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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What BADK was like for us last Monday

As usual, i took a day to calm down before i start to make another post. My hostile feelings won't help generate a nice sleep that i just desperately need.

Hmm, anyway Monday night came like one of the most awaited night for kdf's expectant because of the promising badk weekender. It was a long wait huh. GMA7's newest fantasy series, Dyesebel remake came in on its pilot episode, taking Kamandag's timeslot then. Wahhh the pilot episode went for an hour i think placing badk 30 minutes later. We held on to our seats anyhow trying to patiently wait.

wahhhhhh seconds tick and tock

...and there it was
hehe the same cycle again and again. I don't want to make details of scenes i am not interested in and worst, (that i am sick of as hell) HOw many scenes Salve got? two brief ones one somewhere at the start, and two somewhere at the end. We waited all for those, short glimpses of the lead star. LOL

Isn't that strange and twisted how 8 of 10 episodes shows the supporting character more than the lead? Hehe Sure there are lots of soaps with big cast but sure enough too, the lead star in its main story gets sensibly the right share of exposure per episode. Right now it's just the other way around. Suffer this mess!

I thought they removed some parts (which were supposedly important and very present in the original story) because they want to concentrate quick on more relevant area's hehehe but then i don't see any sense in showing a 3 dragging dancing queen scenes. Shouldt a part of it have been deleted to give way for the main girl of the story?

Again, this kind of flow would make viewers loyalty in a yoyo mode. We can't tell just when most viewers get pissed off and more impatient and switch that button. Hmmm from 33, they were 2 down. If a good flow just keeps coming, a steady upscaling figure would go as well.

Well, at least the best thing that what happened did was, heheheh we got the thread full too fast during dawners session and we've let out of our ill-feelings with a better smile on our face anyhow. hehe


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