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Saturday, September 27, 2008

YAZZIE on Saan Darating Ang Umaga Soon

While Yazzie has been out sprightly living her student life these months wahhhh we've tremendously missed her! Occasional guestings and interviews all these times just seem to tease our patience. Finally we're so happy that Yazzie is about ready to come back on a new cinenobela. This time Yazzie will reprise Maricel Soriano and late Nida Blanca's "Saan Darating Ang Umaga".

This will be Gma7's new offering on cinenobela, replacing "Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan".

Hmm now i'll try and anticipate how you feel when this news broke out. It's both happpyand a little disgusted in someways. It's like,"how stupid and entirely incredulous can gma7 get for giving yazzie a comeback less than what she deserves after having proving herself so much from her previous shows?"

wahhh...well let's admit in that if we think about it time-slot-wise, YAZZIE REALLY DESERVES A PRIMETIME REWARD FOR A PRIMETIME SUCCESS. However that's not what's happening and yes it is plain to see that only one person from out of the successful teamup which YAZZIE HAS SO MUCH INFLUENCED HUGE APPLAUSE who now earns the fruit of hard labor. Worst, hehehe it seems that they've picked a girl who'z previous show rated lowest cinenobela just because she's a birthday girl. Anyway, that we have to understand how blood is thicker than water no matter how odd that is.

When i think of that i turn..."ewwww...."

But i think of the other side too and here's what i think. This project is one of the most worthy ones that i think yazzie shouldn't have really turned it down just because of time slot issue. This is where i find that yazzie is very intelligent enough to know what projcts are timeless treasures which would best sharpen her in her craft. IN this case, cinenobela or telebabad, primetime or daytime...time slot becomes irrelevant.

Let us embrace this gift and know that yes there are blessings in disguise! This is one of those for its quality and the type of experience it will give yazzie working on it under Director Maryo J. Reyes. Here's a plus thing too.

The next guy yazzie will be with is what yazzie described as "tall,white and handsom" Dion Ignacio! Hehehe that makes me really smile knowing the great tandemt hey can make knowing this is the guy who eversince got a crush ontheir sweet starstruck days.

For dion, woww this is one great break finallly which i too dream he would have.
This will reveal the very promising Dion ! :)

I can't wait for it! :)


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