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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Higher The Tree...

I want you to take time to compare the two articles below and more seriously study the highlighted lines.

All i can say is this.

"The higher the tree, the stronger the wind."

Soar on Yazzie princess!


Yasmien comes to terms with herself

By Lourdes Jiz de Ortega
Sunday, March 9, 2008
"I used to break plates so I wouldn't have so much to wash."

Yasmien Kurdi recalls how she managed to get back at her Teyta (her
Lebanese grandmother) for making her wash dishes and scrub greasy
pots and pans back in Kuwait.

She admits that discrimination was something she learned to
understand at a very young age. Born in Kuwait to a Lebanese father
and a Filipino mother, Yasmien grew up in her Teyta's home and lived
with the old woman's spite for her being half-Filipino. "It was
obvious because she wasn't as harsh with my cousins," she shares.

Now that Yasmien topbills the newest Sharon Cuneta remake Babangon
Ako't Dudurugin Kita, which will replace Marimar on GMA Network's
weeknight primetime block starting on March 24, she is asked if she
deems her new show's title an apt line for her Teyta.

"That's such a cruel line," she laughs. "My grandmother is very old
now. Among Arabs, people are too old when they reach 60 or 70 — it's
the prime age to die. But, honestly, I hold no grudge against Teyta
now. I even plan to visit her when I find the time."

At 19, Yasmien believes that she has become mature enough to
understand what she went through as a child and what happened to her
family. "I used to hate my father because I couldn't understand why
he and Mom always fought, why my mother always cried," she
discloses. "When Mom and I left him to live in the Philippines, I
still harbored that hate for him. It was too hard for me to
understand their differences. But now I've realized why my parents
can never be together. It's a matter of religion. I shouldn't impose
anything that will complicate things for us. We're all doing well
now. I know that there's no way for my parents to get back together
again, but I'm happy that they are friends now. Dad and I are also
the closest we've ever been. We are always communicating now, and he
says he'll come visit me here soon."

She adds that her Dad is still not too keen on her being an actress
and that he keeps on telling her "no kissing." Asked how her Dad
will react when he finds out that she's not only kissing different
guys on TV but also doing bed scenes and rape scenes, she briefly
replies, "He doesn't know yet and he really hasn't watched any of my

In Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita, Yasmien plays the role of Salve,
originally portrayed by Sharon Cuneta in the movie, who marries
Alfred (Marvin Agustin), gets raped under the orders of Via
(Angelika dela Cruz), and is trained to be a hired killer by Derek
(JC De Vera) and Mona Lisa (Dina Bonnevie).

Although her new show is a primetime program and will be replacing
the hugely successful Marimar, Yasmien does not want to think of the
pressure and high expectations from viewers and her home network. "I
just want to do my job and enjoy it while praying for God to guide
me along the way," she says.

Asked if she is ready to shed her teeny bopper roles and concentrate
on more serious projects like Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita, Yasmien
says that she will still be doing light roles such as that of Tasya
Fantasya, a remake of the Kris Aquino movie which will soon air as a
weekly series on GMA.

"Babangon may be a serious show but we have fun doing it," she
adds. "In fact, Kuya Marvin and I had a laughing fit when we shot
our love scene as husband and wife. I found it weird to be doing a
bed scene with him. I mean, I used to watch him and Ate Jolens
(Jolina Magdangal) as a loveteam and now I'm the one getting
intimate with him. It's just so funny that we couldn't get the scene
right, that we always ended up laughing whenever we tried to be
serious. Direk Joel (Lamangan) had to get down for us to finally do
it right."

According to Yasmien, she can honestly say that she has never been
this happy in her life. "I really couldn't ask for more. My career
is doing well. Both my Mom and my Dad are healthy and though they're
apart, they're friends and I'm close to both of them. I feel loved
by my fans. In fact, I just met my US fans when I did a show there
with Ate Jolens and Kuya Dennis (Trillo) recently. I was received
warmly by my fans there; they toured me and I didn't even spend a
single cent. They shouldered all the expenses and even gave me so
much pasalubong. I had excess baggage on my trip back to the
Philippines, but most of the stuff were the fans' pasalubong for JC
(De Vera). They are big fans of our love team."

Yasmien also plans to pursue a college education and will be taking
her exams this April. "I want to take up International Studies
because I want to work in the UN or the embassies in the future. I
want to be able to help the Filipinos working and living abroad. I
also want to be the one working for my parents so that they'll just
enjoy their lives and not have to worry about earning money — I will
be the one earning for them."

In the same breath, she adds that she wants both her parents to find
their respective partners in life. "I might upload their profiles in
Match.Com one day to start the search," she quips.

HERE'S another e-mail from Gina Pastoril-Bucud about Yasmien Kurdi: "I
read that writer Dino Erece saw Yasmien Kurdi chatting in a public
Internet shop with a guy who is naked. Yasmien said the guy is just a
friend but Dino said it's her boyfriend, a flight attendant.

I don't know with Yasmien but considering that GMA-7 is building her
up to be a big star, she should be more careful with her actuations in
public. Don't you think she owes it to herself to be more discreet
with her private affairs? I mean, if you'd chat with a naked guy, why
do it in a computer shop available to the general public where she'd
be seen by other people using the computers there?

Doesn't she have a computer at home where she can chat with a naked
guy with her also naked? Di ba, common sense lang naman `yan. If I
were Wilma Galvante, kagagalitan namin si Yasmien for her lack of
delicadeza. O kaya, ibibili na lang namin siya ng her own computer
para hindi siya magkalat in public." (Another demolition job?—Ed.)


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