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Friday, April 18, 2008

Love Is All That Matters

Everyday all around us, people are falling in love, falling out of love, some are with the right people, some are with the wrong people, some are eagerly getting into relationships, some are trying to recover from the lost of one; this is what the movie LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS is about – a capsule summary of the realities of love.

LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS involves nine main characters, each weaving his or her way into another's heart in an industry ever so familiar to all of us – a call center. JEPOI GUMBA (JC De Vera), LANE CRUZ (Yasmien Kurdi), BRYDAMIRE (Erah Madrigal), TONEE TIENZA (Chris Bernal), and TOM BASE (Polo Ravales) are happy to be together once again in ETELECARE, the biggest call center in the Philippines. They are renewing their friendship formed when they became members of the same theater group in college. This is seemingly perfect but it also brings in other people in their circle that rocks their world.

For one, Lane left her journalism job just to try and be with her bestfriend, Jepoi. She is now the Executive Assistant of Caleb Madrigal (Brent Javier). She harbors a very unrequited love on Jepoi but her sacrifice becomes an even more painful move when Jepoi meets Kim. Kim is the smart, preppy, sweet, gorgeous girl who is impossible to hate and perfect for Jepoi.

There's also Bry who, like many of the call center agents, is using this job as an “in betweener” while she auditions for commercials, movies or any entertainment job that will launch her to stardom. She has a loyal taxi driver, AXEL (John Prats), who drives her to auditions and work. Working at night, auditioning during the day - her schedule and dream eventually takes a toll in her relationship with the only man she loves, Weej.

Tom is in a relationship with the girl of his dreams - CYRILL (Jean Garcia). Thing is, she is 15 years older and she used to be their theater guild advisor. Will their love for each survive the stigma of society and the difficulties that sheer generation gap brings?

And finally, there is Tonee. With her mother now openly lesbian and living with another lesbian, she has come to believe she is a tomboy. She finds comfort in this and the entrance of RYAN PEYRA (Aljur Abrenica) in her life just might make things uncomfortable.

Life and love happening after dark isn’t the kind we are all used to but love and life has a funny way of happening in the most unlikely of places and time.

Directed by Don Cuaresma for Regal Films and Regal Multimedia.


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