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Friday, March 28, 2008


What do i say? whoahhhhhhhh sorry i've been too busy to be here. Plus! i got caught in an unexpected series of misfortune just days before BADK was going to start. 1. Omg! globelines stopped working and i found out somethin got broken because of a fire that broke out nearby my place. :( I was told i was going to have my internet back in 24-48 hours. Well, they proved to be so more than true to their word though. They got it fixed less than 48 hours. But, here comes another hurdle. 2. Power shortage in my area went like crazy. Scheduled brownouts came and in our phase it was from 9am to 12 mn! yes 12mn! wahhhhhh :(

I never expected my March 24 to be that way. Lurkin in a miserably dark spot wondering what happened to the pilot episode and then watchin at the starlights. Well, i'd advice go stargazing when there's no power at home. When the streets and homes are silent and empty and really pitch dark...there's a magnifecent world up there which glitters more beautifully than ever. Ohh at least that gave me a great night. It consoled me from my frustrations of no tv just when i needed it most.

I yanked myself nights in a row without my ever-awaited BADK i could cry but hmmm God gave me piece of happiness while watchin the stars sparkle. Then i made a wish.

That wish came true sooner. :)


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