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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Free to Help ?

Wahhhhh! Been soooo busy and there's lots to catch up with. Anyway, first things first. Today is a flood of TasyaFantasya articles and this week hmm a stream of teasers as well. Do you think this is how GMA7 makes up or mmm a late and less of these stuff for BADK which is supposedly for primetme? I am feeling grateful anyhow. Hehe guyz your daily habit is working so go on and double your force and speed for that as always.

By the way, my mind is clouded guyz. I am trying to swalllow more than i can. Caught up with 4 sites under construction or yazzie and it is getting clear to me my stubburness and too ambitious self is battling with my own foolishness. I can't finish one if i start it all at one time. So i think i am calling for help for those who want to assist here and the other site which needs some little help so i can concentrate on one i'd love to finish hopefully this summer. Pm me or buzz me on ym when you you are free and would love to work with me. :)


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