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Monday, March 10, 2008

Yazzie's U.S. tour Fun!

Sorry that this comes kinda late. I've been busy and couldn't make an entry.
Here are pics i love from her U.S. tour with Jolina and Dennis. :)

from Nanya! :) Glad she finally met the princess! :)

yazzie'z proven all smiles as alwayz despite an exhausting day

Here's one of the latest articles where yazzie talked bout the tour.

According to Yasmien, she can honestly say that she has never been
this happy in her life. "I really couldn't ask for more. My career
is doing well. Both my Mom and my Dad are healthy and though they're
apart, they're friends and I'm close to both of them. I feel loved
by my fans. In fact, I just met my US fans when I did a show there
with Ate Jolens and Kuya Dennis (Trillo) recently. I was received
warmly by my fans there; they toured me and I didn't even spend a
single cent. They shouldered all the expenses and even gave me so
much pasalubong. I had excess baggage on my trip back to the
Philippines, but most of the stuff were the fans' pasalubong for JC
(De Vera). They are big fans of our love team."

i love all the pics! So cute and so yazzie !

Her fun-loving spirit just shines ! :) thanks to those who shared the pics on igma forum! :)


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