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Sunday, April 6, 2008

TASYA Articles

Yasmien Kurdi gets caught up in the magical world of ‘Tasya Fantasya’

Sunday, April 6, 2008
Enter the world of magic and fantasy as GMA Network introduces this April its newest fascinating Sunday afternoon story about love, friendship and adventure in Carlo J. Caparas’ “Tasya Fantasya.”

Patterned after one of Caparas’ unique masterpieces, “Tasya Fantasya” is topbilled by today’s most popular Kapuso stars namely Yasmien Kurdi, Rainier Castillo and Wendell Ramos. Also in the cast are Vangie Labanan, Alicia Meyer, Gladys Reyes and Mura. “Tasya Fantasya” will mesmerize the viewers beginning today, April 6. Tasya Fantasya centers on the enchanting and colourful world of Tasya (Yasmien Kurdi), an ugly but kind-hearted sales assistant in an optical shop who wilfully yearns for her Prince Charming’s affection but only to find out her fate is entangled in a magical pair of eyeglasses that will lead her to a series of colourful adventures.

The storyline envelops on Tasya who at a young age was orphaned by her father and was later adopted by Aunt Ketay (Vangie Labalan), an abusive relative who is only after Tasya’s her earnings but never for her welfare.

But Tasya, being the simple and benevolent person that she is, just ignores her awful aunt. She escapes her unpleasant world by spending romantic moments with her prince charming—Donald (Wendell Ramos), the optical shop’s handsome model—in all her dreams and fantasies. Thus, her bestfriend Mateng (Gladys Reyes), a vendor who patiently listens to Tasya’s make believe stories, deliberately calls her Tasya Fantasya.

Unknown to Tasya, despite her unpleasant appearance, her loyal friend Raz (Rainier Castillo) secretly adores her. But Raz settles as Tasya’s friend and confidante, sacrificing the strong feelings he has for her.

Tasya’s life becomes more exhilarating when she surprisingly discovers the magical power behind an old-fashioned eyeglass displayed at the shop that ultimately changes her life.

Everytime she wears the magical eyeglasses, Tasya transforms into a gorgeous young lady but finds herself amidst a new situation as a different person. But the adventure becomes more exciting when she discovers the presence of Donald and Raz, whose characters change as well, in all her new and mystical experiences. But when Tasya removes her mystical eyeglasses things return to normal in an instant.

Determined to unravel more of this mystifying eyeglass, Tasya continues to wear it and has her own share of different adventures where she stands as a heroine to every world she lands.

Ironically, this role coincides with the identity she characterizes in the mystical world where the mysterious optical shop owner Ms. Brigida (Alicia Meyer) and Donald also belong to. Tasya is a plain, hard-working sales assistant in the mortal world. But in the enchanted world, Tasya is Princess Anastacia, a dazzling, beautiful woman destined to wed Prince Federico. Ms. Brigida turns out to be Queen Virtuosa and Prince Federico is her son Donald.

What will be Tasya’s reaction when she finds out that she is bound to marry Donald in the supernatural world? Will she turn it down and go back to the real world of mortals? Will she take her chances and accept Donald’s offer of being his wife? Or will she reject his proposal and go back to being Tasya and recognize Raz’s love for her? How will Tasya’s idealism change from these realizations?

With well-respected director Mac Alejandre at the helm, get ready to be mesmerized by the colourful adventures of the queen of fantasies and daydreamers in Carlo J. Caparas’ “Tasya Fantasya.” Catch its pilot episode beginning today right after S.O.P. on GMA-Network.


By Jun Lalin


Mistulang magi­ging isang malaking fashion show ang SOP Rules ngayong Linggo dahil rarampa ang mga nagguguwapuhang lalaki at mga naggagandahang babae suot ang summer fashion collection. Ka­samang ma­kikipag­saya sa SOP Rules ang cast ng Tasya Pantasya sa pangunguna ni Yasmien Kurdi.

Yes, kahit kasama mamaya sa SOP Rules si Yasmien ay manonood pa rin kami ng show dahil pinatawad ko na siya, although nandoroon pa rin ang sama ng loob ko sa ginawa niyang pambibitin sa aming 21st showbiz anniversary show noong isang Sabado sa Zirkoh Timog.

NGAYONG Linggo, rarampa ang mga guwapo at nagseseksihang mga lalaki at babae sa SOP para sa hottest summer collection.

Makiki-party din ang cast ng Tasya Fantasya at darating din ang paborito n’yong mga banda.

Rainier Castillo would rather make people roll down the aisle than take out their hanky and sob till they drop. Not that it’s a walk in the park. Everybody knows that it’s much harder to make people laugh at your jokes than cry over your sorrows.

Comedy requires timing; drama can do without this crucial but important part of a performer’s life.

It’s just that the StarStruck (batch 1) survivor is jolly by nature. Rainier grew up in a typical Pinoy home where his extended family of titos and titas would crack jokes at the dinner table. The memory of those happy family meals is enough to light up Rainier’s lonely nights, now that his titos and titas have moved out of the compound they used to share.

This also explains why Rainier is non-plussed at the emergence of the Yasmien (Kurdi)-JC (de Vera) loveteam on GMA 7’s Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita. Rainier is not at all flustered that the network is pairing Yasmien with another guy every weeknight on primetime TV.

