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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saan Darating ang Umaga Episode 8 Week 2

Wednesday on SDAU Week 2

Shayne's presentation ended disastrously so she asked a friend if their cd's probably interchanged but since it had a porn content, her friend brushed off any possibility. Just then she realized one most believable culprit. Confronting Raul who was sneering at her and enjoying her misfortune during the debate. He told her that he was just getting even for what she did to him the last tme. Shayne was too enraged that she demanded her cd back only that he still wins in the end and all she couldn't do anyting but desperately try to hit him hard with the cd right on his back and yet miss the target. Such action only formed more evil victorious grin on his face which she hated much.

Still day by day, Ruben and Lorie has kept trying hard to love JOel despite his rejecting and naughty behavior. One dinner time after all the preparations for a nice meal for him, the child pushes the food away denying himself of wanting to eat or even taste it. He has even gone as far as changing salt to sugar on it's contaier so that itwas mistakenly mixed on their soup. Joel intentionally misbehaves believing that he will soon be turned over again to the orphanage just like other families before.

Shayne's family is all the more giving and have used their parenting care for Joel like thier own. They take time to love him even as he becomes the bad little boy and yes, work on trying to train him up to shape his manners.

Upon Joel's meeting his grandfather, Agatha and Dindo or the first time, he has picked right time to display his misbehaving self by pushing them away directly and harshly. Agatha pointed out clearly to thier father that the child doesn't have manners and that Lorie hasn't taught her well. This only made their father sense her jealous feelings and told he that the child is being perceptive enough to know the kind of person she is. He told her she should have thought of adopting a child before too so she won't have the need to be envious.

Diverting the conversation istead to the upcoming foundation anniversary of their company, their father told Agatha to prepare for it instead of paying too much attention on the child.

Lorie and Ruben found some time to confront Joel about his attitude towards his grandfather and tried to lovingly show him that he is loved even after all that happened. This only surprised Joel who thought they'd ssend him back to the orphanage but didn't stop his misbehavings.

Sooon after though he was back on his nasty ways and stuck a bubble gum on Agatha's dress which drove her crazy to death. Lorie trying to defend the child, onlyworsens Agatha's anger as she dismissed her offer of pay back for the dress and insulted her as incapable of paying for its worth.

At home JOel tried to piss off the yaya and has gone too far as leaving the gas range open and putting her life at risk.

next: For the first time Ruben seems to give up on the child's behavior.


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