking Dawn. Guess what i found mine the same day yazzie
shared her book finds. A film is about to come so watch out but i think, as always, it's a hundred times better to read it before watching the movie.

Yazzie thnx for all the updates,another visit and sharing your book finds! :) muahhhh

Friday, October 10, 2008

YASMIEN'S exam canceled

Please continue to pray for Yazzie anyhow even as her entrance exam is moved to
October 26. Love you KDF!

Thanks to guyz. We are one with Yazzie's endeavors!

MUahhhhhh Greaaaaat Morning.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yasmien's balance of School and Career

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Plese pray for yazzie as she takes her entrance exam today! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Yasmien Checks Out Ateneo

Who’s the luckiest KDF? Hehe it must be betchay and lina! Whoaaaaahhh ! How would anyone think of a visit from Yazzie herself in their work place? Oh well it just happened.

Yasmien together with he mom took them both by an awe-strucking surprise last Monday when both unexpectedly appeared within the Ateneo Campus, and to be more precise –

The Ateneo Library ! J

Anyway here”z bits and pieces of the story Hmmm Yasmien is really more determined than ever to shape up her future beyond life as singer/actress! She is working on her layout towards earning a college degree leaning towards Intenational or European Studies.

Hmm as expected she walked in and was identified as the “Yasmien” Heard too that you favorite Ateneo winning basketball team players this year's championship swarmed to take pics and autographs from Yazzie! Hehehe and we asked where was Chris Tiu.

OMg they missed each other by a matter of hours.

Is she decided to be an Atenean? Yes

Would she be here this school year? Sadly nope.

The university requires first year of block sectioning which would have meant she needs to leave showbiz entirely a year.

Yazzie got an option to take first step in UP and transfer when she is prepared and ready with an aggreable time table.

With all her dreams in life beyond this career, how it moves us that she takes time to make us a part of her plans and choices. She drives her lane but knows KDF is right at the backseat too! We are more than moved that she makes sacrifices to carry on to keep her dreams and keep the KDF. I have more than admired her passion for her aspirations in life and her courage to keep her balance.

Grabbed some pics from kdf betchay’s album. As usual, Yazzie’z simplicity is amazingly twice charming! J

Sunday, October 5, 2008

YASMIEN'S home Sweet home

Friday, October 3, 2008

YASMIEN Visits Her IGMA thread

You have filled everyone with so much burst of excitement
and overjoy for seeing you and feeling your presence. Thanks a lot Yazzie for visiting your home over igma!,5742.30.html,5742.45.html

links to yassie's post

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