“Yasmien’s teamup with JC is for drama; mine is for comedy,” says Rainier.

Make that comedy-fantasy. Years after they first hit it big as a duo on StarStruck, GMA is bringing Yasmien and Rainier back together again in Tasya Fantasya, which starts today after SOP.

The new afternoon series, based on Carlo J. Caparas’ story of friendship, adventure and love, casts Yasmien in the title role. Rainier, on the other hand, is Raz, her secret admirer and confidante.
Yasmien is the same girl he has known since their StarStruck days, observes Rainier. And he is basically the same guy who took a shot at the talent search in the hope of helping his family financially.

“I’m still the breadwinner,” he relates. “That’s why I don’t mind taking supporting roles as long as I have work.”

Thanks to his work, Rainier was able to buy a lot in Antipolo and a car he can call his own.

And since the responsibility of providing for the family falls squarely on his shoulders, Rainier doesn’t mind taking the slow but steady route to stardom.

“I’d rather do things step by step,” he explains. “I’m in no hurry.”

And if this means waiting longer to reach the peak because he wants to avoid scandals and intrigues, so be it. Rainier would rather keep his private life private than talk about it and hog showbiz column headlines the next day.

Yes, it could be a shortcut to the big time, but no thanks. Rainier will keep his mouth shut about the real reason for his breakup with Sheena Halili and other juicy items about his private life.

How true is it that he just disappeared from Sheena’s life without any warning? Rainier refuses to confirm or deny the accusation.

“All I can say is I know the truth,” he replies with a straight face.

It speaks a lot about this guy known for his killer smile. Rainier would rather talk in riddles than hurt someone else’s feelings.

The guy has dreams — big ones. This, you can’t take away from him. Aside from putting his family on easy street someday, Rainier wants to feel how it is to be a king, even for a day.

“That’s my fantasy, you see. Kings get what they want,” he says.

Still another fantasy is snagging a date with Ehra Madrigal, and, where stateside beauties are concerned, the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

As for a fantasy figure, Rainier would choose Spider-Man, he with the belief that with great power comes great responsibility.

Again, it speaks much of this guy who would rather let his actions do the talking for him. Rainier may be no hunk like Spider-Man. He may not land a full-page splash on men who display their abs and rippling muscles.

But in his heart of hearts, this simple guy knows that these things are not the only traits that make a real superhero. Rainier knows that at the end of the day, what matters most is not how many fans swarm around you or ask for your autograph.

What’s important is that he has been facing the responsibility of taking care of his family for years now with that killer smile still lighting up his face.

That’s Rainier’s strength, and source of power.


BONGGA ang SOP summer special ngayong Linggo dahil may fashion show ng mga swimwear na magaganap sa mismong show. Darating din ang buong cast ng Tasya Fantasya na pinangungunahan nina Yasmien Kurdi, Rainier Castillo at Wendell Ramos.

Magbibigay-pugay sa fans dahil magsisimula na ang bagong programa pag-katapos ng SOP.
April 06, 2008 04:17 PM Sunday Article read 130 time(s)

Yasmien Kurdi, Rainier mapapalaban sa boxing
By: Dinno Erece

ANG lakas kaagad ng itinapat sa pilot ng Tasya Fantasya kaya tiyak na mapapalaban agad ang pagbabalik- tambalan nina Yasmien Kurdi and Rainier Castillo today with their Tasya Fantasya na ipapalabas after SOP.

May big event sa boxing ang kabilang station and this kind of show is always extended to the max palagi, thus preempting several of the other station’s shows in the process.

Mabuti na lang at good show to offer ang Tasya Fantasya and is in the time slot na matagal nang click ang mga fantasy.

This is the same timeslot noon ng Magic Kamison and Love to Love na may fantasy episodes din.

MAGPA-PILOT this Sunday ang Tasya Fantasya at ibig sabihin, dalawang beses mapapanood sa GMA-7 si Yasmien Kurdi, dahil nasa SOP din siya.

Six days a week din siyang mapapanood, dahil Monday to Friday ang Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita. Saturday na lang siya libre, pero minsan, guest din siya sa Startalk.

With two regular shows, ayaw pa ring tanggapin ni Yasmien na siya ang “Drama Princess” ng network at nagkataon lang daw na bagay sa kanya ang role ni Tasya at ni Salve sa BADK.

Sinusuklian daw niya ng sipag ang pagtitiwala ng kanyang home studio.

Tatakbo ng 13 weeks ang Tasya Fantasya at every week, iba’t ibang sitwasyon ang pupuntahan ni Tasya gamit ang magic salamin. Iba-iba rin ang guest na makakasama ng cast.
Guest si Isabel Oli sa pilot episode, pero secret ang kanyang role. Gaganap na nanay-nanayan ni Tasya sa mortal world si Alicia Mayer na buntis sa totoong buhay, kaya makakapagpraktis siyang maging mommy kay Yasmien. After manganak daw sila pakakasal ng fiancé niyang ayaw pangalanan (kahit nasa news lagi), dahil ayaw niyang magsuot ng wedding gown na malaki ang tiyan at hindi dahil nagpapa-annul ito ng kasal. “He’s very much single at wala siyang annulment na inaayos. Wala akong alam na may pinakasalan siya,” wika ni Alicia. ____


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