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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I VOTE Yazzie for Igorota

I've been hearing about this last month and more lately that IGOROTA, a classic movie by the late icon, Charito Solis will be reinvented and the choice just happens to be YAZZIE herself again. The first time i've heard of its adaptation into tv series, was a year or two ago but it was heard of to be Diana Zubiri for the role.

I haven't seen this movie but here's a synopsis.
This drama, based on Philippine tribal ritual and ceremony, tells the story of two defiant lovers from different castes who insist on being married. This creates friction between the families on both sides. The couple moves to the groom's family's home where the bride copes with years of constant humiliation. This forces them to move to her family's territory where the groom is felled by the axe of a clan member. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Sure, It's another big thing to look forward to about yazzie and even now you can hear detractors making same worthless weight issues vs drama prowess.

To those who question why Yazzie? Well, why not? !

She has proven herself too may tmes then and
i am sure slim stick igorota's will
look too bad!
I believe yazzie will make a very vbeautiful IGOROTA.


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