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Friday, March 28, 2008

BADK starting to heat up

The heat is just starting! Wahhh i saw yazzie for the first time this week on BADK. The cutie child has grown into a pretty yazzie. verry pretty even in rags. hehe! Well, not just pretty
if you could see the first glimpse of teary moments from Salve.

Guyz check out mrproko of youtube as he uploads Babangon episodes. Message him and extend gratitude so it would inspire him as well to keep uploading the episodes.

I'll be busy next week huhu but i promise soon i'll come up with episode stories here so you can check if you get to have unbalanced sched, so you won't ever miss out! :)

I believe the ratings will go up as Salve gets uncovered in the story.

Cheers KDF!


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