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Friday, May 2, 2008

TASYA episode updates

Tasya and the Summer Betrayal
Article posted April 28, 2008

Mateng had a problem with an old debt she couldn't settle, but when
she asked Tasya for help, her best friend refused! It was an act that
made Miss Brigida think that Tasya needed to learn a new lesson—a
lesson on betrayal.

Pookalakala transported Tasya to a world where she already had Donald
in her arms, but Tasya wasn't happy because in this world, Tasya had
done wrong to her best friend. Tasya's problem, though, was she didn't
know what she had done to cause her best friend pain.

Through the clues from the other staff members of the resort where
Tasya worked, Tasya learned just what exactly she had done to kill her
relationship with Buttercup. She had given the girl's deed on the
resort to Donald's mom, so she could have Donald's heart.

But in this world, knowing was just half the battle. Tasya must learn
how to make it up to Buttercup!

Determined, Tasya discovered that Donald's mother had plans to kick
Buttercup out of the resort. Running out of time, Tasya went on a
mission to recover the deed to the resort. And just as Donald's mother
was about to have Buttercup framed for a crime she didn't commit,
Tasya arrived just in time to save her friend.

With her lesson learned, Tasya returned to her real world with
newfound wisdom on how she would help her best friend, Mateng.

This Sunday, Tasya enters the world of boxing—literally! Why has Tasya
turned into a boxer? Find out this Sunday on Tasya Fantasya, after SOP.


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