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Monday, June 16, 2008


I am so happy to hear that Yazzie is really enjoying her stay in Japan right now. It seems that she finds it an easier way as well to generate income when all you got to do is sing. Wahhh if you love your work, it's no longer work but sheer enjoyment as the saying goes. I bet what makes this more fun for yazzie is the fact that singing is her first love.

Yazzie shared her high moment as i would assume, upon having the chance of seeing Lea Salongga at the airpor who was bound for korea. Knowing yazzie is a Lea Salongga fan. wahhhh!

Yassie: Hehehe sarap din pala d2 madali mag earn artist d2 kahit ala u pera kumanta ka lng may nag aabot na =) may nagsponsor din kc sakin un jap pres fan club na stepdad tita ko =) d2 din 1 tita ko cousin ma2 ..Nakita ko pala sa airport ms. lea salonga papunta sya korea =) kasama ko naman ngayon Jet Madela


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