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Monday, March 10, 2008

Countdown to BADK

It is unstoppable! Blast of BADK will come in just a week more! :) The rightful drama princess moves to primetime seat at last! We've missed the inner beauty of charming and now she will be back in a drama-action soap which only a princess i'm sure could ever give a beautiful life to Salve on our screens once more. After all of the fantaseryes, yes i love the return of real-life touching stories! From the poisonous serpent that is Kamandag,to the awesoome combination and union of beyond natural powers etched on tattoes of Joaquin Bordado, and oh as i've heard the soon love story between the mermaid and real man on Dyesebel remake, hmmm i just believe there's too much of superpowers in a night that even some if not most of the powers like Pirena's fire has been too overused! Am i the only one who'd think they make Encatadia strainfully and disgustingly alive?

BADK will season a different playful flavor on the screen and i'm glad it's very soon!

Anyway, here's a little observation. Ummm unlike any other soaps coming to primetime, BADK is less promoted, less publicized and less sensationalized. Do you think GMA7 should have done more or are they that confident or neglectful and a little not fair with other stars?

Whatever happens, i'm sure KDF and non-KDF and other yazzie fanatics will prove that Yazzie deserves her seat!


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