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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Luna Mystica Or Saan Darating ang Umaga?

Before Heart Evangelista was announced as Mark Anthony Fernadez' lady on the new primetime offering Luna Mystica there've been leaks it's for Yazzie. In fact Yazzie got some clues on her fanatxts though not fully confirming.

Anyway days after it was revealed that Heart will be Mark A. F's lady that seals the ownership of the projct.

Some of us would feel it's not that fair the way GMA 7 treats their own pure, fresh, proven,wanted, and loyal talents giving way to ABS-CBn's rejected falling stars as i'm pleased to call them forgive me. hehe

Yazzie's fanatxt was kind and sweet as usual. We're not supposed to make any reactions coz those seeking for greener pasture need to live as well. Okay i'll take it that way although yeah i don't think it is wisest ever decision for this network, in fact it makes them very pathetic and insensetive to their homegrown stars. This is the usual flaw that i think they should consider on healing soon.

So yazzie got Saan DArating ang Umaga to reprise Maricel's award-winning movie and role. She won't be on primeitme doing some fantasy series with magical lights,magnifecent heroine prowess an other.

Between both, if you were to choose for yazzie, what would you rather that yazzie had?
to wear colorful costumes and be a magical pinoy heroine like majika perhaps equipped with similar powers of Encantadia? hehhehe
or be just Shane, a real person in a real world, in one heavily dramatic stunts on "Saan Darating Ang Umaga?"

AS for me and most others, there's no better and luckier role than this, regardless of time.


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