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Monday, March 10, 2008

Director Joel Lamangan On Yasmien Kurdi

Here's a couple articles i just read about BADK and Yazzie and other preparations. I'm glad most of all that her working attitude comes out loved and praised by people she works with. :)
Hmmm, there are different reasons to watch it! It is BADK in a different touch of drama and action. So far, reading about how they remake this piece makes me really twice thrilled!
First, i love Joel Lamangan's idea. He is right that by bringing up yazzie on her deserved seat to primetime, GMA7 will find out that there are lots of high potentials and even better so that they really don't have to focus on one artist. (Remember what happened to Angel Locsin?) There are so many deserving stars and right now yes, the princess is most deserving so why enclose and limit what they can reach?

Next ummm so they have made changes and if you're like me who saw BADK movie, expect that in this soap Salve isn't really poor at all, in fact she is healthy rich but raised in an opposite life after the death of her her parents plus a manipulating,unfaithfull and cunning husband will come to picture . This and more will reshape Salve into an entirely different character, strong and yet too strong...too revengefully bittersweet and vicious and venomous!

I just can't wait!


Pilot episode pa lang ng Babangon Ako at Dudurugin Kita sa March 24,
madugo na't two choppers at 500 extras ang ni-request ni Direk Joel

Big scene agad ang mapapanood with matching barilan at ilan sa
important characters ang agad mamamatay.

Mabilis ang taping ni Direk Joel at ang tinatapos niya ay pang-fifth
week na.
Wala siyang problema sa kanyang cast na pawang magagaling at walang
Naniniwala si Direk na ripe na for primetime sina Yasmien Kurdi at
JC de Vera.
"Ang taas ng rating ng afternoon soap nila and it's high time na
itaas sila para maka-discover ang GMA-7 ng ibang artista.

"Mahusay si Yasmien, maganda ang attitude at bata pa, kinakitaan ko
na ng potential. Shocked ako't she can discuss the Lebanese war."

"Parang ganu'n, pero 'di ganun ka-political" ang sagot ni Direk Joel
sa tanong kung ang Babangon�, ang next Kung Mawawala Ka, na dinirehe
rin niya.

"Ito ang next realistic show ng Channel 7," wika pa ng direktor.


JOEL Lamangan directed one of the best serials ever on GMA-7, "Kung
Mawawala Ka". Now, after doing afternoon hits like "Sinasamba Kita"
and "Pasan Ko ang Daigdig", he's back on primetime in GMA
Telebabad's new soap after "Marimar", the adaptation of the Sharon
movie, "Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita".

"Pero malayung-malayo na ito from the original," he says. "We just
borrowed the milieu. The story has been expanded and there are now
more characters, a bigger cast and more intriguing twists and turns
in the development of the plot."

Isn't he somehow pressured that "Babangon" replaces "Marimar" that
often rates 40% plus? "May pressure, but we're confident that we'd
be able to achieve high ratings also. Siguro not at the start agad,
but eventually, because of the very engrossing story, we can do it."

Can Yasmien Kurdi now rate high in primetime? "I believe so. Her
afternoon soaps were rating so high kaya hinog na sila ni JC De Vera
for evening viewing."

What's the difference in making a soap for primetime than one in the
afternoon? "More demanding ang primetime show as the network has
bigger expectations for higher ratings. You have to have bigger
production values. Siyempre, mas malaki rin ang return of investment
sa TV commercials on primetime kaya, usually, lahat ng hingin ko
para mas mapaganda ang show, they give it. Like in `Babangon', for
the opening scene, we use a helicopter and 500 extras. Big scene
talaga as it shows a massacre caused by a jueteng lord, played by
Emilio Garcia na asawa ni Dina Bonnevie rito. Emilio dies, so Dina
become the jueteng queen. Siya ang ina ni Yasmien Kurdi, but her
enemies will kidnap Yasmien as a baby at palalakihin siyang
mangmang. Naampon siya ni Deborah Sun na kabit ni Mike Magat.
Yasmien discovers na nilalason ni Mike si Deborah kaya the guy is
jailed and Deborah leaves all her riches of P10 million kay Yasmien,
na niloko naman ni Marvin Agustin. Marami pang surprises ang
kuwento, but Yasmien will develop as a character and her arc will
make a 360 degree turn from a stupid girl deceived by all to being
the wily head of a syndicate. It's a very demanding role and Yasmien
delivers. First time I directed her in `Aishite Imasu' and `So Happy
Together' four years ago, I already saw her potential."

What can he say about Yasmien's alleged weight problem? "Actually,
ang payat niya ngayon. Kaya lang, even if she's thin, she's still
big, parang si Sharon Cuneta kasi they both have big bones. Lakihin
talaga silang mga babae and they can't do anything about it except
to maintain their weight to a minimum."


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