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Friday, April 18, 2008

Redeeming Glory for BADK ?

Sad to say that our most awaited soap has travelled the slope of decadence in 3 weeks. Hmm I hate to say it but notice the intervals between commercial breaks and scenes? Even the figure results make me sigh. What can i say? They just did a successful move in losing audiece attraction and loyalty. After weeks of what they think was a good strategy perhaps, developing the supporting stories more than the main, and all of us stucked on eating up an unwanted feast of unexpected main meal. Lol. hmmm It's like we've been duped to believe it's yassie on a primetime role finally when the bitter fact is, it's all a flimsy wrap on that beautiful package we failed to see clearly. She is there like a pretty cool offerbut when you get to open it, this fancybox we thought it is isn't full of chocolates at all, there are peebles and more peebles than the sweet luscious taste burried somewhere.

The other night was worst as 2 sneak previews. hehe Tonight...well, at least tonight they surprisingly made a little noticeable change huh? I was thinking that if some gave up on their screens and switched, then he or she missed a little something. I can't blame them if theydid. After all who'z so patient with it when series of scenes irritates more than just bore us? *yawwnn*

My special thanks though to Badk theme for tonight's episode. It's the type of character appearances division that i should was better and i love the part where Salve got to suddenly reminisce of the sweet times her husband bought her some clothes, some shoes. Harry seems innocent-looking and nice and Salve is too vulnerably trusting. It was a tinge of pain that she tried to walk with her broken slipper straps and there was that sheep (who can say a wolf?) just seemingly gentleman enough to get her a new pair. One more thing, Yassie was without make up, in a very plain if not close to rags dress and her hair was jjust simply hanging under the sun she looked sooo frail. When harry asked what was wrong with her and she answered "naaalala ko lang noon, lagi akong binilhan ni alfred ng mga damit, sapatos at kung ano-anong gamit." "Bakit? ngayon ba hindi na?" Harry querried. She weakly replied "Hindi ko na naman kailangan eh..completo na naman ako." as if to really convince her denying self.

Woww moves like that. I wish they got more moves like this and a flow like this one. If they did right from the moment young Salve grew up, there was no reason at all for a viewer to push that button to another number.

I am somewhat worried with how they'll bounce back. Still, let us hope and pray for BAdk to redeem its glory soon.


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