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Monday, April 6, 2009

Where Did the Votes Go?

Guyz, tv ratings for last sunday'z Sop showed that they lost it again over ASAP! lol's
and it just fell on the so-called First Kapuso Tag Awards Revelation Day.


I bet yah people know what's bakin up in the oven ahead.

The first Sunday i was able to catch a glimpse of Sop showing partial results and I noticed that for each category they only revealed the top leading nominee with no figures beside it whatsoever. From there on, my predictions were kinda confirmed.

Lol's do you honestly think it was so serious when you couldn't even see corresponding vote percentages of each nominees? Even Myx shows daily status of the votes percentages of the nominees for different categories. Even voting online will give u those figures.

Hmm then came the revelation day, you didn't even notice GMA making announcement that the votes by certain-"this-time or-from-this -point-is-closed"
Then i am sure one by one they revealed the results with all the flare but with no corresponding figures again.

If you don't find that strange hmmm.... that's even more strange! :D


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