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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On YASMIEN's Sorrow and Other Issues

Here'z a link i value and thanks to the uploader. :)

Apart from the fact that yazzie stays really pretty on her sobbing moments, when this came out, it moved my heart too much.Even when we've heard of the reason why the kdf visit to the story con was moved, still it is different to see yazzie this way.

Tiny part of this was shown over Chicka minute but this interview on Ricky Lo Exclusives
got the full version.

Yazzie'z answers on some issues with past loveteam, and her break to pursue academic review classes are all concisely tackled ad i love it that way.

It is too much of an abuse to keep digging matters and not move on when in the first place, it was gma7 who broke it apart so they build different paths. Why not work silently apart without using other people for publicity'z sake? I really feel that the other camp escpecially the guy should stom items against yazzie. In any other relationship be it real or reel, it is not a gentleman behaviour
to talk about your ex's directly or indirectly, in way that would put them in question.


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